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Treacle and Molly – Twins!

House jobs, which are going very slowly and grocery shopping and washing and ironing and generally sorting things out Day!!!!!  Hoping to get things sorted before I can sneak off tomorrow to the quilt show.  I have friends relying on me to give them some quilty goodness whilst they are busy.  I am hoping that the quilts live up to it!

Happy Thursday everyone!

Hugs, Susie x

The Wednesday Wag!

Instead of Throwback Thursday we have Wing It Wednesday and I have found a picture of Eldest with his Airedale Kelly and me as a baby and also a picture of Youngest, I’m his Airedale, and me as a baby!

I have to put these pictures up on a Wednesday as Mom gets all misty eyed when she sees pictures of us all when we were younger. 

The weather has been sunny and cool again today so Mom let me stay outside for a while.  I am loving these spring afternoons. 

Woof, Treacle.

Tuesday Thoughts!

The second baby quilt is now all done, washed and smoothed and packed away ready for the Mom-to-be for next week.  She only has another couple of weeks before she is on maternaty leave.  I will show you the pictures as soon as she has received the quilt.

I have been busy with my second super secret quilt and have got half of it done so am hoping to finish it this week.  I will then be on to quilting Youngest’s quilt which is all pinned and just waiting for me to start.    I hope you are impressed with my steady stream of quilting!!!!!

It is the Quilt & Stitch Show on Friday, Saturday and Sunday of this week and I am hoping to go on Friday, barring no issues arising.

The weather is cool but sunny today, it was really warm at the weekend, so Treacle has been able to have the door open for some of the day so she can run in and out as she wants.  She was not happy when I closed the door as it was getting too cool!!!!!  I managed to catch her in one of her still moments!

I hope you are having a Thrilling Tuesday.

Hugs, Susie x

Sue & Molly’s Quilt

I am now able to show you one of the three quilts I have finished recently as Sue has now received it.  I met Sue through my Blog and her Blog, not only quilting but the fact that she has a nutty Airedale, Molly, just like Treacle!

Sue won some fabric from me in a giveaway for one of the Blog Hops I took part in and the material was all Autumnal colours which she said is her favourite season.  With the material she made me a wonderful mat with an Airedale on it, which is by my desk and I treasure it.

Anyway because of one thing and another I thought it would be lovely to return the favour and so I made them this.

It is very similar to the picnic quilt I made for myself but the back, below, is covered with Autumn leaves.  I did a very loose free motion quilting all over it.

Thanks to DH for holding up the quilt so I could photograph it outside!  Sue loves it and I am so happy she does.

Tomorrow I will be able to show the first baby quilt as we are going to see the new baby today and give them their gift.

Have a great weekend.

Hugs, Susie x