The Wednesday Wag!

The heat is getting to all of us!!!  I, at least have no fur coat now as I had a Spa Day and Mom had the ladies cut me very, very short!  Not a true Airecut but who cares when it is sooooooo hot!


I am also very thankful for the tiles in our home which stay cool.


Mom it is too hot for posing for pictures!


It is even too warm to play ball!

Mom bought me a bone a while ago and Molly’s Mom gave her a tip about re-filling it.  Wash the empty bone in the dishwasher and then mix peanut butter and banana together and put it in the bone and freeze it.  So Mom had a go.


Here is it filled and waiting to be wrapped for the freezer.


And now frozen.


Mom gave me the bone on the hottest day so far and it was lovely and cool and yummy.



I took it outside in the sunshine and spent an hour getting the tasty centre out.


Mom says she will wash the bone again and re-fill it!

Woof, Treacle x

Flying Weeks!



Despite being up early every day and working for lots of those hours I am still trying to catch up.  I don’t know where the weeks are flying to!  We are away on vacation from August 3rd so am trying to catch up on work and home jobs before then.


It doesn’t help that today and the rest of this week we have high temperatures, not like some I know, but hot for us!!!!  Tonight they have forecast thunder storms but it won’t make it any cooler!!!  I have a basket of ironing to do so may get up really early when it is a little cooler to do that!!!!


The children finished for the summer last Friday and although our Boys are not now at school it still feels like it is not summer until the children finish school!  DH and I had some errands to run in Nottingham on Friday last and it was quiet so we got round quickly, I suspect it won’t be now!!!  We also got to see his two Cousins for lunch which was great, catching up on everyone’s news.  We also have a new edition in the family at the end of the year as Elaine’s daughter is expecting again, a little girl.  She is actually due on Youngest’s Birthday but of course that probably won’t happen.


As it is so warm and Youngest is going to be looking after Treacle whilst we are away, she is going for a spa day tomorrow!  I have actually managed to time it right for once as it is so warm at the moment!  She will be with you tomorrow for her Wednesday Wag.


I have had a few new Followers over the last few weeks, so I wanted to say Welcome and thanks for Following.  Also to Sue and Susan, all their lovely comments make me smile and make my day so thank you.  Welcome to Susie’s World.


I will try and get the Friday Book Club up for this week, sorry it is late but as I say it has been manic here!!!! 

I am off now to get dinner ready and I think, because of the heat, it will be salad and cold meats or possibly spaghetti bolognese!!  I hope your Tuesday is going well.

Hugs, Susie xx


A Little Bit of Quilting.

I got a bit of quilting done last night.  Really quick and easy bag for Youngest’s Girlfriend, whose Birthday is next week.  She is actually going away at the weekend on holiday with her family, so I thought the bag might be useful!


It is an MSQC bag from one of Jenny Doan’s tutorials on You Tube.  I have made a few of these, including for myself, and I found it the right size for most jobs!


The inside of the bag, below.


I had a few squares left over and made her a bag to go in the bag!!!


I have one of these in my bag with bits and pieces in and it manages to keep my bag tidy.


I used navy blue as that is her favourite colour.

I can show you these as she does not read my blog.

I love these quick little projects as you get to quilt but they are quick finishes.  I do hope she likes them.

House jobs day today as well as work and tomorrow DH and I have a few errands to run and we are also going to see two of DH’s cousins for lunch and then in the evening we are out for dinner at some friends of ours, so am looking forward to a fun day.

Saturday the weather is set for heavy rain so DH and I can get some jobs done in our home and then Sunday the weather is supposed to be sunny and warm so we can get the garden in tip top shape before we go away on vacation.

Happy Thursday everyone.

Hugs, Susie xx

The Wednesday Wag!


It has been a busy few weeks and it has also been very warm so, being outside in the fresh air all day, I do need my beauty sleep at night!!!!


Here I am enjoying the sunshine and Mom was busy with her plants.  I get a tummy tickle every time she walks past!!!!


Mom’s plants in her pots are doing well this year and she has managed to stop the slugs eating them all.


Evening now so I am in my basket by Mom’s desk for a quick snooze before bed!  It’s a hard life being an Airedale you know!

Hope you are having a very Woofy Happy Wednesday!

Treacle x

Busy as Bees!

I think I have actually met myself coming back these last few weeks.  It is always the same at this time of year.  We have been busy work wise which is great, but then it was Carnival, then busy with the Swimming Club as well as all the normal things that we do in the week with home etc!!!!!!  So sorry it has been a while since I posted anything, as it is I have a few things to show you.

Last Tuesday I went with Tangent to a very good friend of ours home, Chris & Anne, who keep honey Bees and Chris gave us a talk about them.  We saw the hives and then he showed us how they extract the honey from the combs.  The Bees are fascinating creatures and the honey was lovely.  You might not think that is a strange comment but for me it is because I hate honey, however this honey tasted really nice!!!!!


One of the hives under their apple tree.


The trays in the box where the bees make the combs and store the honey.


The perfectly made combs.


The comb ready for the wax to be taken off to get to the honey inside.


The comb in the centrifuge,  Two go in at a time to be spun.


Hand spinning to get the honey out, a two person job!!!!


The wax off the combs, which can then be used to polish your furniture!


The wax melted into a tub ready for use.


The combs are now empty and ready to go back for the bees to fill them again.


The honey from the centrifuge being strained.


Here is the honey ready to be poured into warm jars and sealed.

The honey is only collected for a short period of time in the summer and then the rest is left for the bees over the winter and suplimented by sugar water to ensure that the hive is healthy and happy.

We had a great evening, everyone had brought a dish to share and it was good to catch up with everyone. 

I know I missed Book Club last Friday so it will be on this Friday.  Sorry I have not been posting but it has been really hectic here!!!

Hugs, Susie xx


MoneyBank Savings.

Last July (where did the Year go?) I signed up for the 6th Annual Piggy Bank Challenge at Val’s Quilting Studio here.  Well on Saturday we Opened them to see how much money we have saved over the year, to spend on anything Quilt related.  Last year I did well and the money I saved I took to the Festival of Quilts show in Birmingham at the beginning of August.  Well I intend to do the same this year.


Here is my Piggy Bank, Mr Pig!  Actually he was my Grandmother’s Mr Pig.

Piggy Bank Money 2019

I have emptied him and over the year I changed the coins into notes as he is not a very big piggy and he was getting full with the coins!!!! 

Anyhoo I have a grand total of £150 ($188) and can’t wait to spend it at the upcoming quilt show!  In fact I do need some more material for Eldest and Fiancé’s wedding quilt which I have almost got the top pieced.  I need some more material for the back and I got all the material for the quilt at the show last year. 

I love the idea of saving your change and any spare money you have for quilting projects and of course if you want to save for something big what a great way of saving for it.  I will show you what I buy eventually.

Hop on over to Val’s blog to see how everyone else has done.

Hugs, Susie xx

A Very Busy Few Days.

It was a very busy Carnival Week and we were very fortunate with the weather, no event had to be cancelled or moved due to the weather.  Friday turned into chaos and to add to it I had to take Treacle to the Vets as she was feeling out of sorts.  Neither we nor the Vet knows what is wrong with her and as far as the Vet can tell there isn’t anything wrong! We have had some bloods taken to make sure but as soon as we came back she was bouncing around like a one month old!!!!!!!


Carnival Parade.

Saturday was the main day and DH was down at the park by 6.00am and got home at about 7.00pm.  I was going to go over to Nottingham for a little light (or heavy!) shopping but woke with a bad head so decided that it was not the best idea! 

Sunday DH was again out all day at an Open Water event in Nottingham and I spent the day quilting.  Treacle is fine and skipping about!

As DH had been very busy he was working at home today and clearing up the few things after the weekend.  However we got a phone call from our farmer friend in the Village who needed help with baling, especially before the rain which is due at the end of the week.

Tom Baling July 2019

I was due to help driving a tractor but he had run out of baling machines so DH went off with the tractor and did three fields.  It was a good job I didn’t go as Youngest was sent home from work with breathing difficulties and an extremely sore throat and other issues.  I then took him to our Doctor and it turns out he has an infected tonsil on one side so now has a dose of antibiotics!  We didn’t get home until 6.30pm and DH was out at another meeting tonight and I had done nothing towards dinner!!!!!

We have another busy week with Business and things happening at night and next weekend again!  I am very much looking forward to our vacation in August!  I know we shouldn’t wish the weeks away but I am towards our holiday!!!!


I am out tomorrow evening at Tangent and we are going to a friends house where they have bee hives and collect their honey.  The weather is still supposed to be nice so hopefully we will have a good evening.  I will try and get some pictures.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend and have a great week.

Hugs, Susie xx