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Jayne’s First Quilt

Jaynes quilt

Here is Jayne’s little Log Cabin quilt made from scraps from my scrap basket.  She finished sewing the binding on at home and is very proud of it.  I think she did an excellent job for her first time of cutting, sewing and quilting.  She has definitely got the quilting bug now.

Well done Jayne.

I am still in the process of cutting out my material for the test quilt I am doing for Amy.  Do you ever buy some fabric and it then sits there for ages before you can bring yourself to cut it?  Well I have had a bundle of Moda Phenomenal Fall fabric for ages and I have been saving and saving it for just the right quilt and this is it!


All tied up with a pretty Moda ribbon


These are the fabrics I have chosen to use out of the bundle and the burnt orange fabric at the top of the cutting mat is one I bought to finish a quilt but didn’t use, so I think this will be the back for this quilt when I have finished.  

Everything is going well so far, I will let you see some progress soon.  I am hoping to have it finished by the weekend. 

Have a Thrilling Thursday, I have house jobs to do today and tonight at Carnival it is Wild, Wet and Wacky which I do not participate in or even go and see as it freaks me out all these teenagers running around with lots of water, sponges, tyres and silly games.  Youngest is in a team with his friends from school, oh boy!  DH, Eldest and Girlfriend are all down there helping so I am going to have a night in sewing to calm my nerves!!!!!!

Hugs, Susie x

Wednesday Wag!


Little Eaton Carnival 2013

This is what is happening all week in the Village and every night is busy.  So far the weather has been fantastic.  Monday evening was The Fun Dog Show and Mom made sure I looked my best for the evening with an extra long brush!  I wasn’t too happy about it at the time but I did look very cute and fluffy when she had done.

One of the categories for the evening was Best Costume and Mom had been busy all weekend but she did manage to come up with a great costume for me.  What do you think?

Amber Valley-20140629-00106 Erewash-20140629-00107

I am ready to attend Wimbledon!  Youngest, who was showing me, was all dressed in his Tennis whites and he had his racket with him and I took my Tennis Ball.  For this category I came second.  I came third in the Adult Dog Category.

It was a great evening as we got a biscuit for entering and then one of the categories was biscuit catch but I missed catching them.


Here I am in my basket with my rosettes.  I am very proud of them.


Aren’t they lovely colours?  They are now above my basket.


Mom stop taking pictures now I am tired and need a snooze.

Last night was the Treasure Hunt but we were all so tired and Dad had to go to a swimming meeting and it started to rain so the family decided to stay in.  Tonight is the Duck Race but don’t worry we don’t use real ducks, although someone did suggest it!  They are the little yellow kind that The Boys used to have in the bath which I always tried to steal!!!!!  However one did go missing last year and we think he decided to run away and see the World. 

Not your everyday sight in Hong Kong's Victoria Harbour. A giant 16.5 meter (54 feet) inflatable duck, creatively called 'Rubber Duck' sails into town on Thursday.

He was spotted last May in Hong Kong Harbour!!!!!!

The Boys and Dad are helping tonight and then Youngest and Mom have to go swimming as Youngest is doing his Pool Side Helpers course and tonight is training for the younger swimmers.

I hope you are having a good week and no doubt Mom will have more pictures of the Carnival later in the week.  She is also busy playing with fabric again.

Have a Woofy Wednesday


paw print

Boys Weekend!

Friday night DH and The Boys set off for Chichester to attend on Saturday the Goodwood Festival of Speed, a must for all petrol heads!  This was  their Christmas present from me.

Cartier Lawn

Not only do they get to see lots of very nice, very expensive cars, there is the hill climb where all sorts of sports cars, race cars and old race cars get to go up the hill and try and beat the course record.

Chevy Truck

Trucks are always popular with my lot.

Felipe Massa 1 Felipe Massa 2

In the right hand picture the little guy in the white hat is Felipe Massa, Williams F1 Driver this year.

Mercedes 6 x 6

Trucks, cars and petrol heads!

Mercedes Arch and House

The Goodwood Arch which goes right over the house.

Mercedes Transporter 2 Mercedes Transporter

Cars still arriving

Striling Moss and Lord March The Track and bridge

The track for the Hill Climb

Toyota Motorsport Trucks

How close can you go?

Toyota Tundra

In the stands watching the Hill Climb

I think I have created a monster though as they all said that they must go again next year and Girlfriend and I have got to go too!  The only downside to the weekend was that every hotel within a fifty mile radius was booked but DH and The Boys managed to find one just thirty minutes away.  It was also the same weekend as Glastonbury so everywhere was busy!

They had a wonderful Dad & Sons weekend and they got back in the evening in time for a swimming gala!  We never do things by halves in this family!!!  The swimming club came third out of six so not bad result either.

Last night was the Dog Show in the village and I promised I wouldn’t show anything as Treacle wants to tell you all about it on Wednesday Wag!

Hope your weekend was good and have a Terrific Tuesday.

Susie x