Dark Nights!


I am sat at my desk finishing off my work and have realised that although it is only 6.30pm it is completely dark outside!!!  I think this is the only thing I don’t like about Autumn, the evenings are dark so early!!!!

Yesterday disappeared in a whirl of work and I didn’t finish until late and DH and Youngest were both out so before I knew it it was 8.00pm and no dinner made!!!  Treacle was also very keen for her dinner too.

At the weekend DH and I managed to get lots of extra house jobs done and the garden and on Saturday evening was the first of the swimming club’s Championships.  This is just for our Club and our swimmers.  They all had a great evening and some club records were broken.  We were both tired by the end of it!!!

Treacle got to spend all day Sunday outdoors as the weather was good, which is when we got the garden sorted.  I cannot believe that we are still outside in October with decent weather which I suppose is down to Global warming!DSC04128Starting to plan making the Christmas cake and am also going to use the same recipe for a Birthday cake which is required at the end of November too.  It makes the house smell lovely when it is baking with all the Christmasy flavours.


Also need to get on with making the Christmas puddings.  I am in the process of sorting out the freezer so that I can fill it with some things for Christmas!!! 

It’s not all about Christmas though as I have got the Halloween things out from the attic so need to decorate the house with them.  Youngest is actually going to a car meet the weekend before and is going to raid the Halloween decorations for his car!!


Treacle is taking advantage of the darker mornings too and sneaks onto the bed after DH leaves for work, usually around 6.00am and before I get up.  She is definitely getting into hibernation mode.

Tomorrow I have some errands to run and a visit to the supermarket to get some bits and some Birthday cards and then get back and get my work done.  Of course tomorrow they have forecast heavy rain all day!!!

Happy Tuesday Everyone.

Hugs, Susie xx

Goose Fair 2017.

DSC_0220Some of the rides from last night.  This was Polar Ice, two per car and it goes round and round very fast and the cars go vertical to one side!!!


A version of the Cyclone but they twist upside down as well!


A firm favourite of everyone’s The Big Wheel


I took this for the Boys as the were both Big Fans of Thomas The Tank Engine!!!  They would have loved this ride!!


The weather stayed fine and DH and I just had a walk around the fair but not for long.  Often it is just seeing the lights and hearing all the noise and smell of all the foods that make it a great evening.

Happy Saturday everyone.

Hugs, Susie x



It’s Goose Fair Friday!


Yes we can do the Snoopy Dance as it is Friday and not just any old Friday, it is Goose Fair Friday!!! 

Goose Fair 021008Although it is a little blurry here is a high up view of the Fair.

Historians believe that the fair first began in 1284 when the Charter by King Edward I referred to City Fairs for Nottingham.  Its name comes from the thousands of Geese which were driven into Nottingham from Lincolnshire to be sold to be fattened for Christmas Day.  Our family when my Grandparents were alive always had Goose for Christmas Day Dinner instead of Turkey and there was also Beef as well. 


There are two roads in the Nottingham City Centre, one is called Goose Gate where the Geese entered the town and The Poultry where all the butchers/poultry shops were.


This is the Fair in Old Market Square with the old Council House in the background

The fair used to be held in the city centre, in Old Market Square in front of the Council House but moved in 1927 to its present venue of the Forrest Recreation Ground when Old Market Square was re-developed.  The fair was cancelled for a few years; 1646 because of the Bubonic plague and during the First and Second World Wars but since then it has been continuous. 


The Fair with the new and present Council House being built in the background.


Another side of the fair in the Square with the old buildings in the background which are still there today.  In fact the building on the right next to H. Samuel is by Watson Fothergill a famous Nottingham Architect


Today it is all about rides from the little ones for the children to the very big ones that even I won’t go on!!!  They also always bring one new ride to the fair usually very fast or very big or both!!! 


Nottingham is DH and My Home Town so it is tradition to go and we even went before we were both born and so did both of the Boys.  In fact DH and I had our first date at Goose Fair, so we are going tonight!!!  The weather at the moment is cold but at least it is not raining like the last couple of years.  This is one of the events we all look forward to during Fall and really marks the end of Summer and start of Autumn for us. 


Also a tradition, which not a lot of people understand, is having a pot of hot mushy peas with mint sauce whilst you walk round the fair!!!  You have to be there to appreciate it!!!

I hope you all have a Wonderful Weekend whatever you are all up to.

Hugs, Susie x



Throwback Thursday today and this is from 2006, Youngest was six, Eldest was ten and DH was well…..  I won’t say!!!!  Taken in Scotland on our summer holiday, although the weather does not look good with mist over the mountains. 

I know I say this every time I do one of these Throwbacks but where does the time go?  In fact I quite often cannot look at the pictures from when the Boys were little, although I do love looking at them but I then get sad that they are not this little any more!!!  I love them to bits now as I did then, but then they relied on you for everything and now, of course, they are completely self-sufficient. 

Anyway I had better get on before I cannot do any more work because of the tears!!!!

Happy Thursday everyone, tomorrow’s Friday.

Hugs, Susie xx

Youngest’s Room Makeover

We have finally finished his room after the last piece of furniture was delivered.  So here is what he had before in 2011 when he was aged 11 and just going to Senior School.


He had his bed this way round so he could have a reading chair in the corner with a lamp.


The wall behind his bed.


Bookshelf and inevitable junk of an 11 year old!


His desk with all the electronics.


His wardrobe with all the games on it.

So now being almost 18 he wanted it to be more sophisticated and less stuff!


His new bed, with his quilt!


Bedside cabinet and new wardrobe.


Where his bed used to be with his guitar and less stuff!


His desk and drawers still in the same place but again with less equipment on it.


New bookshelves and less baggage!


New chest of drawers for all his jumpers/t-shirts/jeans etc.


Behind his door; shelves for all his books/dvds/games etc and his jackets.

It is very tidy at the moment but that may change and I also think that a few more pictures may appear over time but he loves it so that is the main thing.  I am not very keen on the black furniture but it was his choice.  I am glad it is finally done and I also now have my dining room and our room back!!! 

I am still sorting through odd things and getting rid of things I don’t want/need/like and it is true what they say it does give you a great freeing feeling!

It is Girlfriend’s Birthday tomorrow and then Friday it is Goose Fair!!!  Saturday evening it is the first of the swimming club’s championships and we are hoping that the weather is going to be good to get the final bits done in the garden.  I also want to plant some Spring bulbs in the pots.

I know today should be Wednesday Wag but Treacle is off playing with Youngest as he is at home today and not at college!!  She will be back next week.

Hugs, Susie x

Christmas Monday?


Yesterday was October 1st and I cannot believe that we are in the tenth month of the year!!!  The leaves are really starting to fall now, although the weather is not too bad it has gotten a little colder and been quite rainy.


So this morning was quite grey and cool, having had a lot of rain over the weekend we are being invaded by these hairy eight legged monsters getting out of the cold and rain!!  I picked up a cushion off the floor for our bed and one of these things was running over it!!  I shrieked, Treacle ran and Youngest came to the rescue!!!  After a lot of batting of cushions, pillows we managed to get it on the floor and mostly we try and throw them back outside but this one was not co-operating so he met his end!!!!!  So after a fraught few minutes I started work.



I turned the TV on at lunchtime to discover that True Movies have changed, today October 2nd, to True Christmas!!!!!  Really?  Even if you want to ignore Christmas as it is too early even at the beginning of October you seem to be getting it rammed down your throat every way you turn.

However the weather is putting me in mind of cooking more wintry dinners, so tonight we are having beef casserole with mashed potatoes and peas, the recipe for which is on My Favourite Recipes page if you want to have a go. 6a00d8341c6a0853ef01b8d1556789970c

Over the weekend, as the weather was not good and we couldn’t get into the garden, I have been busy sorting things out and decluttering all those nooks that are often overlooked, including my sewing box.  This was a box that my Grandmother bought for me and held all my sewing things in, until I started quilting and all my things exploded out of it so I had to use other storage.  When I actually looked at what was in my box I did not need half of the things in there, so I have cleared it out and put things in there for ordinary sewing and not my quilting things. 

As I have started this I am going to carry on and sort out other areas which have not been used or sorted for a while.  There are two major jobs, one is the attic and one is our room off the garage but these cannot be done without a full weekend and in the case of the garage a nice weekend so we can get everything out!!!  However there are still quite a few things I can get done on my own, it will just mean a few trips by DH to the tip/recycling place and the charity shops.  I am also slowly getting the Boys to sort their things too.  Youngest is doing a great job having had his new room but Eldest still needs a little push!!!!  I do love getting these jobs done as I feel a great sense of accomplishment doing it. 

I hope you had a great weekend and Happy Monday.

Hugs, Susie xx


It’s Friday Do The Snoopy Dance!


Happy Friday everyone,  we made it to the weekend again!  I managed to get all the laundry washed, ironed and put away yesterday, although it did feel a bit like a Chinese Laundry at one point!

We also had a meeting with the venue for Youngest’s 18th Birthday Party at the end of November, to sort out food etc which I am quite pleased to get done and out of the way.

The house is starting to get back to normal as we have managed to sort out some more things of Youngest.  He just has to put his pictures up and I can then take pictures of how it looks which will be a relief.  Also need to get the Halloween/Autumn things down from the attic and decorate the house.


DH brought me these as we have been together for thirty one years today!  I love them.

Our weather is supposed to be a little cooler over the weekend but bouts of heavy rain so I think the garden will have to wait, although we are getting through the jobs slowly but surely.

21st bdayGirlfriend’s Sister, Emily, is 21 on Sunday so celebrations are in hand for that.  It is going to be an expensive year this year!


I have been out this morning running errands so Treacle has been asleep and is now out in the garden playing while it is sunny and before the rain arrives. 

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend and the weather is kind.

Happy Autumn Hugs, Susie xx