This is what it is like today here in Derbyshire and by Thursday it will be 75°F, so really warm and probably sticky!  Which will no doubt mean we will be in for  some thunderstorms!

I got my Quilt finished over the weekend for Amy at Sew Incredibly Crazy ( for her Test Pattern and I am really pleased how it came out, and so is Amy.  She has given me permission to blog about it and if you want to make the same quilt her pattern will be available on her website from tomorrow.

DSC03876DSC03877 DSC03878

I love the colours which are from the Moda “Phenomenal Fall” range and I think the white really makes the stars stand out.  I was unable to quilt and bind it as the material I wanted to use for the backing was not enough 🙁  However I get to go to the Quilt Shop to get some more :)!!!!!!  

I did say to Amy that although the white is fantastic I don’t know how this picnic quilt is going to fare with our two Boys and Treacle, who are all messy with food!!!!!  You would think at almost nineteen and fifteen they would have learned not to be messy but no!  Treacle sometimes decides that if there is something she has eaten and doesn’t like it, spits it out!!!  She will even, when she is having her breakfast or dinner, sort out her biscuits and drop a few outside her bowl!!!! Now what’s that all about?

It is another busy week here so I will be rushing around, we have a swimming committee meeting tonight, then swimming as usual during the week.  Treacle also has a busy week as she has to go to her Doctors for her Booster injections and then on Friday she is at the hairdressers.  Her Valet is on stand by if I am doing other jobs.

We only have a week and three days left to go before Youngest will be finished for the summer from school.  Can’t wait! He is quite tired so it will be good for him to have a rest, especially before he embarks on the Czech trip with Scouts the week after he has finished.  Also Eldest is probably going to be away at the same time with Girlfriend on holiday too, so DH and I will be on our own for about ten days!!!!!!  What shall we do?  Run away and join the Circus perhaps?  The possibilities are endless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a Marvelous Monday, need to get work jobs done now and hopefully get to the Quilt Shop later in the week so I can finish Amy’s Quilt. Don’t forget if you want to make one hop over to her Blog for the pattern.

Hugs, Susie x

2 thoughts on “Monday!

  1. Mitch and Molly

    Wow – your quilt is just beautiful, Miss Susie! Mom says she’d hesitate using it too. It’s too pretty for spills.
    Booooo to the vet and we can’t wait to see your Aire-do, Treacle!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  2. Maria

    I love the colours you’ve chosen for your quilt and I must say you’re very brave using it as a picnic quilt. I’ve put mine on my bed and won’t let anyone touch it LOLLL

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