The Weekend

DSC05137It was a busy weekend but Saturday I did get some time to do a bit of something quilty like!  Remember this?

DSC05141With the help of DH it became this!  And what might it be you ask?

DSC05143An ironing table!  When I am sewing at my desk in our den I have the iron set upon in the utility which is not far but by the time you have walked backwards and forwards thirty times ironing seams and pressing blocks, it is a little tiring so I thought this was a great idea.  I cannot claim to have had this idea, there are lots of them around in Blogland and on Pinterest but that’s why I love it, you get some great ideas from it and whoever did it originally, thanks it is a great idea!

DSC05142It is a TV table which people use while sitting on the sofa watching TV and eating their dinner at.  I managed to find it at a local shop reduced in the January sales for £8 and I already had the batting and I have also put some of the special batting you use for hot pads underneath as well and I just love the sewing tree fabric which I bought last year.  Treacle, of course, had to get in on the act!!!  DH did all the stapling for me underneath the top.

Saturday evening DH and Youngest were out at the new swimming competition and the Club did well coming third and Youngest came second in his two races.

Sunday we spent the whole day, from 6.15am until 7.30pm at the Club’s 43rd Open where we have clubs from around the country come and swim.  The meet was full with I think over 500 swimmers and over 1,000 swims but the day was very busy and very long.  The venue is great for the swimmers and spectators, but I am in event control where we do all the timings etc which is above the pool in its own room.  Because it is very hot in the main area and around the pool this room is air conditioned, but to such an extent that we all about freeze in there!  Everyone else was in shirt sleeves and we are all sitting there in jumpers!!!! 

We had some issues with the timing system at the start which had a knock on effect on the event and it took us about an hour to sort out, while the swimmers continued with the events but we managed to overcome it and get back on track.  All three of us were tired by the end of it and we had dinner when we got home (I had already made it the day before and just had to heat it up) and went straight to bed!

Youngest has another week of exams then he will be back to normal lessons next week (!).  Tom’s cousins are coming for dinner on Wednesday evening and it will be great to see them, we didn’t get to see them at Christmas.  Next weekend we are in and not doing anything so I am hoping to get the Boys quilts sandwiched.  I tried with the basting spray on some scrap pieces and it really worked well so that is my aim at the weekend to get both quilts sandwiched. 

I even persuaded Youngest that I can use Eldest’s room, while they all decide what they are doing, as a sewing room and we had just taken my machine and bits up to his room when he arrived to collect some things!!!!!!!!!  I told him that his bed will always be there for him no matter what, I just may have to move all my material and batting off it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Treacle did not looked too pleased though as she has also put her claim in to have the room as well!!!!  When I have tidied up she is welcome to share!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope your Monday is going well

Hugs, Susie x

RIP David Bowie 1947 – 2016 

My favourite memory of him is playing King Jareth in Labyrinth and who didn’t want to be Sarah Williams in that beautiful dress

Loved his music

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  1. farmquilter

    Your pressing table turned out fabulous…but just think of all the calories you burned trotting to and from the ironing board!!!! I remember making a New York Beauty whilst hubby was gone…I put my sewing machine on a wooden footstool in the living room (front of the house), my cutting mat was on the dining room table (one room back) and my ironing board was in the laundry room (through the kitchen at the back of the house) – I was sewing on one blade of the NYB for all 16 quarters I was making, stop at the cutting mat and trim them all, back to press them, back to fold and trim for the next blade and back to the sewing machine to start it all again! Your weekend was crazy but Youngest did well – hope he does as well on all the exams!! Soon you won’t have to do anything at the pool – you will have so much extra time for quilting and traveling with hubby!

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