A Very Busy Weekend

Last Saturday was the main day and at 6.00am it was hammering down with rain so all the poor people who were out and about putting the final things in place got soaked.  Fortunately by 10.00am the rain had moved away and it was warm and dry!


The Carnival Queen in the light blue dress the “Queen Mother” Jo in the dark blue dress and some of the attendants having lunch.

By this time I was in the middle of doing the food for the Carnival Queen, Attendants, Judges, Stewards and Committee’s lunch and I completely forgot to take any pictures of the park and all the people enjoying the Carnival!  The day finished at 5.00pm and it took everyone until around 9.00pm to clear up but it was a good day and now it is all over until next year, of course.

10 things we learned from Wimbledon 2014It was a busy weekend of Sport in England too with the finals of the Ladies and Mens Wimbledon Championships being won by Petra Kvitova and Novak Djokovic.  I watched the Ladies Final after I got home from the Carnival and felt that it was quite one sided as Kvitova really annihilated Genie Bouchard.  

We watched the Mens final live and it was a good match with both Dkokovic and Federer being very evenly matched.

Valtteri Bottas, Lewis Hamilton, Daniel Ricciardo, Silverstone, 2014 It was also the F1 British Grand Prix of 2014 which the whole family are fans of.  We also watched this and there were several exciting bits, the best being that Hamilton won for Mercedes, Bottas came second for Williams and Riccardo came third for Red Bull.  A very good result.

DH and I had intended yesterday to get some business work done, without phones ringing, but had a call on Saturday evening from DH’s Daughter to say that she was not well and SIL had to work yesterday, so could DH and I go round to her house to look after Evalyn and her of course.  So off we set at 8.00am for an hour and half’s journey to their home to look after them until SIL got home at 7.00pm.  It was a very quiet day but busy with looking after an eight month old and a twenty eight year old!  The twenty eight year old being the most difficult of course!

July 2014

Grandad keeping Evalyn busy!

So DH and I will have to try and get the business things sorted another day.  We crashed into bed at 10.00pm and were instantly asleep!

DSC03872 DSC03871

I have done some more on the Test Quilt for Amy at Sew Incredibly Crazy and am hoping to get it finished tonight and then quilted and bound tomorrow.  Well that’s the aim.  Here are a few pictures of some of the blocks.

DSC03873 DSC03874

I love the colours.


I hope everyone in the US had a fantastic 4th of July.  I have been looking around Blog Land at everyone’s celebrations and it seemed a lovely long weekend.

Happy Monday

Hugs, Susie x

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