Yesterday passed in a whirl of work and Treacle kept me company all day in her basket.  One minute it was 7.30am and I sat down at my desk and then it was suddenly 6.00pm and I hadn’t started dinner!!!  The weather has been up and down, yesterday when I got up it was foggy and I could not see the end of our road but by 2.00pm it was sunny with even a little warmth to it!  Today it has been raining all day and Treacle is not a happy bunny!!! 

Treacle snoozing in her basket yesterday.


This was yesterday morning at 8.00am as you can see the fog has come down and we cannot see past the houses across the road from us!


Eldest and Fiancé have returned from New York and they had the best time ever!  Youngest has arrived in Orlando and they have already been round some of Universal where they are staying.  Here are a few pictures that they have sent us so far:


The entrance to Universal.


Youngest has finally got to go to Harry Potter World!  It was due to Open in 2010 which was when we last went as a family but sadly, even with the extra ten days we had there, it did not open until after the summer.  He was most disappointed.


Hogwart’s Express.


Jurassic World. He never liked the films but he likes the rides!!!


Of course it wouldn’t be the Boys if they weren’t sending us pictures of cars and Trucks!!!!


I managed to catch up on my work this morning and got house jobs done this afternoon.  I did get all the washing and ironing done yesterday as well but at least I only have DH and my washing this week!!!!  Tomorrow I have some errands to run and in the evening we are out at a business dinner.  The weather is supposed to be heavy rain all day tomorrow and Saturday and nice on Sunday when DH is busy all day!!!  The garden will have to wait!  Saturday I plan to get some more jobs done at home and I will be quilting Sunday.

Happy Thursday everyone.

Hugs, Susie xx


2 thoughts on “#TBT

  1. farmquilter

    So glad Eldest and Fiancee had a great time in NYC and got home safely. Sounds like Youngest and GF are enjoying their time in Florida! Oh how I wish I could travel!!! One of these years! Treacle looks so comfy in her bed…she’ll be enjoying a great deal of that for a while if the weather continues to be wet. Hope your weekend goes as planned and you get lots of quilting time in!

  2. Molly the AireGirl

    You are getting way too much rain. I’m so sorry, Treacle. Rain is so NOT fun. Mom’s cousins left for Orlando this morning. How cool would it be for the cousins and youngest to meet!

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