The Wednesday Wag!

DSC04927Did you say it was Wednesday?  You mean I need to write a Wednesday Wag?  Do I have to?

Treacle all your readers will want to hear from you!

I am just too tired Mom, Christmas took it out of me!

DSC05114I was very busy opening presents and keeping everyone company and playing with Youngest and of course keeping up the patrols of the garden!

But you missed the squirrel several times!

DSC05132 DSC05133In fast the squirrel completely emptied the feeder which we had set out for the birds!  And you missed him completely Treaks!!!!!!

DSC03886Well I am sorry but there is only so much I can do in a day and I really have to spend most of it in my basket asleep, I really do need my beauty sleep!

Hmm that’s what you call it is it, beauty sleep.  You do snore you know?!

No I don’t I just breathe heavily!

I hope you are having a very Woofy New Year so far!


2 thoughts on “The Wednesday Wag!

  1. farmquilter

    I’m with you, Treacle! Most of our time is meant to be spent in our nests!! It snowed AGAIN this morning so mom had to shovel a path for me and get that cold stuff off my area of the lawn! It is freezing outside, so I’m spending my time cuddled with mom or under my blanket on the couch next to Papa. Back to sleep for me, love you, Tara

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