In The Round!

We went to see Youngest last night for one of his drama performances at school and it was “In The Round” in the main hall.  It was a good evening, the the performance was amazing with the children taking on several different parts each in the play, accompanied by some of the children on live music!  He has another performance at the beginning of May as part of his GCSE exam and he is still determined to go to Drama School after his A’Levels.

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Yesterday I did House jobs and grocery shopping and then had to collect my car after some work had to be done to it.  Today I caught up on my work and then did those extra cleaning jobs; windows, lights, edges and thoroughly cleaned the Den, which is our office.  It has also been a decent day here with some sunshine even though it was cool, so I had decided to open the windows to get some fresh air circulating.  Fortunately I had gone out with Treacle just before this and realised that the farmer was slurrying the field at the back of our garden!  Needless to say I did not open the windows!

DH and Youngest are swimming again all weekend and this evening are helping out at our Club’s Lifesaving section event!  So I can spend the whole weekend quilting, yeah!!!!!!  I promise to get some pictures over the weekend as well to show you what I am up to.


I hope you all have a fantastic weekend.

Hugs, Susie x


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  1. farmquilter

    So glad In the Round was fun! Ohhh, a whole weekend to just quilt…sounds like a little slice of heaven! I haven’t touched fabric in any way in over 3 weeks and I probably won’t touch it until April!! Long stretch without any fabric therapy 🙂 Love your “postcards” – so true! I’m doing lots of laundry here, as well as cleaning the house every other day – there are 4 adults living here with two dogs and one cat, no carpets and I cannot believe how much stuff gets tracked in the house and the animals shed like crazy! I share your idea of a pool…looks so inviting and warm. What is the slurry the farmer is spreading in the field…manure?? I must admit I don’t miss shoveling that out of the barn right now!!!

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