Well Really!

Last night here in the UK we saw Episode 6 of Season 10 of The X-Files and they left us hanging!  I mean really!!!  I do hope we are not going to have to wait for another year before they make the next six and lets face it, the die-hard fans we really need more than six episodes. 

I have read a few of the critics comments and some like and some don’t but for me the writing was just the same and they were good.  It was also good to see the “older” characters as well, especially Mulder’s line “I don’t do stairs anymore”!  I loved it! 


The weather is still spring like but it has turned cold again and today is overcast, but we have seen the sun for a few days which was great.  Treacle spent yesterday on our bed.  Our room is at the back of our home and gets the sun from 11.00am until evening and it was very warm through the windows, so she was basking!!  She will need it from tomorrow as it is her spa day!

Work took up all of yesterday and the whole day was busy and frustrating at the same time.  It started first thing when my hairdryer decided to break!  Fortunately I had finished using it and today I was going to get it cut but my hairdresser called to cancel!  So I will have to have a trip out to get a new one.  The rest of the week looks busy too as I have to bake cakes tomorrow for Thursday for the swimming club’s Sport Relief fundraising, a bake sale.  DH is out at a meeting Thursday evening but has to get back as it is also our Head Coach’s 30th Birthday on Friday, so the Club are giving him a gift and we have a card signed by all his swimmers. 


Friday we are going out to see friends who we haven’t seen since the beginning of the year for dinner and then Saturday we have friends coming to us for dinner and we haven’t seen them since last July!!!!!  So looking forward to this weekend.  I will hopefully get some pictures of our dinner on Saturday.

Still busy quilting things for the stall, some of which work and some don’t but the pile is growing 🙂

I hope your Tuesday is going well.

Hugs, Susie x


2 thoughts on “Well Really!

  1. farmquilter

    Yesterday was hot and humid with overcast skies. It rained most of the day where daughter works, but nary a drop here at the house. Only 8 more days in paradise and I will miss all but the “extras” in the house!! I think I’ll walk down to the beach soon and look for sea glass in a bit. Your life is crazy busy…I don’t really miss all the running around of yesteryear! So glad you are getting to catch up with friends this weekend – something lovely to look forward to! I hope Treacle enjoyed her spa day (maybe mom needs one too!!).

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