The Wednesday Wag.

I have been busy today helping Mom in the office. She has had papers all over the place and printing lots of things, in fact it has been really noisy as well! I have managed to get some sleep though. The weather has gone back to very cold at nights but we have seen the sun for a little while which was nice, although I was not allowed to keep the door open!

Today is St. Patrick’s Day, Patron Saint of Ireland. We seem to have quite a few Patron Saints days close together, St. George’s Day is next month and then St. Andrew’s Day is in November. It’s like Bank Holidays they all come at once!!!! Not many celebrations happening of course as we are still in Lockdown. Roll on April 12th when hopefully we will be able to open up a few more things and see people again.

The wretched WordPress people have changed the writer again and I cannot now use the original writer and they are “Making” us now use this. It says the type can be justified – it can’t, the colour which you choose does not stay so the colour is all over the place and putting images in is dreadful. I have to renew in a few months and I am going to take that time to look around for another platform as I absolutely hate this one and am paying a lot for it! WordPress you are useless!

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

That Tuesday Feeling.

For Mother’s Day Youngest bought me the windmill for our garden which lights up at night, I love it.  Eldest bought me the tin of plants which are so bright in the grey of the day.

Last year Clive Cussler passed and you know I love his books.  Latterly he co-wrote his books with different authors and he has been the only one to get this right.  Because of this he was able to release quite a number of books in his various series and I had got behind.  So I made a list of the books I was missing and DH and The Boys have bought me them for Christmas/Birthday.  There were still quite a few so Eldest got the rest of them for me for Mother’s Day!  I was also missing two Stephen King books and he got those for me as well.

My “To Read” shelf is now rather full!  I also forgot (!) that Friday last week should have been Book Club Friday, yesterday should have been Literary Monday!!!  I am doing well NOT at the moment!  I have started a new book last week but with everything else at the moment I am not finding as much time as normal to read, but hopefully by the weekend I will be a little more organised!!!

Also had some sad news today that our good friend, Gordon, whose wife Corinned passed last year, died yesterday.  Nothing to do with Covid and he, like Corinne, had not been well for a while.  They will both be dearly missed by us all

This is Corinne & Gordon in April 2011 playing baseball with us when we stayed at the Castle during our Easter vacation.  It was the day the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge got married and Corinne & Gordon came for lunch with us and after all the festivities it was a beautiful day so we went outside. 

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

For all those who follow Formula 1 in the UK we lost the voice of Formula 1 yesterday with the sad passing of Murray Walker at the grand age of 97.  He always had a balanced view of the sport and teams but was a huge supporter of all the British racing drivers.  He did have the knack though of saying that whoever was leading had the race in the bag, for the car to then stop or something else to happen!!!  Rest in Peace Murray, I am sure you will be comentating on the great races in Heaven.


Yesterday was Mother’s Day in the UK and my Boys spoilt me.  I had some lively gifts, which I will show you pictures tomorrow, and they were all busy doing jobs so I did not have to do a thing.  So thank you so much Boys and DH I Love you all to bits.

Had a busy day with work and and now off to start a basket of ironing before they all descend on me for dinner!  I hope you lovely lot had a great weekend and have a good week to come. 

Hugs & Love, Susie xx


TGI Friday!

I think we all need a hug this week, I am so glad it is Friday!  The whole week has not been as I had planned.  I started each day with a clear list of what needed to be done and I have got to Friday with half the list completed and still more to do!  Why do some weeks just happen like that?

I need to start planning the Spring Cleaning too.  I usually get bits and pieces done during the week and then plan the big stuff when DH is around to help, especially moving the furniture.  Last year we got it done during lockdown but this year we are hoping that things will start to open up, but it still needs to be done.  Hey ho we will get it sorted.  Also need to get the painting done too!

Treacle has been snoozing in her basket most of the day as we have been dodging the showers.  We seem at the moment to have April showers along with March winds, which is interesting.  I am hoping that Sunday is going to be okay and we can get a bit of gardening done. 

The Robin now appears to be making a nest in the Box bush as well as the Dunnock which will be interesting! 

Anyway I hope you all had a good week and have a great weekend, whatever you are up to. 

Hugs & Love Susie xx


For #TBT today these pictures are from March 2006 in Scotland of course!!  One of the favourite things of the Boys was to take their bikes, in fact they both learnt to ride without their stabilisers here!  Eldest was ten and Youngest was six.

This is the first time we went down Loch Ness on the boat and we were so lucky to have a beautiful, if cold, day.  At least we saw the sun. 

The Boys after the trip on the boat.

The wake of the boat on Loch Ness.

Almost like glass!

It has not been a good week, one way and another, I have home jobs to do tomorrow and hopefully I will be able to get some quilting done at the weekend.  We are due for rain again and high winds, so March is making itself known on the weather!  Hey ho.  I hope you are all having a better week. 

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

The Wednesday Wag.

Not a very clear picture but it has not stopped to rain today, it has thrown it down!  I know we are always grateful for the rain for the gardens but I DO NOT LIKE GETTING WET!

I mean it is so undignified sitting here with a towel wrapped around me like this! 

There again I do get to spend the day in my basket with Mom at her desk so it is not all bad!  Mom says I need a brush now as my furs is all messed up after getting wet outside!  Oh boy today just keeps getting better and better, NOT! 

I hope you are having a drier Woofy Wednesday.  Treacle xx

Tuesday Things.

This is the view from my desk and you can see the big Box bush on the left.  Well for the past week or so the Dunnock has been very busy flying in and out building a nest.  Well it must be four stories high by now with en suites and media room!!!!!  I have never seen so much activity.  Firstly the sticks went in, then moss and now it has managed to find white fluff from somewhere!  I do hope after all this work that they are successful in hatching some eggs.

This is a Dunnock!

Tonight DH and The Boys are playing cars again (!) so I will get dinner and leave them to all eat whenever they appear.  It is the one benefit of the evenings staying light for a little while.  We move our clocks forward one hour at the end of the month and it will be great to have those lighter nights but oh boy do I hate having to cope with that loss of an hour for a few weeks!!

On March 21st we will be completing the National Census which is done every ten years.  Lots of people moan about this but for anyone who has looked at the old Census details from the early 1900’s they can be fascinating and also help if you are tracing family tree details. 

We did see the sun for a little bit this morning but it has now clouded over and we are due rain for the rest of the week and weekend and it has been forecast high winds.  So far March has come in like a lamb so I suppose it will be going out like a lion!!!  Obviously no gardening will be done this weekend. 

We are gearing up for the next stage of things opening up now all the children are back in school which will be March 29th when two households can meet outside but no more than six.  Also outdoor sports can begin again and people do not have to stay home but if they can still work from home that will help.  The next date will be April 12th which is the big one when non essential retail opens again, Restaurants can open but only for outdoor meals and the most important of all hairdressers and beauty spas can re-open with Covid safety measures in place.  Also swimming will be back on this date.  May 17th will be the next day when more things open up and more socialising will be allowed but only if there is no increase in infections.  However by then they will have managed to get a huge amount of the population vaccinated so fingers crossed we will be allowed out again.  By June 21st it is the hope that we are nearly back to normal but there is still a way to go before that happens I think. 

I hope you lovely lot are having a Thrilling Tuesday. 

Hugs & Love, Susie xx


Going into Monday like:

Just how I feel today!

Literary Monday!

How many times have you finished a book and then thought I wish it had been longer?  I can get so wrapped up in the story that you get to the last page and are amazed that it is the end.  Of course it is also a real trial when you are reading a series of books and then have to wait for the next one to be publised, George R.R. Martin being a case in point.  We have been waiting for quite a few years now for the next instalment of the Game of Thrones books!!!!  Please get a move on and get it published Mr Martin!

Definitely prefer reading books to watching TV although I do watch films.

Who hasn’t wondered what happened to them after you close the book, especially Elizabeth & Darcy of Pride & Prejudice?  

This is quite true and I remember when Youngest started to read books for himself and he said he could see pictures when he read the words, a true reader!

We had a set of books when we started to read at primary school called “The Janet & John Books” which progressed for new readers, above, and they are still used today in a more modern form.  I was able to read when I went to school so I think I started on Book Five and both our Boys could also read when they went to school.

The children are all back at school today, the first time since Christmas and this is the first step to us hopefully opening things up again.  Let us hope that it does not drive up the rate of infections again!


DH & I have had our first jabs of the vaccine for Covid and it was fine.  Our second jabs will be in May! 


On a final note our newspapers are full of that wretched interview and to be honest some of the things that the Duke & Duchess of Sussex have said are appalling and they should be ashamed of themselves, especially as we know the Royal Family will not respond to neither confirm nor deny anything.  However one of the things the Duchess said about Harry and herself being married before the actual wedding is wrong.  In Britain you are not able to get married unless the place is licenced and you have two witnesses!  It may be that they practiced their vows in the garden but they certainly did not get married.  SO if she is stretching the truth (lying) about that, what else is she/they lying about?  

I hope you are having a very Happy Monday and will have a great week. 

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

Friday Yeah!

Well we have made it to Friday after another busy week working and not doing much else!!!  We have a busy weekend ahead as well and Sunday evening I have my first vaccine jab booked!  DH had his last week. 

DH and The Boys are busy tomorrow playing cars (!) Youngest has bought himself a project car now so they are going to be moving it to where he will be working on it, which gives me the excuse to do my quilting.  I have a few projects to finish and another quilt to quilt and I need to get on with the Memory Quilt I have been asked to do which will be more preparation than anything else.  The weather is supposed to be dull and grey again but at least dry for the car movers and I won’t feel guilty quilting if the weather is not good when I should be gardening!!!


#TBT & World Book Day.

You know I don’t need much excuse to talk books and today is World Book Day!  When The Boys were at primary school they always had to dress up as their favourite book characters and for a long while it was Harry Potter for both of them, although I did have trouble one year with Youngest as he wanted to be “Kipper”!  We managed to make the ears and found a shirt that was sort of the colour of Kipper!!!  His favourite of all the Kipper books was this:

I must have read this book to him a thousand times, it was always the book he chose and sometimes I had to hide it so we would read something else!

His other favourite was “Humphrey’s Bedtime” by Sally Hunter, another book I read all the time to him and I think because Humphrey’s bedroom was the same as his:

The window was exactly the same as Youngest’s!

Eldest loved the “Thomas The Tank Engine” books and we had all the original stories in one big hardback book which again DH and I read constantly to them both.  I read “Winnie The Pooh” to them and as they got older progressed to the Harry Potter stories.  It was the thing I wanted to do the most after Eldest was born was to read stories to him and then Youngest when he arrived.  It was a huge part of the bed time ritual which we all loved.  Both Boys continued to read as they got older and Books were always bought but tailed off a little as exam revision took over and when they had to read books for school.  However they both now read for pleasure.

I think Books are something which keep you company whatever is happening in your life and I can never not imagine having a book to read with me wherever I go.  A very good friend who was a secretary like myself, never reads a book!  She will perhaps glance through a magazine occassionally but she never reads and I just cannot imagine being like that at all. 

Here are two of my favourite Book Quotes!

Yes I don’t need wardrobe space I need book space!!!

So apt for the current situation!

Of course this is what I should have been doing today:

No not quite reading but I have been working so it is a bit the same, so Home jobs will have to get done tomorrow now, hey ho!

As it is #TBT today here are the Boys in 2005 in Hatchards of London book shop picking out the books they would like.  This was Easter so they always had a small chocolate Easter egg but their main gift was book(s).  As you can see on the floor Youngest has picked out some Thomas books (!) Eldest was into Knights and dragons at his age so he is trying to find those sorts of books.  They were nine and five!!!  We have stored all their childhood books in sealed boxes in our attic for when they have little ones of their own.

Our bookcases in our sitting room, looking rather tidy (!)

My “To Read” shelf which has rather more on now since Christmas! 

I hope you have enjoyed our little trip through World Book Day today and hope you get some time to read either today or over the coming weekend.

Hugs & Love, Susie xx