Moomin Again.

I can now show you the second Baby Quilt I was working on as the new parents and Grandparents have received and seen it.


It’s another Moomin Quilt for DH’s Cousin’s daughter.  They new they were expecting a little boy so I was able to make the colours fit.  Their little girl, Emilie was born two and half years ago and it was my first commission quilt from Judy to make a Moomin quilt for them, below.



A closer look at the panels and the quilting.  As the blue border was quite strong I went for a white border to offset it a little.



The back has a little blue and white all over flower on it and I used this for the binding too.


They love it!

Well if your big Sister has a Moomin quilt then you have to have your own!!!!

Mary & Andy son Joe

Here is Joe at six days old.

Next quilting jobs – finish my quilted Christmas gifts!!!!! Only nine weeks to go!!!!!!

Hugs, Susie xx

4 thoughts on “Moomin Again.

  1. Anonymous

    The quilt is really lovely – what a beautiful gift, and one that will have meaning and memories for a long time to come.
    Little Joe (as I like to think of him, remembering Bonanza on TV all those years ago) is indeed adorable. At the moment he is making his parents very happy by sleeping for at least a couple of hours in his basket between feeds, without needing rocking, although they are very happy to cuddle him of course, as were we when we visited.

    Quilters are clever!

    Judy J

  2. Sharon

    How sweet! That is great that they each have one of their own! Those are really cute panels.

  3. farmquilter

    Another great quilt from your talented hands!!! It’s cool that the kids have similar quilts that they will be able to pass on to their children!

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