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Vet Visit!

We were at the Vets again this morning for a quick check on Treacle’s leg!  She is doing fine although the Vet wants to leave the stitches in for another few days and she is back again on Saturday, hopefully they will be taken out by then.


This is the fed up look!  Having already spent a week in the hood, or megaphone or parabolic mike, whatever you want to call it!!!!  She would definitely be attacking her stitches if she did not have this on her head!


Of course it does not stop you from playing ball!!!  I will say though the bruises on my legs are starting to appear where she crashes into me, as she forgets she has got the hood on!!!

It has been lovely and sunny and warm today but we can’t have the doors open as Treacle is not allowed outside on her own!  Tomorrow they have forecast rain but hopefully getting better towards the weekend again!  I have been sat at my desk all day working but am keeping up to date which is great.  I just need to keep up to date with house jobs and I will definitely be on top of everything!!!!!! 

I hope you are having a thrilling Tuesday.

Hugs, Susie x

Sunday of Sport!


This was Saturday actually but it was a good match.  Garbine Muguruza lifting the Venus Rosewater Dish as winner of the 2017 Ladies Wimbledon Championships. 


This was yesterday and again a good match although it was over rather quickly with Roger winning in straight sets.  The men’s trophy does not have a name but is called The Challenge Cup.  Also a lot of people ask why there is a pineapple on the top and the Wimbledon Museum believe it is because the pineapple was seen as a symbol of “honour, welcoming and celebration”! 

Neither player gets to keep the trophies as they belong to the All England Club, however they do get a smaller replica to keep.


Finally for Sport Sunday it was the British Grand Prix at Silverstone, which was won by Lewis Hamilton in fine style with his team mate Valtteri Bottas coming second. Oh it was such a shame that Vettel got a puncture on the last lap and had to pit and then finished seventh!!!!!  You really cannot convey sarcasm over the Internet!  Happy dance to the racing Gods who put Vettel in his place!!!!!!!

I didn’t post on Thursday and Friday of last week as I was busy looking after Miss Treacle who had her bandages taken off as the Vet wanted her leg to get some air for it to heal, which meant the dreaded hood went on and she is not allowed outside on her own but on her lead which she really does not understand or appreciate!  So DH, Youngest and I have been on dog watch in the garden and trying to get her to go has neen a nightmare.  In fact I think our neighbours must think we are mad trying to encourage her to get on with things!!!!  She is back at the vets in the morning to see how things are going and if okay to have the stitches out!!!! Hopefully it will not be too long before the hood can come off and get back to normal!!!


Well it will be on Thursday when he finishes his first year of college!!!!  Can’t wait.  It really doesn’t feel like summer until they are off.  He has seven weeks this year and there are quite a few things to do whilst he is off, including painting his room.  I said it would be painted white again and then add colour in with things but he has decided he wants grey(!) but I said he can have the two smallest walls grey (we are talking light grey here not battleship grey!) and the biggest walls will be white!!!  Well thats my plan!!!  I will show you how it progresses!!!

Friday night we are having a family dinnet to celebrate the summer break and yes I am keeping my fingers crossed we can eat outside again.  Today is very warm but you guessed it rain is on the way again!!! 

I hope you all had a lovely summer weekend.

Hugs, Susie x


Piggy Bank Challenge!


Through Sharon’s Blog ( I heard about the Piggy Bank Challenge run by Val at Val’s Quilting Studio (  Each year Val starts the fund and then on July 6th the following year opens and counts the pennies and it is put towards something Quilty!  I love these sorts of challenges so have signed up for this year.

I actually have a Piggy Bank too.  This was my Grandma’s, who taught me to sew, sew it seems quite approiate to be using it for this challenge.  He has a very unusal name too, Piggy!!!!!!!!!!!


So as you can use coins or bills I thought I would start off my fund with a good amount so have added £10.  The rest of the year it will be coins!!!!  That’s of course until the Boys need change for something!!!!! 

I haven’t really decided what I want to buy with the money saved but of course there is always plenty of fabric I would like!! 

If you would like to join in hop over to Val’s to see the rules and the button is on my sidebar.  Thanks to Val for coming up with this great idea which is now in its fifth year. 

Let’s get saving.

Hugs, Susie x

The Wednesday Wag!


Do you like my bandage?  I hear leopard skin is in this season?!!!!

I was not too impressed with my hoomans yesterday when I thought I was off for a lovely car ride with Daddy and ended up at my Doctors and I wasn’t even feeling ill!!!  I knew something was going on, however, when I did not receive my breakfast in the morning!

I had to wait a long while at the Doctors before they dealt with me but then Daddy came to pick me up by 6.00pm just in time for my dinner at home.


Here I am relaxing in the summer sunshine!

Mom says I would not have had to go if I had not persisted in licking constantly at the wart and making it angry!  What does she know!!!!


I think the pink leopard goes with my Airecut!

Mom has got to take me back tomorrow evening when I get my bandage off and then I will have to wear my collar so I don’t nag at the area again so it can heal completely! 

I hope you are having a better Woofy Wednesday than I.


Tired Treacle!


This was this morning!  She had not had her breakfast and had had her dinner at 4.00pm last night so not a happy littly Airegirl at all!!!  DH took her this morning for 8.30am and rang at 1.00pm to see how she was and they had not managed to do her little op as they had an emergency in and a busy clinic.  Anyway she was done at 2.00pm and DH rang at 3.00pm and she was in her recovery cage and all fine and we are picking her up at 5.45pm!!!  She will be starving by then.  She has to wear her cone but she is okay with them, except for my legs will be black and blue when she runs into me!!!!!


It has been torrential rain since 4.00am and not stopped all day and it is quite a bit cooler as well.  After the last few weeks of warm weather it is quite a shock to the system but the gardens needed it.  Tomorrow it is back to being nice again but not as hot.

I am steadily sewing the binding on!  It is becoming a marathon!!!  But it will be done by the end of the week.

I have been busy with work today and also getting things done for the quality submission for the swimming club.  I am doing well except for waiting for information from different people who just don’t do it and it can be very annoying!!!  Also busy sorting out the Christmas party for the younger swimmers and again trying to get replies even from emails is like getting blood out of a stone!!!  Hey ho

I hope you are having a terrific Tuesday!

Hugs, Susie x


Too Many Matches!


Second week of Wimbledon and today is the day when there are too many matches to watch as they are all playing in the fourth round to get to the Quarter finals!!  So far they have been great. In fact on Saturday I was so engrossed with watching the Federer match that I didn’t get all the ironing finished!!!!  It got done yesterday!


I got the binding sewn onto Youngest’s quilt and have now begun to sew it to the back but as it is quite large it will take a while, but I am going to try and do some of each evening.

DH was busy over the weekend and did not get home until 1.30am on Sunday so we all got up and left him to have a lie in – until 3.00pm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  He got up just in time for dinner!!!!


It is Molly’s Mom’s Birthday today, Happy Birthday!  I am sure you will have a wonderful day.


It is quite hot here again but thundery, we are due rain all day tomorrow, so Treacle has been lying on the cool tiles of our floor most of today.  She won’t be happy with us tomorrow morning she is not allowed breakfast as she is having her little op to remove the little wart on her leg, which she won’t leave alone!!!  I will let you know how she gets on.  DH is taking her in for 8.30am on his way to work!

I hope you all had a lovely summer weekend.

Hugs, Susie xx

Flower Friday!

We are joining with Molly The AireGirl ( for Flower Friday. 

We actually have some flowers in our garden to share with you.


This is our Buddleia, which is usually covered in bees and butterflies until I came to take the picture!


The whole plant


One of our lavender bushes with a bee in mid flight


The Potentilla is just coming out.


The hardy Fuschia in full flower


Our neighbour from across the road brought me these lovely sweet peas at the weekend which she grows on her allotment, I just love the colour.  So I put them in a round vase and placed them on our dining table.  DH was busy in the garden and walked through the house to go out the front door and started sneezing, and he didn’t stop.  I was busy doing some extra cleaning and I thought it may have been the polish, which is the one I always use but who knows.  Anyway he kept sneezing and sneezing and in the end I put the sweet peas outside on our patio table.  He stopped sneezing!!!!  I have really enjoyed the flowers outside this week and fortunately the weather has been good so they have been okay outside and the bees liked them too!!!

Busy weekend as always.  DH is out tonight and tomorrow night doing his MC (Master of Ceremonies) job and I have done house jobs all day.  I did call round to see the Boys Godfather, whose Birthday is tomorrow, but he was out (!).  It has been very hot and sticky again today so I will be doing the basket of ironing tomorrow now when it is supposed to be a little cooler. Sunday will be catch up day and I am hoping to get the binding sewn on Youngest’s quilt.

The Boys are also having their hair cut tomorrow and DH is helping a friend with some sound equipment as well and Youngest is teaching at the swimming club tonight and tomorrow morning and Sunday morning.  We also need to get some work done in the garden.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Hugs, Susie x


Treacle has been inside today whilst I have been working as well, chilling in her basket.

Hugs, Susie x