Ladies Who Breakfast!


Jayne and I were not Ladies Who Lunch today but Breakfast instead at The Apple Tree (above) as Jayne had appointments the rest of the day, but it was a great couple of hours sitting and chatting.  In fact we have said we shall have a day out in Nottingham in the Summer just to have a look round and lunch, so we don’t get to November when we will then be going Christmas shopping!!!  Although the way the weeks are flying by it will soon be November!!!!!!

Thursday last week we had a visit from the Accountants!!!  and the whole day was taken up with that and Friday the company came to service the house alarm and it was Home jobs day!!!  Although I didn’t get that done until quite late in the day as I had had a terrible headache all day and had sat at my desk working as I didn’t feel I wanted to be running round the house cleaning!!!!! 

Saturday DH and I had nothing happening so we took Treacle for an extra long walk at Chatsworth (she will tell you all about that tomorrow!).

Yesterday I was catching up on all the work that had been generated by the Accountant’s visit as well as all my normal work!  I actually managed to get it all done thankfully!!!!!

Our new bed and bedside tables will be arriving after Easter, so this weekend (we have another free weekend – amazing!) we will be Spring Cleaning our room and getting rid of anything we don’t need!  We also have some work to do in the garden and I am hoping that the weather will be good too.


I cannot believe that it is Easter next week.  We have ordered the skip to arrive for our Big Attic Clear Out!!!!  In fact I think we have galvanised some other friends to do their attics too.  Jayne mentioned that it is a job that their family will be doing over Easter.  I am just keeping my fingers crossed now that the weather is going to be kind to us!!!!

I hope you are having a Thrilling Tuesday.

Hugs, Susie xx


The Wednesday Wag.

Well it has been a funny few days with weather.  I have been warm, then wet and now cold again!!!  Mom, of course, got my Airecut and all my lovely warm fur cut off so it is now freezing again outside!


I have to find the sunshine and warmth where I can in our home.  Mom and Dad’s bed is favourite as they have double windows in their room and the sun streams through making it lovely and warm when in fact it is really cold outside!!!!


I was also keeping Mom company in her sewing room on Sunday and it was very cool that day so I had a blanket over me. 


I have spent a few days when it has been nice outside with the door open so I can come and go as I please and Dad also got me a new football for outside but the weather is too cool now for the door to be open all the time!

After this coming weekend Mom and Dad don’t have anything on at the weekends so they have promised to take me on some extra long walks, hopefully with the weather being better and not too cold or rainy!!!!


So we have not been out and about very much with the weather being like it is but I don’t mind as I love to sleep next to Mom’s desk all day while she works and I can keep an eye on things!!!!

Have a very Woofy Wednesday.

Treacle x

Scotland Trip.

DH and I went up to Edinburgh again for business last week.  Here in Derbyshire the weather was warm and sunny, in Edinburgh cold and grey!!!!  I managed to get a few pictures whilst we travelled between customer visits.


The road which leaves England behind and Scotland ahead, looking towards Edinburgh and the coast.


We ended up driving through Edinburgh around the back streets avoiding traffic where you come across some fantastic buildings.


Fantastic bay windows and you would not know you were 1800 Edinburgh except for the security cameras!!!!!


Lots of the buildings have turrets and some of which are actual, if not tiny, rooms beneath the turret!


A wonderful selection of old buildings which lead to Edinburgh Castle except for the modern carbuncle to the right in the picture which looks like a car showroom!  Whichever planning authority allowed that needs their heads examining!!!!


Driving down the main road in Edinburgh the view is dominated by the Scott Monument dedicated to Sir Walter Scott.  You can see how grey the day was.


We also had to go to Glasgow and stayed there overnight before returning to Edinburgh.  This is the view from our hotel room and the huge crane is a permanent monument to the great shipbuilding on the Clyde River.


The Armadillo which is an event space.


One of many old buildings in Glasgow probably once connected to the ship building industry.


Several little towns have very ornate towers for their council offices.


Travelling between Glasgow and Edinburgh with a small break in the clouds.

It was a good two days for business and nice to be in the area again.  Just a shame that we were not able to carry on further North to where we holiday!!!  Ah well we will be doing that soon!!!!

Still trying to get things organised at home and tidying up areas which have not been done in a while prior to us starting the Spring Cleaning!!!  We have decided to get a skip over the Easter period so that we can get rid of rubbish which will be easier than keep going to the local tip.  We also have boxes ready for donations to charity shops and things to re-purpose and of course things to go back into the attic which will be all clean and tidy when we do.  Well that’s the plan!!!!!  I will let you know how we progress!!!  Quite a few friends have asked us why we are bothering and most times attics get sorted when you move house but we have not done that for a number of years so it is a good time to get it done. 


As these Primulas are very prolific and spread easily we moved some from here to another part of our garden and as you can see they have come out.  But also some have come out as pink!  Now I know that Hydrangeas can change colour because of the soil but I didn’t think Primulas could do this!!!!  They look pretty whatever they are!!!!!


I hope you are all having a Happy Tuesday.

Hugs, Susie xx

Mother’s Day 2019.

I had a great day yesterday with our Boys and DH for Mother’s Day.  Eldest and Fiance had arranged for us to go for breakfast in Nottingham first thing and we had a lovely few hours together.  We got back to find Youngest was up and about and going out but he got back in the evening for dinner with me.


I know this may seem an unusal present from Youngest but I did need a new microwave for our kitchen and he bought out of his wages!


Eldest and Fiance bought me my favourite bath and body set from The White Company. Treacle also bought me my other favourite bath and body set as well. 

The best bit of course was spending time with all of them.

We put the clocks forward on Saturday night/Sunday morning, grr, and I am slowly recovering.  A note from my Snoopy Calendar says that: “Monday after the clocks go forward is “Napping Day” so you can make up for the hour you lost with the time change!” As if we need any excuse to have a nap!!!  I might try it or at least go to bed earlier than normal!!!

The last few weeks have been really busy with work and things around our home as well as dealing with the Boys so I have got behind with my blog and also reading the blogs I follow too.  No excuse but I just ran out of time in the day and now losing another hour, it takes a lot to catch up.  However I have now managed to so should be back to blogging every day etc.  Well it’s a plan!!!!

I hope you all had a great weekend and looking forward to a good week.

Hugs, Susie xx


It is sunny today but quite cool so Treacle is on our bed, sunbathing from the sun through our windows which is warm, even if it isn’t outside!!!!!

Clocks Go Forward!


Our Clocks go forward tonight one hour and it takes me until they go back again to catch up!!!!!!

I love the lighter mornings and longer evenings but the first week when we move the hour on is horrendous, especially with me still waking up at 3.00am every night!  I really want to see only one 3 in a day, 3.00pm!!!!!!

Hey ho, at least it means I will be able to get lots done in the evenings now!!!

Sleepy Susie!!!!! xx

Monday March 25th!!!!!

Goodness me the weeks are flying!!!  We are busy with work work and then busy at home too so the weeks are flying!  In fact I looked in the mirror today thinking my hair needed a trim but I had only just had it done.  Of course when I looked back it was actually seven weeks ago.  Where did they go?????????

DH and I have another trip to Edinburgh tomorrow and Wednesday for work so that will be a busy two days!!!


This was the moon on the night of the Spring Equinox, so close to us and extremely bright!  We have also had another few nice Spring Days and DH managed to even cut the grass at the weekend.  Here are a few pictures of our garden as it is starting to wake after the winter.


View from our back door.


The winter pansies are still flowering.


Closer view with the neatly trimmed grass.IMG_2662

The trees are just starting to bud and we have kept Treacle’s friend the Reindeer out!!!


Another planter from a friend.


I know I have shown you the Primula before but they just do so well here at the base of the wisteria.  I just love the colour.

I will be back on Thursday with hopefully some pictures of our travels in between visiting customers!!!!!

Have a wonderful week.

Hugs, Susie xx