We Got A Lot Done!


We managed to get a lot done over the weekend even if everyone was in and out!!!  Saturday was a good day for weather so DH and I got a lot done in the garden, including putting all the outdoor furniture away as it was lovely and dry.  I gave it a good clean and then Youngest and his friend arrived just in time to help DH carry it up to the den where we store it!!!  You must know that if you come to our home you may get a job!!!!

We also managed to get some tidying done to the plants as well and got the lawn mowed so really happy.  I managed to get the house clean if not tidy but next weekend it will be as Youngest’s furniture is arriving, yeah!!!!!  I will then be able to show you the before and after pictures.

Yesterday I managed to get Eldest’s room sorted and did some more work on Evalyn’s quilt and got it as tidy as I could but there is still a lot of Youngest’s things in there too!!!!


I had a lovely surprise that I had won one of the sponsers items from The Pets On Quilts Show 2017!!!!  This arrived in the post and many thanks to Jeanne Harwood for sponsoring.  This is Heat Press which you can use to join odd pieces of batting to make bigger pieces, without the hassle of trying to zigzag them together.  I have just done this with two small pieces of batting and it worked but not without some problems!!  However it will now be so much easier with Heat Press.  I will let you know when I have used it.  Thanks to LilyPad Quilting for running a great show.

The weather is cool again here but Wednesday it may be warm again, silly weather!!!  I hope you had a lovely Autumn weekend, the nights are drawing in fast with it getting dark by 8.00pm at night now.

Hugs, Susie xx


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  1. farmquilter

    Congratulations on your wins…both in the Pets on Quilts contest and in taming the garden!! Feels good to be productive and have the instant gratification of having your garden ready for winter. Guess I need to get out there with the clippers now!!!

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