Happy Thursday!

It’s been like this today round here and jobs I was planning on doing didn’t get done and things I didn’t think needed doing became urgent!

However I am still thinking about quilting things even when busy (!) and one of my emails was a nice email instead of business.  I clicked on this link last year from another blog, I can’t remember which one, sorry, and it is an online magazine with quilting and other great things in.  The email arrived today with a link for a free pattern and they have said we can share it with everyone, so here is the link.  Go check it out and subscribe.


Chamomile Afternoon Quilt Pattern- Jacquelynne Steves

This is the pattern, isn’t it cute?

I am still busy sorting out my test pattern and hope to have it finished by the weekend and I think I will feature it with Treacle on the Pets on Quilts show which will be starting in August too.  So many good things coming up.

Hugs Susie x

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