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Thursday Things.


It has been like this for the last few days at home!!!  Grocery shopping is done, washing/ironing done, house cleaned and done, cooking done; you name it, its been done and all my work!!!  Yep I am tired but I am pleased and everything has been ticked off my list!!!! 

I had some vouchers left from Christmas so ordered a few books on Amazon.


One of my aims after finishing the UFO’s is to make a scrap quilt and I saw this and thought this would be ideal for me.  It is a hardback and has lots and lots of ideas for using up all those scraps.  FarmQuilter gave me the tip of cutting them into various sizes and sorting by colour which I think I will do.  At the moment they are just in one of my huge clip boxes any old how!!!!


I saw this and thought this would be a great idea not just for me but for making gifts too.  I have a few of the Love to Sew books and think they are great and the projects are very easy to follow and it was not a lot of money!


Of course Amazon being Amazon they then show you other quilting things you might like (!) and this came up and I thought it would be a good idea.  It is a book to record the details of quilts you have made with room for photographs (it is a soft back) and I thought great way of keeping the details.


I just had to have this.  It is the last ever season of Grimm which only had 13 episodes in instead of the usual 24.  As you know it is one of my most favourite TV shows.  I usually have a DVD playing whilst I am sewing and am at the moment working my way through the other series of Grimm. 

I hope you are having a Thrilling Thursday.  It’s Friday tomorrow!!!

Hugs, Susie xx

A Valentines Wednesday Wag!


Well it is something called Valentine’s Day today not that I know much about it!!!  There seems to be a lot of red things around and cards and flowers, but I don’t think I need to be doing anything about it!!!  Now what is that thing above my head in my picture?


Mom made pancakes last night.  She has a new batter bowl which she got for Christmas and it made making the pancakes really quick as she was able to pour the batter straight from the jug.  She loves the blue of the bowl, me not so much!


It has been doing this all day today so my trips outside have been extremely short but Mom has been on hand with a nice warm towel to dry me when I got in, it is also very cold today!!!  When Daddy left early this morning and I had been out I went straight back to bed and snuggled with Mom until she go up. 


I hope everyone has a lovely Valentine’s Evening and much woofy love to all our Followers and Readers. 


I’m Loving It!


I Want to Believe

You know that I am a huge X Files fan and I have just watched Episode 2 of Series 11 and I am loving it!!!  Why, why, why they didn’t do more episodes than the ten in this series I don’t know especially as Gillian Anderson has said she will no longer do any more series!!!!

DH and The Boys bought me the box set of the original series on DVD so I am able to watch those any time I want and I just love it.  I know those of you who don’t like scary things will not like the show but over the past twenty four years I think it is one of the best written/directed/acted shows ever on TV.  I will be buying this series on DVD when it is out.

The Truth is Out There!

Hugs, Susie xx


Pancake Day!

The one day of the year when DH and The Boys don’t want to be bothered with a main meal, although I make them have something, all they want to eat are Pancakes!


Our lot prefer to have just the pancakes with orange juice and sugar.  I prefer to have them with some maple syrup and I must admit that I love pancakes with savoury fillings too!!!

I am sure I have told you the story of DH when he was little with his best friend in their kitchen and his Mom just making pancake after pancake and he thinks they got through at least twenty each!!!  I, however make one batch of batter and once its gone, its gone!!!  Also because of my Scottish heritage I also make Scotch Pancakes or as I my Grandma called them drop scones, but DH prefers the thinner crepes style.

I have quite a bit of cooking to do today and then I will make the batter for later.  Treacle usually gets the last little pancake from the end of the batter in her bowl!!!!

Happy Shrovetide everyone.

Hugs, Susie xx

The Royal Shrovetide Football match in Ashbourne between the Up’Ards and Down’Ards which they believe began in 1667.  It is played on Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday and begins at 2.00pm each day until 10.00pm at night!  All the shops and businesses in the centre of Ashbourne are closed and boarded up for the two days and the game rages around the market town!!  As you can imagine there are not many rules and it is quite violent.  A friend who was born in Ashbourne, one of the criteria, played for a number of years and had several injuries from it until his wife said that was enough!!!!!

A Great Weekend.

I was lucky enough to be in on Friday and able to watch the Opening Ceremony for the Winter Olympics.  I thought it was very well done, except for the four trying to sing “Imagine” by John Lennon!!!! 

I thought the black and white tiger was beautiful and I love that he is the mascot for the games.


The British Team entering the arena.


The Drones creating the Olympic rings.


I absolutely loved Sumi Hwang’s dress whilst she was singing the Olympic anthem.  I think she must have been wearing several layers under it to stay warm.


The Olympic Flame lit for the duration of the Games.

Friday we had an evening in and Saturday we got some jobs done and Saturday evening we were out for dinner with friends who moved house just before Christmas. It was a great evening.  We were there with two other couples so eight for dinner and we have known them all for thirty years and it was a fun evening.  In fact when we looked at the clock it was 1.50am when we left but if felt like only about 11.00pm. 

Yesterday again we were getting jobs done and DH tidied the garage.  Youngest has bought himself another little car which he is going to do up and take to car shows, hence DH tidying the garage so it can go in there.  I spent the afternoon quilting. 


I saw on Amy’s Blog (Sew Incredibly Crazy) she has started a new BOM “It’s a “Wild” Life” running from this month until January 2019.  The pattern is free for the month it is in but after that it is a small fee.  I have never taken part in one of these and thought it would be a great idea to try and I have made the block for February (I will take a picture and let you see tomorrow).  If you want to play along go via the button on my blog and it will take you to Amy’s blog. 

It is looking like it is going to be a very busy week.

IMG_1211Treacle is ready to help, after she has had her forty winks of course!!!

Hugs, Susie xx

Susie’s Monthly Friday Book Club.


Now when I wrote about my Book Club a lot of you said great, except you don’t like scary books, like Stephen King; the book I am reading at the moment.  So for February’s Book Club I thought I would tell you about a book I read before Christmas.

Always around Christmas I love to read a book about Christmas or set around Christmas.  I think it stems from reading to The Boys when they were little and we always read them Christmas books during December.  Anyway I read this before Christmas and loved it.


Now I know we are in February but there is nothing to say we can’t read books about Christmas all year. 

It is about two women who have a very different approach to the festive season.  First Beth and although it is only September she has to plan and put on the annual Christmas Eve Village party, which was previously arranged by her husbands former wife as well as hosting Christmas for her step-children.  

Then there is Carol,  a glamorous magazine editor who is busy trying to find articles to help her ailing magazine and is completely oblivious to the coming festive season.  She develops a huge sense of guilt as she has done nothing towards Christmas for her young son, so decides to book a country cottage to try and have the perfect Christmas. 

The two women meet and between them manage to bring about Christmas for everyone, whilst still keeping their sanity.

It is a great read and no monsters in sight and does make you feel all warm about Christmas.  You can get it from Amazon as hardbook/paperback/Kindle/Audio book.

I hope if you do read it you will love it and I will sort out another book for March.

Happy Reading everyone.

Hugs, Susie x

“You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.” – C.S. Lewis



Youngest with the Scones he made for his cooking badge at Cub Scouts.


Eldest with the meal he had to make for his school project.

At various times the Boys had to cook specific meals for School (Primary and Senior) or Scouts and we had to photograph them doing the job as well as the results.  I sometimes wonder who did most of the work and the Boys always seemed to make the most mess but we got it done.  They always preferred when cooking with me to be making cakes or cookies rather than actual meals and quite often at half term we would spend the day baking their favourites.

These pictures are from 2008 when the boys were twelve and eight.

They did a few sewing projects at both schools but neither of them were interested in that much and I think I ended up finishing some of them.  However they loved the projects in woodwork and metalwork they did.  You know they say about not forcing your children into stereotypical roles but as soon as both Boys were able to talk they pointed at cars and trucks and tractors and lorries and that is all they ever wanted to play with. 


I am still busy sewing the bindings down (!) but am getting there.  I have also been planning my Quilt Retreat.  The best bit?  I am not going anywhere!!!!  I don’t have to pack the car up or try and decide what to take or how much to take as it will all be here!!!  DH and Youngest are going to be busy the weekends of February 16th to 18th and February 23rd to 25th with the County Swimming Championships in Matlock.  So I am going to ensure that all my jobs are done and dusted so that I can spend those two weekends quilting. Treacle, of course, will be coming on Retreat with me and no doubt packing her favourite tennis ball, tee hee.


My snowdrops have poked their heads through and looking great in the very grey days we are having at the moment.  It is strange as every other bulb we put in rots after a couple of years as the soil is so wet yet my snowdrops come up every year stronger and more than the previous year.   I have put some daffodils in my pots this year but later in the year I will be putting lots more snowdrops in as they seem to like the soil and do well and they are so pretty. 

I hope you are having a great Thursday, tomorrow is Friday Book Club.

Hugs, Susie xx