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Happy Thanksgiving US.

Happy Thanksgiving to All My American Friends & Followers

Although this is not a Holiday in the UK, I am very Thankful for my family; DH, Eldest,  Girlfriend & Bump, Youngest & Girlfriend & Coco.  Our extended Family, Judy & Lars, Elaine, Jackie & Neil.  My very good friends Jayne and Family, Sue & Molly & Susan & Tara.  Our friends who have become our Family; Dave & Carol, Anne & Chris, Val & Dave, Chris & Pete, Pat & Alan, Tricia & Kevin.  Also Del & Tony and Helen & Ted, friends from work.

I hope those that do celebrate Thanksgiving have a lovely Day and long weekend and don’t get too tired shopping all the Black Friday deals!!!

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

Wednesday – Middle of the Week.

It is grey and horrible here today and it has been raining.  Good job the pumbers are indoors and not out!  They are getting on really well; the floor is done and the walls and all the new pipework so they are now going to be doing the tiles.  Can’t wait to get it all done and I will show you pictures.

Certainly not been hanging the washing out and in fact trying to get it done has been a challenge as the plumbers have the water turned off for most of the day.  It also means that the heating is not on and it has been quite cold and damp over the last few days, so I have taken to wearing a jumper and a thick cardigan to keep warm! 

I am busy getting the Christmas presents wrapped, labelled and put into piles as I have to get some posted off so need to sort those out first.  Next job will be the Christmas cards and then the rest of the Christmas baking.  I have quite a few To Do lists going at the moment but am ticking the jobs off slowly!  At least being at home for this week and next means I have lots of time to get jobs done.  With the weather being yuck it is quite nice to be doing Christmas things.  I will show you some pictures when I am done.

I forgot to show you this.  When it was our Thirtieth Wedding Anniversary DH bought me some lovely pearl earings from Coleman Douglas Pearls of London.  All of the designs are done by the wonderful Chrissie Douglas (below) founder of Coleman Douglas.  So for our Thirty Fifth he bought me this lovely gold and pearl braclet.  In the five years we have known Chrissie she has become a very good friend.

When we saw her in London she was telling us all about the new display which is about to open in Fortnum & Mason with all different styles of pearls created by Chrissie.

Chrissie likes to say these are not your Grandmother’s pearls and her designs are amazing.  I inherited pearls from my Mother, Grandmother and Great Grandmother and Chrissie re-strung them.  I have also received for various events a pearl necklace from DH and Chrissie redesigned a necklace that DH gave me for our Twentieth anniversary which never sat correctly.  There is going to be an event in February next year and we are going to go down and support her. 

Youngest is out tonight at Swimming Club coaching, DH & Eldest are out tonight for dinner together as they are giving blood later.  Me – dinner for one and ironing! Oh joy!

I hope you are all having a great week.

Hugs & Love, Susie xx



Coco’s Corner.

We had a postcard from Coco, whilst she is on her holidays!  She is having an amazing time but we are all missing her very much!  However the way the weeks are flying by she will soon be home, although I am sure the first few days will be a challenge as she will have been allowed to get away with things!!!!

See you soon Coco. 

Hugs & Love, Susie, DH, Eldest & Youngest xxxx



I blink and I miss a week!  I don’t know where last week went but I do know it was chaos (Warning Picture Heavy Post!)

DH and I had a lovely time in London.  We went down on Thursday November 9th and met a friend for lunch and then had dinner in Covent Garden, which was all decked out for Christmas.

An old bus transformed into a Gin Bar outside the Transport Museum at Covent Garden.  I am reliably informed by DH that this is the sort of bus he and his friends went to school on!

The decorations inside one of the halls in Covent Garden, they are different every year.

There were some musicians playing classical music when we arrived and we thought it would be great whilst we got a coffee, until the woman arrived to sing Opera, she was not very good!

This is a display window of an old fashioned toy store which actually covers up the fire fighting equipment!

This was above where we sat with our coffee, it reminded me of a Christmas Minion!  We sent it to the Boys!

Thursday evening we ate dinner in Covent Garden at Brown’s.

Which is next door to the Noel Coward Theatre.

This is one of hundred’s of pubs across London but just in Covent Garden.

Friday we had a nice relaxing day.  We did pop out to do a bit if Christmas shopping and went to my favourite store, Fortnum & Mason who were also ready for Christmas.

It was busy but not as busy as it will be nearer to the big day!  Sometimes you cannot move in the store for people!

Saturday was the day we were going to see the Harry Potter Play, which starts where the last film ended.  However there was going to be a huge demonstration in the capital on the Saturday, part of which was going pass the end of the road that our hotel is on. We decided to leave at 11.30am to get to the theatre for the performance at 2.00pm just in case.  Good job we did as we were not far from where we were going when three police vans pulled up along side the taxi and lots of Police came pouring out heading in the direction we were going!  It did not last long and the road opened again but well it always happens to DH and I. 

There as this little pub just across the road from the theatre so we had a drink and snack in there until it was time to queue to get in.

It was a typical London pub!

Because of the Stop Oil people invading the stage at one of the other theatres, we had to have our bags searched thoroughly, we were then wanded and our tickets checked before we even got in the theatre!  The Play is split into two parts so we went to the afternoon performance, went round the corner to a lovely Italian restaurant for dinner and then back to the theatre for the evening performance! 

Was it worth it?  Yes we liked the play although DH thought it was a bit long winded.  What was very good were the special effects to create the “magic”.  Very hard to do live but so easy to do on film with CGI.  It was a long day and we didn’t get back to the hotel until 10.00pm.

We had tea by the fire.

Sunday was of course Rememberance Sunday and we watched on TV but could here the Guns and band from the hotel which was great.  We left the hotel afterwards when the roads had re-opened. 

Eldest was on parade with the Fire Service in Ashbourne where he is an on-call fire fighter.  We said when we saw this that he looks about twelve with the hat on!!! 

It was back down to earth with a bump on Monday morning with work and everything else that needed doing.  It is always the same when you have a holiday!  Last week flew by work.  Jayne and I got to have lunch on Tuesday which was very nice but the rest of the week was busy with work.  The weekend DH was at Matlock swimming pool for a swimming open both days.  I got quite a bit done but still need to finish some jobs off.  As DH told everyone at the Open yesterday it is only five weeks to Christmas!  OMG!!!!

Have a wonderful week you lovely lot! 

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

PS Coco is not here for the next two weeks, she is on her holidays too, as the plumbers started today doing the new bathroom!  I cannot wait although I think it is going to be a long two weeks!!!



Monday Again!

Bonfire night went off well and it didn’t rain until later so everyone got to let the fireworks off!

I am busy trying to fit one weeks worth of work into three days before DH and I head to London.  I have cleared all the washing and ironing, did our work today, doing Eldest’s work tomorrow and then home jobs on Wednesday!  Coco is going to love it as she is being looked after by Youngest and Girlfriend!  She will no doubt be allowed to get away with murder!

There is still a lot of water around the village on the fields and some of the roads as all the water tables are full, we are due to get some more rain at the end of this week but hopefully we won’t get the floods again.  Our garden is like a quagmire though and every time Coco comes in from the garden she has muddy paws!

The Plumbers are coming at the end of this month to do the bathroom which I will be so pleased about and whilst they are here Coco is going on her holidays and then when she is back she will be going for a spa day, all in time for Chirstmas. 

Christmas is coming up fast.  Whilst we are in London we are going to look for a few presents.  We have a dinner booked which will be great and going to the theatre too, so looking forward to it.  At the moment the forecast is fine with some sunshine which will be great.  I hate fighting around the streets with an umbrella!  Will show you the photographs when we get back.

Tonight is the Swimming Club AGM so DH and Youngest will be out late!  I can at least get some more jobs done!

Happy Monday everyone and I hope you all have a wonderful week.

Hugs & Love, Susie & Coco xx

Remember, Remember The Fifth of November!!!!!!!

Remember, remember, the 5th of November,

Gunpowder, treason and plot.

I see no reason

Why gunpowder treason

Should ever be forgot.

Guy Fawkes, Guy Fawkes, ’twas his intent

To blow up the King and the Parliament

Three score barrels of powder below

Poor old England to overthrow

By God’s providence he was catch’d

With a dark lantern and burning match

Holler boys, holler boys, let the bells ring

Holler boys, holler boys

God save the King!

Happy Bonfire Night!

Hugs & Love, Susie & Coco xxxx

Goodbye October, Hello November!

Well October disappeared really quickly!  In fact my feet did not touch the month or so it seemed!  Busy as always which is why I think the months fly by,  I do sometimes think it would be nice to go back to a time where life was lived at a slower pace, you know no mobile phones, not having to do things every weekend, I am not not grateful but sometimes it does get a little wearing!

I am sure November will fly by as well.  Although I do have some nice things happening this month, not just work.  DH and I are away next week for a few days in London for our Wedding Anniversary (35 years this year!).  Can’t wait for those few days break.  We do have a few things to do when we are down there and we are also going to see the Harry Potter Play, “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child” at The Palace Theatre.  It is unique in that it is split into two parts and so we are going in the afternoon to see the first part and then having dinner at a local Italian restaurant and then seeing the second part in the evening.  It has been on for a while now and I have wanted to go so we are.  We have a dinner booked in Covent Garden and then we are leaving the rest of the days to do as we want.We got an hour back on Saturday, yeah, I know it is going to be dark in the mornings and dark early in the evening too but getting an hour back is so worth it!  I quite like it being dark and the lights on, it feels really cosy.

Saturday is Bonfire Night here in the UK although we are due heavy rain all day, which is why DH’s event has been cancelled.  I was thinking about getting some small fireworks for home for the Boys etc and doing a Bonfire dinner; sausages, chips etc, but won’t bother now as it is going to be so wet.  We are fortunate that Coco is not bothered by the fireworks, she has the odd woof at them but then just goes to sleep.  

For #TBT Here are the Boys one Bonfire Night in our back garden.  Both pretending to be Harry Potter!

Tomorrow I have home jobs to do and grocery shopping and at the weekend we have a very long list of jobs to get done, DH is going to be busy!!!!!!   I hope you are having a wonderful Thursday. 

Hugs & Love, Susie & Coco xx

Coco’s Corner & Another Tuesday!

You will never guess what happened to me a week ago?  I was taken to my Doctors and my Hoomans left me!  They came and fetched me in the evening and in between something happened! (Coco you went to be spayed)Then I had to wear this blow up collar thing (Coco it is much better than the cone of shame the Vets give you).  I then got taken back to my Doctors yesterday and they examined me all over again and declared I was well and truly well and I did not have to wear the collar any more!  I do not want to do that again! (Don’t worry Coco you won’t have to do that again!)

It has been very wet here and so I have not been out as much and especially after the Doctor’s visit but I have had chance to lounge in my bed and snuggle!  There is more rain forecast for the rest of the week too so I won’t be moving much.  At the weekend we had a home full with Eldest, Youngest their partners and the Girls as well as Mom and Dad.  I had great fun with them all.

Mom is waiting to take me to the Spa now for a few weeks and trying to time it with Christmas coming up!  Can’t wait for my Spa day!


I cannot believe where the days are going to.  No sooner do I get up in the morning on Monday I find it is Friday evening and another week has flown by!  I know we are busy but it is getting a bit silly. I have had a cold over the last few days, and felt quite drained but still working.  Last Friday we went out with friends for dinner and the restaurant was okay but extremely busy and very noisy so it was hard to talk!  Saturday everyone was at home as it was DH’s Birthday on Sunday, but he was going to be out at a swimming event so we had dinner on Saturday evening.  It was great night. 

It is a quiet business week this week, which has meant I have been able to get some other jobs done too.  DH was supposed to be at the Borough Firework display this weekend but they have had to cancel it due to all the rain we have had and still to come, so the ground is water logged and it would not be safe. 

Happy Halloween!

Today is Halloween and it is not raining at the moment so we may get some Trick or Treaters!  In fact it is also Half Term Holiday here for the children so that may help.  I have put the Boys’ X-Rays up just for a bit of fun!  They noticed when they came for dinner on Saturday!

Eldest has been to the Hospital today for a checkup on his shoulder and all is fine.  He already knows that he is hyper mobile in the shoulders and he will just have to be careful but at least he does not need to do anything else!


So as DH does not have to be out, we have a weekend in.  As you can imagine this is rare at this time of year so I am determined to make the most of it and not spend the day discussing what we need to do and getting zero done!!!

Christmas is coming up fast and I am seeing more and more Christmas things; adverts, catalogues coming in the post and the shops are being decked out!  I have got quite a few gifts already and I need to start wrapping and sorting out our Christmas card list too.  I am also getting a lot of emails about events happening, Christmas markets, concerts and light switch on’s.  We have quite a few coming up so the diary is getting quite full. 

I hope your week is going well you lovely lot. 

Hugs & Love, Susie & Coco xxx

The Universe Is Having A Laugh!

I think the Universe has it in for us at the moment!  You know how you go along and everything is fine and then suddenly you get weeks of things just not being right, well last week was one of those!  The week started off well enough when Jayne and I went out for a very nice lunch and a lovely catch up.  Then I was with Eldest at his work to get his jobs done and then Thursday I was having a much needed haircut! 

We are still having to cope with the bathroom only having our bath, shower and sink in it as the Plumbers cannot start the work until the end of November.  We are still waiting for the Plasterer to come and fix the ceiling and Friday the Roofer should have been here to do the roof.   However all last week they were warning us of the Storm Babet (silly name) which could affect us over the weekend. 

Thursday evening it started to rain and never stopped until midday on Saturday!  The laugh is that our water authority had been sending out emails saying we needed to conserve water still as the stocks were only 75% full!  Well after last week we don’t need anymore water!  We are very fortunate as we live on a hill and I am so glad we do because here is what happened.

This is the River Derwent which runs to the south of our village.  This is where it runs through the centre of Derby.  By the end of Friday you could not see the steps.

This is the road leading into the city centre which they closed at 2.00pm as it was completely flooded.

This is in Ashbourne, Derbyshire.

The above picture and below are our village.  Above the curly bit with the trees around it is the river and you can seen how it has burst and taken over the fields.  It is meant to do this as it is the floodplain.

The big green area is the village park where the Carnival is held and the road in front of it so the water did not quite get there.

This is where Youngest used to work in Derby and as you can see the water is very high here and it is still like that today!

In the midst of all this I get a phone call from Eldest to say that he is on his way in a police car to the Hospital as he managed to fall over going to a fire call and dislocated his other shoulder!  With all the flooding I had not been intending on going out but went to the hospital and after waiting for an hour to try and park found him in A&E.  Yes he had dislocated it!  They got it put back and then I took him home!  DH came over as his event on Friday evening had been cancelled and so had the Saturday evening one as well because of all the chaos!  I didn’t get all my home jobs done because of spending three hours at the hospital and then helping him and Suzie sort out at home.  Saturday was chaos as well and Sunday we did manage to go out with our friends for Sunday lunch which was great after all of this!

I am now running to catch up with everything this week!  Friday we are out with another set of friends and Saturday we are having a family dinner as it is DH’s Birthday on Sunday but he is out then at another swimming event (!).  I think it is going to be like this from now until Christmas! 

How is your week going? 

Hugs & Love, Susie & Coco xx

What A Week!

This is today’s weather here and it is getting colder this weekend, more like October.

Although we live in a village which is semi-rural we are not in the back of beyond but the amount of power cuts we have is amazing.  The other day for no reason the power went off, came back on for a second, off again, on again and then off for an hour!  Of course at this time of year it gets dark early so we were plunged into darkness.  Having now lived here for over twenty years I am prepared and have battery camping lanterns stored.  However the one side affect of this was my computer threw a wobbly and so I have had no computer since Tuesday!  So sorry for lack of posts but I was not on line!!!!

Little Miss has had a busy week and I am still trying to get her in for an Airecut as she is getting very woolley and of course if I do get her in it will then be freezing!

We have decorated for Halloween but I just have a couple of more things to do and then I can show you!  Quite enjoying watching spooky films on TV whilst ironing, which was my job last night as I had a huge basketful and people needed clothes for the weekend.

I am not political in my posts but like 9/11 the attack this week on Israel has been appalling.  It has always been, since I was very young, a very conflicted area which is down to politics and religion but innocents being slaughtered, especially babies, is dreadful.

Whether you want to or not, Chirstmas things are happening!  I am getting emails about booking things in time for Christmas, emails about Christmas goods now being available, emails about Christmas food on the shelves!  So if you are one of those persons who does not do Christmas until December 1st then I think you will find Christmas is here already!!!  Last night I got a request from my lot about some mince pies; And so it begins!!!

I hope you have a lovely weekend whatever you are up to.  DH has a swimming event all day tomorrow so I will be hopefully doing some more quilting and of course getting ready for next week.  Jayne and I are going out for lunch, DH has the Charter Fair where he commentates on Thursday, a swimming event on Friday evening and then we are out with friends on Sunday for lunch, so a lovely week to come.  Work as always too of course! 

Hugs & Love, Susie & Coco xx