Having done the school run this morning I decided not to go home but run my errands first!  Three and a half hours later I finally got home!  I cannot believe how much time it takes to do a few jobs.  I went to the dry cleaners, returned some clothes to a shop and bought a couple of Christmas presents there.  Then I went to get a birthday present for a friend’s little girl, then I went and bought the Christmas cards and wrapping paper.  I then had to go to the village school to drop something off there, then the post office and finally home! 

Over the weekend the weather was as bad as predicted with lots of rain and high winds.  This picture was taken in Cumbria where they got the most rain.  Today has been much better with even the sun making an appearance and things seem to have calmed down.


The swimming events on Friday and Saturday went well, with a few moments!!!!  Youngest did well again by getting a PB and coming first in one of the events, so he was really pleased.

Eldest arrives home tonight, no doubt with a bag of washing (!) but it will be great to see him.

This week is looking busy and every weekend from now until Christmas we have something on either swimming, charity things and trying to fit in visiting family and friends before the day, as well as getting everything ready for the day!  Also Youngest’s 16th Birthday as well, so I think by the time Christmas Day arrives, I will be bushed!!!! 

Happy Monday!

Hugs Susie xx

2 thoughts on “Errands!

  1. farmquilter

    Dreaming of Boxing Day with you!!! Life gets totally crazy here as well…my hubby’s uncle passed unexpectedly yesterday (heart attack), Friday the final adoption hearing for our grandson will take place on National Adoption Day, next week is Thanksgiving and the aunt and uncle who usually host it aren’t doing so (they are currently caring for the new widow)…who knows where we will go, but I would be happy to just stay home and cook!! Then the crazy push to Christmas and I really hope I can drive down to spend Christmas and a week or so with my dad. At least I get to spend more time at home then you do…craziness! Pet fabric if you can’t find time to sew…we all need the therapy!

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