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The Wednesday Wag!

dsc04539I have major complaints about my staff this week!  They have been in and out at all times of the day and night, including the weekend!!!  In fact I have missed my lunchtime biscuit on a couple of days!  I think if things don’t improve they will be sacked!!!!!!

IMG_0031I have been catching up on my sleep.  We had a big thunderstorm the other evening and Youngest and I were both awake so I spent the next day asleep.  Mom says I am lazy, but I say I am conserving energy!

Youngest has been busy with his college course but he is at home with me for a few days which is great fun.  The weather is still warm and summery although it is getting dark earlier in the evening.

Image result for largest tennis ball

Mom saw this the other day in the paper and I am very jealous, I would really like a tennis ball this size.  Mom says she will check it out and Santa may bring it at Christmas for me!!!!

I hope you are having a Wonderful Woofy Wednesday


Image result for Snoopy autumn

We Made It!

Image result for snoopy Friday

You know how some weeks fly by and then others seem to crawl?  Well this week seemed to me to have ten days in it!!!  But we made it to Friday!!! 

Today has been a catch up day for work and then we took a little gift round to the Boys piano teacher as a Thank You for all the lessons.  Now Youngest is at college and there at different times he is not able to have lessons every week but she did say that if he needed to learn a specific piece he can go see her.

We are home at the weekend so can get some jobs done as we don’t have many spare weekends left between now and Christmas, between swimming and other events DH has to go to as President.  Sunday we have been invited to a friend’s 80th Birthday which is being held in the village hall and is a lunchtime event, so we will still have the evening to get things done.

We also have other Autumn things coming up including Goose Fair and Bonfire Night, as well as Birthdays and Wedding Anniversary and of course Christmas things!!!!  It’s always a busy time of year but I love it.  What I must not do is meet myself coming backwards!!!!!! 

Also starting to plan the Christmas baking which needs to be started during October!

The weather has turned a little cooler today and we had a thunderstorm over night but some parts of the country have seen flash flooding.  The forecast is still for the temperatures to be in the upper sixties so quite nice for this time of year, then I suspect all of a sudden it will go cold!  At the moment I still have all our summer things out and summer bedding and then it will be a made scramble to get the winter things out!!!!

I am cooking another Beef dish tonight and will show you next week how it turned out.

I hope you have a lovely Autumn weekend

Hugs, Susie x


Treacle says Woof!


Remember this from May this year and how this is how I definitely feel when I see a spider?  Well there is now an amendment, this is how I feel when I see a snake in our garden eating a frog!!!!

We had just got home and let Treacle out into the garden, who almost immediately came back in for her lunchtime biscuit and we heard this squealing really close to the house!  Youngest and I got Treacle in and went to investigate (big mistake)  we just saw a frog sitting under one of the bushes.  I decided to go around the side to see if I could see anything and there was a snake!!!!!!! OMG.  Now I know there are places in the World with far more dangerous snakes but you just don’t seem them here in the UK. 

Anyway we looked it up and think it was a Grass Snake, so we quickly went inside and shut the door!!!

We went out to investigate after three hours and it had obviously slithered off to digest its dinner!!!!  DH’s view was “all part of life” but not when you see it right in front of you!!!  Of course that is it now  for me gardening!!!  I will direct and DH can get his hands in to where this thing could be lurking!!!!!!

DSC04019Do you remember when Treacle was fascinated by something under the steps?  Well could it have been the snake?

When we did go out to investigate we found this high up on the back door.

img_0194It obviously decided it didn’t want to be a “Snake Snack”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Want to know what Ophidiophobia is?  The fear of snakes and it  is the second most common fear in the world.

I am going to go and lie down in a darkened room, it’s not what you expect when you get up on a Thursday morning!!!!!

Shivery Hugs, Susie x


The Wednesday Wag!

IMG_0175I am melting today!  The temperature has been hot, but the humidity is running at about 90% so Mom has been giving me ice to crunch and putting it in my water bowl. 

Mom says I need a visit to the spa soon and then the weather will change to cool and raining because it always does when I have a trim!!!!

DSC05275I am still on patrol though!


No matter how warm it is I still love my basket!

Mom had been in and out all day doing jobs so I have been in the cool of our home.  She keeps the curtains and blinds closed all day so it keeps things cool.  The weather is due to change again at the end of the week and become more Autumnal.  Mom says when it is cooler she and Dad will take up for a long walk in the grounds of Chatsworth House. I love it up there. 

Woof, Treacle

My Masterchefed Dish!

img_0191You know how I love Masterchef Australia, well I was watching the new Season the other evening and Marco Pierre White was on and he did this dish with fish.  DH loves fish so I thought I would have a go but had to change some of the ingredients as DH wouldn’t like some of them. Anyway here is the recipe.


Two fillets of white fleshy fish like Cod or Haddock, three Anchovies (I substituted Herring), one shallot, four large tomatoes, one clove of garlic, four black olives (I substituted grapes), olive oil, thyme, coriander, a quarter of a fresh lemon and salt.

1.  Chop the shallot finely and crush the garlic to a paste.  Core the tomatoes and put them into boiling water to remove the skins.  Cut them into quarters and remove the seeds and then chop.

2.  Slice the Anchovies (or Herring) into thin strips length ways.  Prepare the olives by cutting the cheeks off and then cut them in half. 

3.  Salt the fish and cook in hot olive oil on both sides, but make sure you don’t over cook it. 

4.  Whilst you are cooking the fish fry the shallot, garlic and thyme in a pan and when softened add the tomatoes to cook.

5.  When the fish is cooked place on a warmed plate, place the Anchovies (or Herring) on the top of the fish and then add the tomato mixture on top of this, finishing with the olives (or grapes) on top.  Add a drizzle of olive oil over the finished dish and then a squeeze of lemon and garnish with a little coriander.

Marco served this with fennel but DH doesn’t like fennel so I substituted asparagus. 

img_0193 img_0192

It is a light and tasty dish although DH was not too impressed with the Herring!!!!!  I will put this on my favourite recipes page.

Been busy with work today but the weekend is looking clear so we will be able to get some more jobs finished, especially in the garden.

I hope you are having a lovely day.

Hugs, Susie x

Where Did Last Week Go?


Last week flew by in a whirlwind of getting Youngest ready for College which began today!!!  Here he is this morning up, washed, breakfasted and ready for the day!!!!  It was as bad taking him to college this morning as it was taking him on his first day of school and I felt quite sick when I was driving home!!!!! 

The rest of last week was a blur of activities for DH and I.  We went to a funeral on Wednesday for husband of a friend we have known for a long while.  He had had a long battle with cancer and although extremely sad at his passing, it was a relief too that he was at peace.  Thursday the boiler men came to service the boiler and was here on the dot of 8.00am, I hadn’t even got breakfast ready by then. 

Friday night DH and Youngest took themselves off to Guildford as Youngest was on a Uni visit on Saturday morning at Surrey University.  They had a good day and Youngest was very impressed.  They rushed back as Youngest was competing that evening in the first round of the Autumn League swimming competition with the Club and then Sunday DH was out all day at the East Midlands Swimming AGM as President!  Me, I spent the days, cooking, cleaning, washing and ironing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Treacle has been lost all day without Youngest, who has been at home since finishing his exams for twelve weeks!  Here she is this morning getting in on the act and will be pleased to see Youngest when he gets back.  All I am good for is making sure she has her biscuit at lunchtime and her dinner!!!!!!

I am hoping this week is going to be a little steadier than last!  I hope your Monday is going well.


Hugs, Susie x