The Dark Days of Autumn!

The UK have now started to name their storms!  So far Storm Abigale has brought us high winds and lots and lots of rain.  Overnight and tomorrow Storm Barney is on his way with high winds and some more rain!

Hmm don’t know how successful this naming of storms is going to be as we seem to get loads which really are just strong winds, so by the end of this winter we could be back to A again!!!!!

Had to take Eldest to the hospital for a check up on his shoulder which shall we say was less than stellar!!  We are going to our GP tomorrow to hopefully get a more definitive answer and if necessary get some physio for him privately!!!! 

Youngest was also off school today, I think he did too much over the weekend, so he has spent most of the day in bed sleeping!  Either this or he is really sickening for something!

Having spent two hours at the hospital for a three minute appointment, I did manage to get my paying work done as well!  Just need to get some other jobs done now. 

DSC04396Treacle is in seventh heaven though as both Boys are home!  Have you ever seen an Airedale with three tails?  Because she has spent the whole day going between their rooms.  In the end she lay between both Boys rooms, so she could keep an eye on both of them!!!!!  So funny.

Hope your Tuesday is a little less blustery.

Hugs, Susie x


2 thoughts on “The Dark Days of Autumn!

  1. farmquilter

    Rained last night and today the winds are howling – 45 MPH with gusts up to 75 MPH!! Tara has to go out on a leash so she doesn’t get blown away!!! I am dreading going out to feed the horses this afternoon! I’m with Youngest today, feeling punk (maybe a nap is in order!). Sure hope Oldest gets his shoulder straightened out soon. Don’t despair if he has to have surgery (I’ve had 1 on left, 2 on right)…while it is not fun, I have regained full use of both shoulders. If the doctors do suggest an MRI, please ask about doing a dye-contrast MRI because they show up tears much better then a regular MRI. Love how Treacle is going to watch over both of her boys!! Don’t float away on all your rain!!

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