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The Wednesday Wag!

IMG_0175I am melting today!  The temperature has been hot, but the humidity is running at about 90% so Mom has been giving me ice to crunch and putting it in my water bowl. 

Mom says I need a visit to the spa soon and then the weather will change to cool and raining because it always does when I have a trim!!!!

DSC05275I am still on patrol though!


No matter how warm it is I still love my basket!

Mom had been in and out all day doing jobs so I have been in the cool of our home.  She keeps the curtains and blinds closed all day so it keeps things cool.  The weather is due to change again at the end of the week and become more Autumnal.  Mom says when it is cooler she and Dad will take up for a long walk in the grounds of Chatsworth House. I love it up there. 

Woof, Treacle

My Masterchefed Dish!

img_0191You know how I love Masterchef Australia, well I was watching the new Season the other evening and Marco Pierre White was on and he did this dish with fish.  DH loves fish so I thought I would have a go but had to change some of the ingredients as DH wouldn’t like some of them. Anyway here is the recipe.


Two fillets of white fleshy fish like Cod or Haddock, three Anchovies (I substituted Herring), one shallot, four large tomatoes, one clove of garlic, four black olives (I substituted grapes), olive oil, thyme, coriander, a quarter of a fresh lemon and salt.

1.  Chop the shallot finely and crush the garlic to a paste.  Core the tomatoes and put them into boiling water to remove the skins.  Cut them into quarters and remove the seeds and then chop.

2.  Slice the Anchovies (or Herring) into thin strips length ways.  Prepare the olives by cutting the cheeks off and then cut them in half. 

3.  Salt the fish and cook in hot olive oil on both sides, but make sure you don’t over cook it. 

4.  Whilst you are cooking the fish fry the shallot, garlic and thyme in a pan and when softened add the tomatoes to cook.

5.  When the fish is cooked place on a warmed plate, place the Anchovies (or Herring) on the top of the fish and then add the tomato mixture on top of this, finishing with the olives (or grapes) on top.  Add a drizzle of olive oil over the finished dish and then a squeeze of lemon and garnish with a little coriander.

Marco served this with fennel but DH doesn’t like fennel so I substituted asparagus. 

img_0193 img_0192

It is a light and tasty dish although DH was not too impressed with the Herring!!!!!  I will put this on my favourite recipes page.

Been busy with work today but the weekend is looking clear so we will be able to get some more jobs finished, especially in the garden.

I hope you are having a lovely day.

Hugs, Susie x

Where Did Last Week Go?


Last week flew by in a whirlwind of getting Youngest ready for College which began today!!!  Here he is this morning up, washed, breakfasted and ready for the day!!!!  It was as bad taking him to college this morning as it was taking him on his first day of school and I felt quite sick when I was driving home!!!!! 

The rest of last week was a blur of activities for DH and I.  We went to a funeral on Wednesday for husband of a friend we have known for a long while.  He had had a long battle with cancer and although extremely sad at his passing, it was a relief too that he was at peace.  Thursday the boiler men came to service the boiler and was here on the dot of 8.00am, I hadn’t even got breakfast ready by then. 

Friday night DH and Youngest took themselves off to Guildford as Youngest was on a Uni visit on Saturday morning at Surrey University.  They had a good day and Youngest was very impressed.  They rushed back as Youngest was competing that evening in the first round of the Autumn League swimming competition with the Club and then Sunday DH was out all day at the East Midlands Swimming AGM as President!  Me, I spent the days, cooking, cleaning, washing and ironing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Treacle has been lost all day without Youngest, who has been at home since finishing his exams for twelve weeks!  Here she is this morning getting in on the act and will be pleased to see Youngest when he gets back.  All I am good for is making sure she has her biscuit at lunchtime and her dinner!!!!!!

I am hoping this week is going to be a little steadier than last!  I hope your Monday is going well.


Hugs, Susie x


Image result for snoopy mondays

I think we need to campaign to change the name of “Monday” into something else then perhaps we wouldn’t feel so bad!  Tonight DH, Youngest and I are at the Safeguarding course which will be approximately two hours.  It is one of those things which have to be done every three years for official purposes but the course is the same every time!!!  There are lots of moans and groans about doing it and we have to drag them there kicking and screaming but at least it will be over and done with for another three years!

We are also getting things ready for Youngest to start college next week.  It is a bit like going into the unknown as we are not too sure what he needs until he gets there so we have the basics.  He is really looking forward to it but apprehensive as well but I remember what this was like and I said by the time Christmas comes round you won’t know it is any different.

Image result for Nora Ephron quote from You've Got Mail

This week is due to be warm again but cloudy most days so I will be able to get some more jobs completed but if is definitely beginning to feel like Autumn.  It was very cool last night and it was dark at 8.00pm again.  The above is one of my most favourite quotes ever, I just love the film You’ve Got Mail. 

IMG_20160904_135713Do you remember the image of the little dog and the gramophone record “His Master’s Voice”?  Well here we have “Her Master’s yogurt pot”!!!!!!  DH was finishing lunch yesterday with a yogurt and occasionally Madam is allowed to lick the pot and here she is waiting!!!!!


Don’t distract Dad, Mom, I need him to finish!!!!

I hope your Monday is going well.

Hugs, Susie x


Image result for Snoopy It's Friday

Yep we made it all the way to Friday again.  I love Fridays, best day of the week.  Yesterday I got sent this from a very proud Grandma

mms_img-10711892991It is Emilie on her Moomin quilt!  Emilie is now three months old and boy does time go fast.  She will soon be celebrating her 21st Birthday!!!!!!!!

DSC03312Evalyn is moving into a bigger room and a big bed so I have another excuse to make a quilt, a little more grown up than the baby one for when she was born.  It is going to have some pink on it but her Mom says not too much!!!!!

I am still working my way through quilting our Boys quilts and am determined to get these finished before I start anything else.  Evalyn’s quilt will probably be for Christmas now as I don’t think I will have enough time before her third Birthday at the beginning of October, especially the way the weeks fly by. 

I manged to keep up to date will all my work this week and house jobs so feeling pretty relaxed today.  Monday evening the Swimming Club are hosting for our members a Safeguarding course which has been surprisingly difficult to sort out with people’s other commitments but we finally made it. 

Wednesday Youngest will be enrolling at the college for his course which begins the following week, so he is excited and apprehensive at the same time.  Then DH and I have to go to a funeral in the afternoon, a good friend her husband passed away two weeks ago after a long illness with cancer.  So I will really be looking forward to Friday next week. 

DH and Youngest will be off to Surrey as he is going on a Uni visit to Guildford Drama School, so they are traveling down on Friday evening for the visit Saturday and then they have to get back for Saturday evening as Youngest is in the first swimming gala of the season with the rest of the team!!!!  We never have quiet weekends!!!!!!

I hope everyone has a lovely late summer weekend.  We are trying to make the most of the weather and light nights as they are definitely starting to draw in as we head for Autumn.

Hugs, Susie x

Thursday Thunderings!

Image result for pouring rain and lightning

As they say “it never rains but it pours”  well I thought I had a major problem with my Jeep but it turned out to just be a gasket, DH was driving home yesterday when the turbo on his Truck went!!!  The garage quoted £2,500 just for the part, my comment “is it gold plated?”!!!!!!  Anyway we have found a much better price at our local garage so it is in there awaiting the work.  Meanwhile we are coping with just my vehicle, which is proving interesting!!!!!

IMG_20160830_195229Whilst DH and Youngest were at Ponds Forge on Tuesday these cuties were near poolside.  They are raising money for a local charity.  You all know how I love Elephants. 

Image result for masterchef australia season 8

You know how you get signs of Autumn, September 1st, the weather turning a little cooler, the leaves starting to turn on the trees, also your favourite shows appearing back on TV.  Masterchef Australia being one of them.  It is completely different to the other Masterchefs and the one I like the best.  Originally it was on the TV schedules at 6.00pm which was when we all sat down to dinner and we watched TV when this show was on.  The Boys loved it and one Christmas, after the show had finished, they got up to find a home made Masterchef box each and a recipe and they had to cook dinner that night.  They loved it.

Tomorrow is house jobs day and grocery shopping and the weather is due to nice again so hopefully a good weekend too.

Thanks also to all those who voted for Treacle, she is so pleased you liked her picture.

Hugs, Susie x