The Wednesday Wag.


To be quite honest I don’t know if I am coming or going with all this weather.  We had some snow again the other morning, just  a light sprinkling but snow all the same and I am so glad that Mom has not taken me for an AireCut as it has been very cold over the last few days.  Everybody keeps saying it is Spring but it sure doesn’t feel like it.

Mom says everyone needs to know about this who have dogs, so she has put it here:

There have been quite a few news items on the radio about alabama rot in dogs, as there have been a few cases in the UK and one near us in Derbyshire.  They think it is caused by walking through mud and appears as skin lesions on the dog’s legs, chest and abdomen if not caught very early it can then lead to other complications including renal failure.  They are advising everyone to wash and dry their dogs legs, chest and abdomen with warm water immediately returning from a walk if they have been through any mud and ensuring they are dried well and to inspect them regularly.  Any signs of lesions then to go to your vets immediately. 

I am okay as I hate walking through anything wet and really don’t like mud or any bits of water but Mom says she is keeping an eye on me anyway.


It’s raining again here today so I don’t even like going out to do what is necessary I am quite happy in my basket whilst Mom is busy working.  We are supposed to get some better weather at the weekend but we are not holding our breath!!!!

I hope you are having a happy Woofy Wednesday and the weather is better where yo are.



April Already.


Well the first three months of the year have flown by in a flurry of activity in our home.  Eight major swimming events as well as the weekly swimming club sessions, Three weekends of quilting done whilst everyone else was at swimming, countless business meetings/travel/emails, Visits to Universities x 3, Youngest filming three times and one hip replacement.  Along with all the usual washing/ironing, cleaning, cooking, shopping etc.  So although we think it has flown when you actually look back on what has happened you wonder how you fitted it all in.



I actually got to drive on Saturday which was quite strange not having driven for six weeks but I was fine and it was such a relief.  As soon as someone says you can’t do something like driving it feels like you are trapped forever!!!!  Needless to say we did not get the attic done as the “Staff” were otherwise occupied!!!  Eldest was busy and so was Youngest but we have earmarked it for another weekend to get the job done and also the garage and room off. 

Saying that, we did not do a lot over the weekend.  We saw some friends, Eldest and Girlfriend came for Easter Dinner which was lovely and we generally chilled.  It would have been nice to get into the garden but the weather was not good and we woke up on Monday morning to snow on the ground again, but not a lot to Treacle’s annoyance.


Our Easter Table


This is the Simnel Cake I made which I have not done before.  It is a light fruitcake with a layer of marzipan in the middle and then a layer on top with eleven circles of marzipan on top although I substituted little eggs for some of them.  It was really good and I was so pleased how it turned out.  I will put the recipe on my recipe page.


Our German guests arrive on Wednesday evening and so Thursday will be a very busy day but they are leaving again Friday morning which is a change to the itinerary because of their ferry times.  We are going to visit two quilt shops and then take them to Chatsworth House where we will meet up with the men for lunch.

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter break and tomorrow I will have the Spring Cleaning Planner ready for you to have a look at.

Hugs, Susie xx

Hopping Into Easter.


We are busy Hopping towards the Easter Long Weekend.  House jobs done, work done, washing and ironing done, grocery shopping done and in true British weather for a Bank Holiday Weekend it is throwing it down with rain!!! However that is not going to stop us having a lovely break.


Here is our Easter display.


It looks really bright against the grey of the rain!

Our plans for the weekend may have to change as The Boys are not now around for all of it so getting everything out of the attic may have to be done on another weekend.  I will get it done eventually though!


Treacle and the winter violas and the daffodils still trying to come out.


Easter flowers.




I hope you like these lovely Easter/Spring pictures and have a wonderful Good Friday.  As a child when I was at Sunday School I could never understand why they called it Good Friday as it seemed to me to be the worst thing ever someone dying and I knew all about Jesus rising again on the third day but it still seemed awful.  Anyway whatever your plans are for the Easter weekend I hope it is a good one.

Hugs, Susie xx

Easter Wednesday Wag!


Mom found this picture of when I was dressed for the village Carnival but she says if she can find the hat in the attic at the weekend I can use it as my Easter Bonnet;  I hope she doesn’t find it!!!!!


Mom is working very hard at keeping me clean and tidy as my fur is quite long at the moment.  She has not wanted to book a spa day for me as it has been so cold and it is due to be cold tonight again and of course she has not been driving as well although Dad said he would take me.  Here is a picture of me having just been brushed and Mom says I look like a teddy bear!!!


Of course Mom says it does not take me more than five minutes to look like a scruffy mutt again!!!  I am quite happy sleeping in my basket whilst the weather is still cold and rainy.


I am only going to move if there is a biscuit in my near future!!!!


Nope, no biscuit so sleep mode resumed!

I hope everyone has a Wonderful Woofy Easter and a very happy Woofy Day.



Trip Down Memory Lane.

Having done a little trip down Memory Lane with Bedknobs & Broomsticks got me thinking of other programmes and books I loved as a child/teenager.


I loved a lot of the children’s cartoons but this was my favourite.  I think I have always loved the space theme being a child of the 60’s and watching Neil Armstrong step onto the moon at I think 8.00am in the morning our time and the TV was actually on, because in those days there was nothing on TV until the children’s programmes at 4.00pm and then the TV programmes shutdown again at Midnight!!!!  How different it is fifty years later with hundreds of channels and 24/7 broadcasting.


Jackanory was a programme developed to encourage reading among children.  Now I did not need to be encouraged anymore to read books as I inhaled books as a child, and still do, but I loved listening to celebrities of the day reading a book over five days.  Many, many famous faces appeared on the show to read the stories and they tried a few years ago to bring the show back for all us adults who used to watch it.  Unfortunately it did not work well. 


As I became a teenager I obviously watched adult programmes and my most favourite was Starsky & Hutch.  I loved this show and can remember being outraged by this woman, Mary Whitehouse, in the UK who set herself up as a moderator of shows and she banned Starsky & Hutch for being too violent!!  Can you imagine in this day and age what she would think?  In fact she is probably spinning in her grave.  She also gave an award to a person in the UK for his programme for being wholesome family shows and he has since been exposed as one of the worst pedophiles in the country (they have both since died).  So much for her views!!!!


This of course was one of my favourite shows ever and I loved the re-make a few years ago and wished they had done a few more seasons as it still had its identity. 

Now as you know with books it is very hard for me to choose my favourites as there are too many and I would bore you with all of them but here are a few from my childhood which I read again and again and loved them.


This is the first of a series of five from Enid Blyton about a girl going off to Boarding School.  To me at the time Boarding School sounded wonderful especially as it was all girls and at the time I went to a school which was boys and girls and I hated all the boys (that changed as I got older of course!!!).  I loved this series.


This is the second series of books I had which my parents bought me as a whole set and at the time was quite expensive.  Each book has a price of 20pence on which in today’s money is nothing but at the time was.  I loved the Narnia books and let’s face it who hasn’t wanted to walk through a wardrobe and find a snowy Narnia on the other side.


As I got older I moved onto the Nancy Drew series and loved every one of the books and collected them all.


I had always read older than my age from being little and at school, so before I went to Senior School I found The Hobbit and loved it so then started reading all the books in the series.


By the time I got to Senior School I was devouring Agatha Christie Books and loved every one of them and although I have read them several times I can still re-read them again. 

I hope you liked this little wander down my Memory Lane and are having a Thrilling Tuesday. 

Hugs, Susie xx

Have A Great Week!


I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.  Yesterday and today we actually saw the sun for a little while and it has felt the tiniest bit like Spring.  Of course this is before the four days of rain and colder temperatures and snow in parts of the Country!!!

Saturday I managed to get a day of sewing in and I tackled the second block of the BOM “It’s a Wild Life”! It was applique and this is not really one of my strengths but I had a go and I think it turned out okay.  My only comment is this quilt is going to be huge as the blocks are really big!


These are the maple leaf blocks for February.

Marchs Its a Wild Life BOM

Here is the applique block for March from Sew Incredibly Crazy.


Here is my effort!  I don’t think it looks bad at all really.  I decided to use the HeatnBond that you don’t have to sew afterwards as doing the pieces were enough for me and it looks okay but it reminds of a toy when I was little and I don’t know if you all remember it.


It’s called Fun Felt now but it used to be called Fuzzy Felt and I loved it!!  Creating pictures by placing fluffy pieces on a fuzzy background and then taking them off and doing something completely different.  Well placing the applique pieces on my background felt just the same, tee hee!!!!

Yesterday we went to see Owen as it was his First Birthday on Saturday.


The Boys have been wanting to buy him Thomas The Tank Engine things since he was born so this was ideal.  Youngest gave him his First Thomas Train and Owen loved it.

DSC_0464Eldest and Girlfriend gave him a book of the Thomas Stories and Evalyn was also very interested!


DH and I got him this musical ball with animals on which was quite appropriate as they all went to Chester Zoo for the day on Saturday!  We also got him some more clothes which his Mummy had requested!


Here they both are on Owen’s quilt with Thomas.


Evalyn also finally got her big girl quilt for her bed!!!  She loved it.

It is going to be a busy old week and shortened as we have Friday off and Monday of next week.  Youngest finishes tomorrow for two weeks holiday and Eldest has some time off too and he and Girlfriend are coming for dinner on Easter Sunday.  With the weather being predicted to be not good the attic tidying looks on the cards and I will be supervising with the help of Girlfriend whilst DH and Eldest are doing the heavy lifting.  However I know what one problem will be; Eldest will get distracted by everything coming out and start sorting things and looking at things and we will probably get nothing finished!!!!!

Have a Great Week Everyone.

Hugs, Susie xx