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It has been doing this all day today!  Treacle has not been a happy bunny at all and to add insult to injury she had to go to the vets this morning.  She had a little pimple on the inside of her front left leg and yesterday I checked it and it was a little bigger so off to the vets we went. 

She’s fine!  The vet thinks that she may have caught her leg and it has raised a lump or they can get little lumps like this and then they disappear after a few weeks.  It is not hurting her, it is definitely on her skin and it is not hot but we are to keep an eye on it and go back if anything changes.  She has to go back at the beginning of July for her annual check up and jabs and the vet will check it again then if it has not disappeared!  Just what we needed on Monday morning.

I shared some pictures of the Boys yesterday and of course they managed to get one with me in!  You can see why when DH, Eldest and Youngest are at home I feel like I am walking through a forest of trees!!!!  They are all six feet one inch tall and I am only five feet four inches tall so really do notice it, especially when they are all in the kitchen.  Add Treacle into the mix and sometimes when I am cooking they are all scooted out as I cannot move!!!!!

After Treacle’s adventures this morning and her lunch she has been asleep in her basket all afternoon by my desk whilst I have been working.  It doesn’t take a lot for her to burrow into her bed for the day.  We did spend most of yesterday in the garden again and DH and I managed to get a lot done with more trimming and sorting out.  Another weekend and we should be finished, until the Autumn when we can trim some of the bushes that cannot be done until then. 

I hope you ll had a lovely weekend.

Hugs, Susie x

Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all my friends in the US, I hope you all have a lovely and relaxing day with your families.  We celebrate ours in March and the weather is never very good so I think we should move ours to May.  Today the weather is supposed to be nice and sunny and warm so here’s hoping.

Fliss, Lee, Evalyn and Owen came to visit yesterday and Eldest and Youngest had not met Owen yet but I managed to get some pictures of them.

Eldest with Owen who was quite happy asleep!  Dad Lee and Evalyn in the background.

Eldest, Youngest, Grandad and Owen.

Why is it that I can never get them all looking at the camera?

After everyone had left and we had tidied up DH and I went to the cinema on our own!!!  Shock, horror!!!! 

We went to see Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and it was great fun, with some very funny bits in it, although we didn’t think the vintage music was as good as the first picture.  It was still great though.  We don’t go to the cinema much now as it is not a cheap night out anymore.  In fact it is almost as expensive as going out to eat but we thought we had to see this film on the big screen. 

If the weather co-operates we will hopefully be in the garden doing some more jobs.  I hope you are having a lovely weekend.

Hugs, Susie x


Flower Friday & Treacle!

We are joining with Molly and her Mom, ( for Flower Friday.  This is the work we managed to get done at the weekend on the garden, it was a lovely sunny Spring day.  The large flower to the left is my peony, on the right are the bluebells and I have planted new pansies in the pots. 

We trimmed the bush on the left and did the same to the Weigela on the right and although it won’t flower this year it needed doing. 

Treacle supervising!

A closer picture of the peony.  I don’t know what the little flowers are underneath it but they are a pretty pale lilac colour.

Our Wisteria flowering.  I love this plant.

Daddy managed to finid Treacle a suitable football (soccer ball for those in the US) for her Birthday.  It is called a street ball and as you can see she was pretty pleased with it.

Come on Dad lets go outside and play.

This picture is blurred as she was moving very fast with it.

Youngest getting in on the act!

We have a busy weekend coming up with Youngest teaching and coaching at the swimming club today, tomorrow and Sunday.  I got my house jobs done yesterday and I have done the grocery shopping and then been cooking all day today as Fliss, Lee, Evalyn & Owen are coming tomorrow and it will be us four as well.  Unfortunately Girlfriend can’t come as she is in the middle of her exams.  Hopefully Sunday is going to be nice and we can get some more jobs done in the garden again.

I hope you have a lovely sunny Spring weekend.

Hugs, Susie x

The Wednesday Wag!

It was my birthday last week but as everyone was out and about we celebrated on Saturday.  Eldest came to see me on Friday evening and on Saturday morning Youngest brought me a treat from a certain food chain with a golden “M”, after he had been coaching swimming for two hours.

It was yummy.  Dad was also on the track for a good football for me for outside in the garden but he could not find a suitable one, so he is going to keep searching.  I love my tennis balls but a football is better for outside as I loose the tennis balls in the undergrowth!!!  I will show you my new football when I get it.

I got Birthday wishes and a lovely picture from Molly and her Mom, thanks you guys.

The weather is getting better and warmer so Mom is letting me stay out in the garden all day with the door open so I can come and go whilst she is working at her desk.  Roll on Summer!

Woof, Treacle

Busy Work!

Sorry I haven’t been around for a few days but it has been really busy with work, which means I haven’t really been doing anything interesting!!!!  At the weekend DH and I managed to get into the garden on Sunday and get some jobs done and we are hoping to finish them this weekend.  I will have some pictures soon. 

Saturday the weather was not too good so we managed to get jobs done in the house so we are just about caught up with that.  The next few weekends are going to be really busy with swimming, and DH out as President of County swimming.  We also have some other things we have to attend and before we know it it will be Carnival in the village!!!!

We have another Bank Holiday at the end of this month and Youngest has a week off of college again but DH is busy for the long weekend, but this means I will be able to get a lot of quilting done, as I am getting behind after my flurry of finished quilts earlier in the year!!!  However by this time of year I haven’t got half of the things done that I wanted to do so I am ahead this year!

At the beginning of December Youngest will be celebrating his 18th Birthday and because it is the start of the Christmas festivities it has been a nightmare to find a venue to celebrate, but we have finally managed it and have ordered the invitations and will be sending them out soon. 

Treacle has been busy helping with the garden and spending all day outside in the fresh air has made her tired.  Last night DH and Youngest had to go to London for Youngest to take part as an extra in a new production, so it was just Treacle and I.  She slept on our bed and at 2.30am something, possibly an owl, landed on the roof of our bedroom and it frightened her so she jumped off the bed and raced downstairs barking!!  Great job Treacle!!!!!!!!  So she eventually came back upstairs and settled down again.  At 3.47am my phone started to ring!!!  Of course I was worried there was a problem so scrambled for the light and the phone by which time it had stopped ringing.  When I finally focussed the missed call was from Tunisia!!!!!!!!!!  No I don’t know anyone in Tunisia or anyone visiting there!!!!!  So after a night of disturbed sleep I ended up waking up late and not getting up until 8.00am!!!!!! 

I think I will be going to bed early tonight!!!!

I hope your Tuesday is going well.

Hugs, Susie x

Thursday Again?!

Thursday seems to have come round quicker this week as we had Monday off.  It throws off my whole week!!!  I have had a few errands to run today and visited the physio for my hip which is getting better but slowly.

Today the country is voting in the local elections so I went off to vote after lunch having to time it right from the rush in the morning, the people voting during their lunch hour and before the Moms are voting after school!!!!!  I must have got it right as there was no one in!!!

I also popped in to see some friends in the village to arrange for them to come round for dinner.  Having sorted our dates the first we both had free was June 24th!!!  It is great that we all have so many things to do and at least it will give me plenty of time to plan the menu. 

It was announced today that the Duke of Edinburgh is to cease public duties from the Autumn but will appear at some events with the Queen.  I hope that I, at the grand age of 96, am still as active as the Duke.  He has done his job for the past seventy years and I think he deserves a break.  DH was at an event where the Duke was the keynote speaker and he said it was the best after dinner speech he had ever heard, of course the Duke was only 86 at the time!!!!!

Tomorrow is house jobs day and grocery shopping.  The weather today has been glorious with sunshine and been warmer than the last few days.  The weekend Saturday is not so good but Sunday is supposed to be nice so we will be out tackling the garden!  Goodness knows what wildlife we will find, hopefully not the snake again!!!!  Treacle will be helping.

I hope you are having a Thrilling Thursday

Hugs, Susie x

The Wednesday Wag!

Mom and I have been very busy all day at work.  In fact Mom was so busy that she didn’t realise the time and my lunchtime biscuit was an hour and a half late!  I mean really!

And to add to the time, Mom sent me outside in the garden before she would let me have my biscuit!  I had a quick patrol of the grounds to make sure there were no squirrels or cats hiding and raced back in!  Today the weather was nice this morning with lots of sunshine but then clouded over and it has gone cold again!  Mom turned the heat off again yesterday and is now regretting it!!!!  Now it is May we were hoping for some better weather but it hasn’t appeared yet!

Mom says she and Dad are hoping to get some gardening done at the weekend if the weather co-operates and I will be there to help, well supervise!

How is your Wednesday?

Woof, Treacle