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A Dog’s Eye View of Brexit on The Wednesday Wag!


There is a lot of talk about this thing called Brexit and as far as I am concerned the biggest concern is my Bonios!  Now Bonios are made by a company whose base is in America!  So we should be okay however the parent company is in Switzerland and of course they are in the EU!  This is where my problems may begin as we have not agreed a proper exit from the EU.  So what is going to happen about my Bonios?  Will there be a shortage?  Will we have to get them on the black market?  Will the price go through the roof?  A dog needs these answers!

Mom says that my Bonio box is full and I have another new box in our store cupboard so I am good for a few months as I have one a day but that does not seem very long.  I think I will have to dig into my savings and ask her to order me two more boxes, I mean I know we are not supposed to stock pile food but really they are an essential part of my diet!!!


I have had to retire to Mom and Dad’s bed to contemplate this terrible news! 

Mom keeps saying she is going to make me some biscuits of a recipe she has found especially for us doggies so I think I am going to have to encourage her to do that, as I cannot be without my lunchtime biscuit.


I mean who could deny this face her biscuits?  Surely not these stupid politicians that are supposed to be running our country but seem to be out for their own ends rather than the people they are supposed to be representing!!!!!! 

WhatsApp Image 2018-12-30 at 17.00.15

I am off my soap box now and having a snooze!  It is all just too much!

Happy Wednesday Wag!

Woof Treacle xx

Weird Weather.


So Sunday I took the picture with a small amount of snow and this morning at 7.00am after it had just got light it was doing this!  I don’t know if you can see from the picture but it is not stopping to rain it is just coming down in bucket fulls!  In fact our small pond that we have in an old whiskey barrel is so full the little fountain can hardly work!!  DH and I will have to empty some water at the weekend.  So Treacle and I have been in all day working!!!


Treacle has been on guard patrol.


Watching out of the window.


Of course you do need the odd snooze in between times.  She is now using her new quilt as a cover, especially as she has had all that fur removed and it is also freezing cold today too!!!!


She missed this pesky thing as she was fast asleep when it paid a flying visit.  It really does not like the new bird feeders as it cannot hang on and try to get the sunflower seeds at the same time!!!!  As you can see from the size of it is not starving, it’s probably this nuisance that ate all of my snow drop bulbs! Grr!!!!!!


I am still on my clearing out mode and slowly getting around to everything so at least by the end of Spring this year I will know that everything in our home is wanted, required and loved!!!  Well that’s the plan!!!!  Tonight I have a basket of ironing to do.

Happy Tuesday everyone.

Hugs, Susie xx


The March Lion!


Here in Derbyshire March has come in like a Lion!  We have had high winds, trees down and this on Sunday morning :

We get no snow during December, January and February but March 10th? Snow!!!!  Of course two weeks before we had the hottest February since records began!!!  Crazy, crazy weather!!!

We had a wonderful evening on Saturday with our friends who came for dinner and caught up on all their news and they went home around 1.00am!!!  Needless to say we cleared up on Sunday morning!!! 


This was Treacle on Friday last and we gave her a brush yesterday and clouds of fur was coming out and we have put it out in case the birds are starting to build their nests.  Today she was at the spa, after I had taken DH to work as his truck was in for a service today!!! 

She visited everyone at the company we work with in Nottingham this morning when we dropped DH off and before I took her for her Spa day!!!


Here she is all washed, cut and clean for all of two seconds and about five pounds lighter now all her fur has gone!!!  Of course this week is supposed to be very cold again, it’s always the same when I get Treacle cut!!!!  She will be wearing her coat for walks!!!


I don’t think I will be doing any gardening this week as it is forecast hailstones and more rain, very cold and high winds!!!  I have plenty to do with work and home jobs so it won’t be an issue!!  Next weekend DH is out all weekend commentating for another swimming club at their Open and I am going over to Nottingham again on Saturday morning and then in the afternoon I am doing a Safeguarding Course for swimming until 4.00pm, oh joy!  Sunday I will be able to spend the whole day in my sewing room, yeah.

Have a great week everyone.

Hugs, Susie xx

Susie’s Friday Book Club.


Clive Cussler is one of my most favourite of writers and although he does now write with someone else, he/they stay true to Mr Cussler’s original format and the books are very good.

This book is the twelfth in the “Oregon Files” series and sees the adventures of Juan Cabrillo and his partners trying to recover several stolen paintings which are being used by a Filipino Gang to fund their activities.  The gang is also on the trail of a deadly drug developed in the Second World War which enhances the person who takes it to extremes but then has a devastating effect when not continued.  Juan’s team, known as The Corporation, are traversing the Western Pacific in their very special ship, which looks like a down at heel freighter but packs a punch from its true identity hidden underneath the rust, to try to save lives, the paintings and remain hidden!

The action moves through the book without stopping and you really feel as if you are with the team trying to save the World.  If you like adventure books then this tick’s all the boxes.  As always it is on all platforms from Amazon.


Sorry for lack of posts this week!  It has been “One of Those Weeks”!  I won’t go into everything which has happened this week needless to say that I have arrived at Friday with still lots to do, the days flew by and I did get lots of things done not always what I should have been doing!!!!!  Today I am trying to catch up on Home jobs as well as work and tomorrow we have friends coming for dinner.  It will be great to sit down for a few hours of peace and quiet!!!!!

I hope you lovely lot have a fantastic weekend and I will be back on Monday as normal.

Hugs, Susie xx