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The Wednesday Wag.

It is doing this today!  You just know how much I love the rain, NOT!  I got wet this morning with Daddy, he then went out and Mom and Eldest, who has a day off today, got back and let me out again and it was STILL raining so I had to be dried again!

I am NOT amused!

I am okay now as I am snoozing in my basket but am going to resist when I am requested to go out again!!!!! I am in rather a grumpy mood now!  Beware all who come near!!!!!

Wet Woofy Wednesday Wag!

Treacle xx

The Workers!

Yesterday and today we have had the workers here and they have been re-tarmacing our driveway.  We got it done originally when we first moved in and over time bits have come out and then we took the rest of the garden away so we can get all the cars on the drive.  Anyway they started yesterday preparing it and then finished it today with new tarmac.

New Black tarmac!  We can’t drive on it until Thursday!

The corner where the garden used to be.

The cones to stop everyone driving on it!

As you can see Treacle has been busy all day!!!!  She wasn’t very happy when the men were using the wacker plate and even I could feel it in the den which is the furthest room from the front!!!! However she got in her basket for a snooze when they were doing the tarmac!  Although the whole house now smells of it!!

My view today from my desk!  The birds are busy at the feeders and we did see the sun for all of an hour which was great!  It is going to be frosty again tonight!

As you know we are in another lockdown, this one being that we can all go to work unlike last March when we couldn’t.  If things don’t get better soon then they will be saying we can’t work and already we have things being cancelled or moved again!  The first being a business exhibition.  There is some muttering about Carnival being held in the village which is at the beginning of July, the problem being that it takes a year to organise usually and we could all do a lot of work and then have to cancel it.  I don’t think, until we definitely know how things are going, that we should be arranging anything otherwise everyone will do a lot of work and then it will have to be cancelled again!!!

I saw this, below, on Instagram on the MSQC page and they got it from Little Red Hen.  So doing as it says using the first letter of my name and the month I was born, I am Patchwork Pixie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  What is your quilting name?  Great fun!

I have a basket of ironing to get through tonight and then hopefully more quilting tomorrow and baking later in the week, well it’s a plan!!!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Hugs & Love, Susie (Patchwork Pixie!) xx

Weekend Achievements!

Boy Mondays do come around quick!!  We had a great weekend knocking some home jobs out of the park!!! I also got some quilting done too and organised my sewing space a little better.

My machine with the project I am working

My ironing table and iron.

The rest of my desk with my sewing things on.  It looks better now I have put a few things away and made rooom for my sewing things.

My Quilting Helper – Treacle.  The weather over the weekend was extremely cold and grey and it did not get above freezing so this is where she spent most of the weekend.  Clean bed too!

Anyway I managed to quilt and bind the little boy quilt and here it is :

The above picture the top finished.

Now quilted!

The binding above and the back below.

Just now need to wash it and it is all done. 

This is the next one up for sandwiching, quilting, binding and washing!!!

Youngest’s new furniture arrived and was all made and installed and looks great.  He has now got a bit more room for a couple of pieces which will give him more cupboard/draw space which was missing with the old furniture. 

We  got a new blind for our den where I work.  When we first moved in we found a Japanese paper blind and it was great as it let lots of light in but great for keeping the glare off, especially as the window gets a lot of sun in the Spring/Summer.  This had been up all the time we had been in our home and had gotten a little grey over the years but I finally found the same blind but with some leaves printed on, same size and everything.  Anyway that also arrived on Saturday and it looks so much better now.  I also had some gift vouchers for my favourite department store and ordered some new curtains for our dining room.  The curtains in there used to be in the dining room at our old home so are quite old and still look okay but are just starting to fade on the edges where the sun gets them.  So we ordered new ones.  I will get some pictures when they are up.

Am up to date with all my work and home jobs so am going to get my next quilt sandwiched and pinned this evening!

I hope you all had a great weekend whatever you were up to and were allowed to be up to Covid wise and have a great week to come.

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

Susie’s Friday Monthly Book Club.

Yes I know it is a Christmas picture of the Chatsworth Library but I just love it too much not to have it on the blog!!!!!

I showed you this collection of Christmas books which I am reading at this time of the year.  I am currently reading “A Christmas Party” by Georgette Heyer and it is in the style of Agatha Christie.

Joseph Herriard and his wife Maud live in his brother’s, Nathaniel, mansion house Lexham Manor with him.  Joseph is keen to have an old fashioned family Christmas and invites Paula & Stephen, their niece and nephew to come and stay as well as Nathaniel’s business partner Edgar Mottifsont.  Also invited for the festive season is Mathilda Clare a distant cousin of Joseph and Nathaniel, Paula’s friend Willoughby Royden a playwright and the final guest is Stephen’s Fiance Valerie Dean, who Nethaniel hates with a passion.

After a few days of getting the Manor decoarated for Christmas with various help from the guests, Jospeh suggests that Royden reads his play he has written to them and for which he wants Nathaniel to back him with Paula in the leading part!  After the reading everyone goes up to change for drinks in the library before dinner.  They assemble but their host, Nathaniel does not appear.  When they eventually go to find him in his room, they find he has died but how?  The door was locked from the inside?

The Doctor and local Police Inspector are  called who keeps things as they were found for Inspector Heminway of Scotland Yard to take over when he arrives.  He then proceeds to interview the house party and try and work out who did the evil deed, one thing he knows is that the killer is amongst them!


Georgette Hayer was a contemporary of Agatha Christie and wrote quite a few mystery novels, thirteen in total.  She wrote a lot more Historical novels, 40 in fact.  I have not read any of those but will give one of them a go. 

I am half way through A Christmas Party and really enjoying it.  I just love the whole family gather at Christmas and then there is a murder!!!!!!!  You can get it from Amazon in paperback and Kindle. 


Well we have made it through the first week of January virtually unscathed!  I have managed to catch up on work and home stuff so that is one good thing.  Tomorrow I am hoping to do some quilting, sticking to my Aims so far!  We won’t be doing any gardening or anything like that as it is absolutely freezing here today and over the weekend!  I will be hibernating I think, I know Treacle is!!!!

Have a wonderful Winter’s Weekend you lovely lot!

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

I am too comfy to move Mom!

Happy Thursday!

We woke to -4 this morning and everywhere was white!  I took these pictures at lunch but it was still freezing!

The Buddleia with frosty leaves.

A very tiny purple flower in amongst the frosty plants!

One tiny snowdrop has come through!

You can see the frost on the lawn.  I spy Treacle!

My Reindeers which stay out all year!

Frosty Trees.

I have been at my desk all day and this is where madam has been!  She does not like the cold like her Mom.  Snuggled or what!

I hope you are having a wonderful Thursday, Friday tomorrow and Book Club Day!

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

The Wednesday Wag!

Snoopy and my bestie Molly may have snow but I don’t!  There was a sprinkling just after Christmas but it all went away within an hour, I didn’t even get to play in it!!!  They keep forecasting lots and lots of snow but I haven’t seen one single flake!

Molly and her wonderful Mom sent me some lovely presents for Christmas, this mouse plays a tune when I pick him up and I absolutely love him first thing in the morning but the Boys are not keen and they hide him from me.  However I soon find him again!!

I also got these yummy treats too!

I had some great Christmas presents and got to open them myself!  Mom and Dad bought me a new collar and lead, you can just see the collar here.  It is very much the same colour as I am but they bought it for winter as the pale piece either side all round the collar is reflective and so is the lead.  Mom can now see me in the dark and also what I am getting up to, Drat!!!!

The weather here is just very cold and damp!  I am not keen on very cold and damp and especially as I have to have my paws wiped every time I have been out!  We have this tiled floor so I don’t see why I just can’t paddle all the way through with wet paws!!! (you don’t have to do the cleaning Treacle!  Mom).

We are in another lockdown but everyone is out at work so it is back to being just Mom and I during the day although when everyone is back they won’t be going out anywhere so I do get them at home more!!!  Just a shame the weather is not good enough to be in the garden but I am sure the nice weather will come round soon.

I do hope you all had a Woofy Wonderful Christmas and are going to have the Woofiest of New Year’s!

Woofy Love, Treacle xxx

Christmas Still?

Yes a full lockdown again but we can all still go to work!  Good news for DH and the Boys and me.  Of course I only have to move from our kitchen into our den where my desk is, so going to work is easy for me!!!   However I do start to go a bit stir crazy if I am in all week and don’t get out somehow so I have made DH promise that he will take me out in the truck for a drive, if nothing else!!! 

I saw this the other day on Instagram where I follow The Biltmore Estate.  You know me and libraries especially decorated for Christmas, well here is their library all decked out.  Don’t you just love it?  I know we have until tomorrow to discuss Christmas and for me to show you Christmas things.  I have left my “tree” up on the Blog until tomorrow as well when I will have to replace it with something else wintery. 

Speaking of Libraries here is the library we went to as a family near to where I used to live with my parents.  As you can see it is quite big and not only were there lots and lots of books there were rooms which could be used for meetings and study areas where you could go and revise and look up information.  Of course in this day and age students don’t need that as they just look everything up on line!  I like that you can still go to libraries and they are quiet places, something else we don’t get much of these days!

I also forgot to tell you about a wonderful present I got from DH and The Boys for Christmas!  This is Heywood Hill Ltd, Bookshop in Curzon Street, London.  They were established in 1936 by Heywood Hill and his soon to be wife Anne Gathorne-Hardy.  During the second half of WWII Nancy Mitford, eldest of the Mitford Sisters and related to the late Deborah Devonshire of Chatsworth House, worked at the store.  The shop is now owned by the 12th Duke of Devonshire, Peregrine Cavendish, following on from his father who became the majority shareholder. 

Anyway I read an article in The Telegraph about the shop and in particular their subscription service which they run where they will supply you with a year of books, hard back or paperback.  They talk to you about your likes and dislikes and the sort of things you like to read and each month they will send you a book.  There are fourteen options for you to choose from and DH and the Boys bought me the twelve paperback books.  If you read quickly there is an option for forty books in a year!!!!  If only I had that sort of time. 

The subscription service has been a life line for the shop since all the chaos of last year and also for their customers with more time on their hands to read!!!  I will let you know when I get my first book! 

I have often been asked why I do not belong to a local Book Club and my answer is always the same, the Book Clubs I know about they always want to read meaningful books or books with messages or books which have won literary prizes.  I hate to tell you but that is definitely not the sort of books I want to read.  I read for pleasure and to escape into another world not to be depressed at the end of it!!!!  Perhaps that is shallow of me but…. hey ho!

I have finally caught up with my work and the house is now back to normal and I just need to finish the ironing.  As we are now at home all the time again I may sneak a few hours with my new book!  I hope you all have time to do some leisure reading.

Happy Tuesday everyone.

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

Joy Then Pain!

Well we knew it might happen after one day over Christmas mixing with relatives and friends, the country will now be paying for it by possibly going into a full lockdown like last March!  This new varient of Covid seems to be running rampant and although it is no more dangerous than last year, it is more easily spread.  So to curb this the PM is due to probably announce tonight another full lockdown!  I know the saying is “no pain, no gain” but it is hard to see, although both the boys have plans of what they want to do if there is another lockdown, they always keep busy whatever is going off!

DH doesn’t know it yet but we will be decorating if we go into another lockdown!!!  Last year we got lots of jobs done, mainly in the garden as previously we had only done the minimum, so it was a good opportunity to get it done.  However we did not get any painting done inside.  So I have ordered some Tester pots to make sure I have the right colours and we will be off!!!  There is a definite benefit to lockdowns!!!

For me the worst bit of Christmas has happened, we have put all the decorations away!  I know it is normally January 6th but that is Wednesday and DH is, well at the moment, at work so we had to do it at the weekend.  I hate putting the decorations away, our home looks so ordinary without them!  I have cleaned our home from top to bottom today, as well as working, and tomorrow I have a basket of ironing to get done and then we are all back up to date!!!  Youngest has two new pieces of bedroom furniture arriving next weekend which is part of his Christmas present so we will be building those then!

Susie’s Aims For 2021!

Now you all know that I don’t do Resolutions, if I did by now I would have broken them or forgetten completely about them!!!!    So I know it is the same but I think by saying Aims takes a bit of the pressure off!  If this year is going to be the same as last year my Aims are going to be centred around home things because I don’t think we wil be doing much else outside so to speak!!!

1.  Quilting – to do some quilting each week and get on with my projects that are waiting to be finished.

2.  Finish the Boys Memory Books and tidy up their keepsakes in the attic.

3.  Sort out the pictures on the computer and put notes with them and also put the several hundred pictures we inherited from our families, that are just in a box into albums!!!

4.  Decorating our home inside and out!

5.  Keep on top with the garden.

There you go, I will keep you up to date with how I am doing on these.  If DH, Girlfriend and the Boys are busy at the weekend with the furniture then I will try and do some quilting then.  Pictures will follow!!!

Have a good first week of January, especially if today was your first day back at work after the Holidays!!!!!

New Year Hugs & Love, Susie xx

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year 2021!

I am sending up a prayer to the Universe that 2021 is going to be so much better than 2020!  I never normally am, but I welcome 2021 with open arms.

To All My Family, Friends & Followers I hope the New Year is great for you!

New Year Hugs & Love,

Susie, DH, Eldest, Youngest, Girlfriend & Treacle