The Wednesday Wag!

Hi Folks, the Wednesday Wag is a little short today as the weather is wonderful here and I really have got a lot on today in the garden.


Mom says it is so warm today that there is a heat haze, whatever that is.


I am still on duty of course making sure there are no interlopers like those pesky squirrels or cats!


Mom snuck upstairs this afternoon to do a bit of quilting so I kept her company on the bed!  I was rather tuckered out after all that fresh air.

Happy Woofy Wednesday Folks.



Sleep oh Sleep!


I don’t know how but I have got into a habit of waking up every night at 3.00am!  I don’t know why it has happened but trying to break the habit is really hard.  I have tried going to bed later, going to bed earlier, reading before I go to sleep, not reading before I go to sleep, a warm drink before bed, a cold drink before bed!  It is so maddening!  Of course with the light mornings the birds start singing at 4.00am and I have heard them now for quite a few days!!!  I don’t think it will resolve itself until we go away on vacation which is the middle of August.  I do know that by the time 4.00pm rolls round I am ready for bed!!!!!!!!


Treacle has spent the day outside and running in and out of the house.  The weathermen are now forecasting a month of extreme heat, but I don’t mind, it will be nice to be able to plan things and not have to worry about the weather.  I am hoping that when our friends come round for dinner we may be able to eat outside.

Work has been busy again today and I then had to take Youngest to get his car as it had been in for a service.  It seems strange having him in the car with me now, now that he has passed his test and is out and about on his own.  It was nice to have him with me though to chat with.

I am hoping to get on with some more quilting this week, fingers crossed. 

I hope you are having a Happy Tuesday.

Hugs, Susie x


Monday Moments!

It’s my good friend, Jayne, her Birthday today (this was when she was having a quilting lesson).  I did manage to get to see her today and give her her gifts.  We are both of the age now where we are going backwards instead of forwards, eventually we will reach 0 again!!!!

The weekend was hectic as always, DH and Youngest were putting bunting up around the park in the village last night for the Carnival which is only two weeks away now, fortunately the weather co-operated.  They also finished delivering our batch of the programmes.  This coming weekend we have the swimming club Open for the younger swimmers and on Sunday DH hands over as President of Derbyshire ASA and of course it is Father’s Day too!!

Treacle is now on the mend and I did get some quilting done yesterday and she spent the afternoon with me in the sewing room.   Her snores were getting a little loud though!!!!

The weather is very changeable at the moment and it is now we start taking a lot of notice of the weather because of all the carnival events.  This weekend it is supposed to get a little better with sunshine and warmer temperatures, hopefully it will last!

The following weekend we have some friends coming round for dinner on the Saturday which will be great to see them. 

Work is busy and it is our Year End so I have an extra amount of work to do for that.  Why does it always happen in the same month when we have lots else on?   Our first weekend free is not until the middle of July when Youngest will have finished his first year at college so I am planning on a family get together for that weekend. 

I hope your weekend went well and have a Happy Week.

Hugs, Susie x


I start looking at pictures for Throw Back Thursday and can while away quite a few hours looking at them all!

I thought I would show you a couple of projects we did in the Boys rooms during 2006, when they were younger.

This was Eldest’s room, typical little boys room (extremely messy!) and we decided to swap the Boys rooms over as Eldest was going to Senior School and Youngest needed more room for playing (he was in the smaller room).  This was in June of 2006 and the Boys were 11 and 7.

This is the built in desk DH made for him. Already for the new school year and homework!

A comfy chair to sit and read in.

So we gave him a more grown up room, albeit in the smaller room, but he loved it and this is his room still today, well with me camping in it as a sewing room.

This was Youngest’s and yes he still has as much stuff!!!!  But he really was running out of room.

Here is Youngest in his Train Carriage Bed reading. The end of the bed was solid but with a window cut out so he could see the trains running on the track. All train carriages need some steps to get into them!

Youngest’s desk, which he still has today.

Here is Youngest’s room when we had finished.  We had asked him what he wanted in his room and his only request was a bed off the floor.  Now Eldest had had a loft bed but that had gone a few years prior and again as he got bigger he outgrew it, so I came up with the idea to make a bed like a railway carriage (they both loved trains and the big trainset was in this room), so I drew the style, DH did the calculations and woodwork and I painted it.  He loved it and it stayed like that until he went to Secondary School five years later.

I do so love looking at photographs and especially seeing the Boys when they were little. 

The Country is voting today in our General Election to see who will be the party to take us through Brexit and beyond and who will be Prime Minister!  Oh Boy!

I have had a so, so day (unfortunately not sew, sew!!!) and Treacle is on the mend I think.  Tomorrow is house jobs day and grocery shopping and Girlfriend is coming round for a cup of coffee so I am looking forward to that. 

Happy Thursday everyone.

Hugs, Susie x

The Wednesday Wag!

I have been getting over my tummy upset but am still on a chicken and rice diet, although Mom says I am eating better than they are!!!!!

Whilst I have been not myself this pesky creature has been in my garden!  And just look at this, these feeders are supposed to be squirrel proof!  After this picture Mom took, he then managed to squeeze the whole of his body into the feeder and sat their munching away until Mom frightened him off!  I mean really?!!!!

The weather has been a little better today with some sunshine but rain is forecast for the rest of the week.  Oh well usual Summer for us then.

I hope you are having a very Woofy Wednesday.


Quiet Tuesday!

This is the weather again today!

Madame is back in her basket having had it, the bedding and her washed last night!!!  DH got home from work and had his dinner and we then got on with giving Treacle a bath!!!!  Not the job I expected to do on a Monday evening but she does smell a lot better than she did earlier in the day!!!!  She is a little better today but on a restricted diet.

DH is away all week at a business exhibition at the NEC in Birmingham so I am busy with work and Youngest is on the set of Victoria again today and Eldest is away for the week as part of his course.

So it is very quiet here today! 

I hope your Tuesday is going well. 

Hugs, Susie x

Sometimes It Really Does Pour!

It has been announced that the wonderful Peter Sallis who gave voice to Wallace of Wallce & Gromit has passed away aged 96.  Wallace & Gromit stories were great favourites of our Boys.

DH and I first saw him in his role of Cleggy in “Last Of The Summer Wine” a lovely programme set in Yorkshire about three retirees who spend every day in the countryside getting into trouble just as they did when they were growing up.  If you have never watched this show, do because it really does take you back in time. 

He was a great actor who will be sadly missed.

Peter Sallis

1921 – 2017


Susie x