A Birthday Quilt!


It’s Jayne’s Birthday today and she got a quilted piece from me!  This lap quilt in shades of blue.  Over the years I have given her table runners and a bag and now this lap quilt so I joked that I will work my way round eventually to making her a bed quilt!!!  She loved it.


DH is helping by holding the quilt up and Treacle got in on the act too!


A closer look at the flowers.


The back is a faint blue stripe.

Whenever I take pictures of a finished quilt it is either late at night and I need to wrap it to give to the recipient or the weather is dreadful and I can’t take the pictures outside!!!  I have three on the go at the moment so I will try and plan to take the pictures outside and hopefully they will be better!!!

The pattern I used for this quilt is great as it goes together well and  I think looks great when it is finished and is my “Go To” pattern for baby quilts or when I need to make something quickly. 

I am a fan of blue and white quilts as I think they look very clean, similar to red and white quilts.  In fact I need to get some more bright white fabric as I seem to use quite a bit of it.

Sunday and last night I finished getting our friends’ 50th Wedding Anniversary quilt cut out and have started chain piecing the squares together.  I need to sandwich and pin the baby quilt so I can get that quilted and still need to quilt our summer quilt.  This Saturday is supposed to be a rainy day so will probably spend the day quilting.

Happy Birthday Jayne!

I hope you are having a Thrilling Tuesday.

Hugs, Susie xx

Summer Monday!


It has been another glorious day weather wise today and it was the same at the weekend too.  Our Friends’ daughter got married on Saturday and it all went off very well.  DH, Youngest and I were stuck at the swimming pool all day for the Open for the younger swimmers.  It was a great event and the swimmers really enjoyed themselves although we were all melting as it was very hot!!!



As Sunday was good weather too DH and I continued the sorting out of our garden.  We planted the Mock Orange at the front of the border and the rose, Mortimer Sackler, arrived on Friday so we got that put in too.  It has some buds on and I will show you a picture when they open.

The flowers are starting to open and the Bees are loving them.


We got the Boys Den tidy and cleaned it inside and out and the windows!  We are planning later in the year to stain the wood again, before winter.


You can’t see this tree very clearly but we trimmed a few of the branches which were hanging down.


We also got this bed sorted.  We need to trim the Box in the left of the picture but we think a Dunnock may be nesting in there so are leaving it until later in the year.


I am so pleased with everything we have done over the past few weeks.  There are one or two more jobs to do but nothing big.  We have some dates coming up where friends are coming for dinner so I am hoping that the good weather holds and we are able to eat outside.

Treacle spent all day outside with us and was so tired last night, as she had had no sleep all day, that she was solid gone in her basket by 8.00pm!

I spent this morning running errands and working this afternoon.  Tomorrow it is my good friend, Jayne, her Birthday so am seeing her in the morning and then we are going out to lunch next week, as our Birthdays are a week apart.

I hope you are having a great Monday and have a wonderful week.

Hugs, Susie xx

Monthly Friday Book Club.


This book has to be in my Book Club.  I first read it for my O’Level English Literature Exam at sixteen and loved it.  What sixteen year old girl is not into the romance of it?  If you have seen the film “You’ve Got Mail” (my most favourite of films) Kathleen, the Heroine, mentions this book as her favourite and that she reads it every year!  Well I do read it every year and just love it.

Even though it was written in 1812 it is very easy to read and definitely stands the test of time.  Out of all of Jane Austen’s books this is my favourite.  I remember in class the debate raged as to who was prideful and who was prejudiced and in my opinion they both were at various times in the book.


The BBC did this adaptation of the book in 1995 and it was six, hour-long episodes so went through the book in a lot of detail.  The cast was amazing and so like how I imagined the characters to be.  If you have never seen this then I suggest it goes on a Birthday or Christmas list as a must, even if it is only to see Colin Firth in his wet, white shirt!!!!

If you have never heard of this book it is about Elizabeth Bennet the second of the five Bennet daughters and who is the most sensible of them all.  She and her elder sister Jane are of an age to marry and marry they must as their father’s estate is entailed away from their family to his distant Cousin, Mr Collins the Clergyman. 

Mrs Bennet is determined that all her girls must be married and married to wealthy young men.  When Mr Bingley takes a house near to their home at Longbourne, Mrs Bennet is on the hunt.  They encounter Mr Bingley and his party, including Mr Darcy, at the local assembly where Elizabeth is snubbed by Mr Darcy in her hearing saying  “she is not pretty enough to tempt me”! 

The story unfolds over the chapters where Elizabeth and Darcy keep encountering each other at various social gatherings and walks where each others pride and prejudice keeps them apart.  As with all good love stories it comes good in the end.

I will be taking this book away with me on vacation this year as it is just the right sort of book to read when you have nothing else to do!

Happy Friday everyone.

Hugs, Susie xx



Throwback Thursday today is from 2003 (OMG fifteen years ago!!).  This is another day when we were all out in the garden, DH and I actually gardening and the Boys playing.  We loved these types of weekends.  Youngest has a Christmas jumper on, he was always different!!!!!!!!!

Eldest is seven and Youngest is three in this picture.  Just out of shot on the top step is Kelly. 


Here she is sitting on the next step down!

I dropped the wedding present off at our friends home this evening and saw all the things ready for Saturday including quite a lot of alcohol!!!  The weather is set to be dry and warm with some sunshine later in the day.  We hope they have the most wonderful day.  It will no doubt be warm as we are at the swimming pool all day and it will be like a sauna!!!

I ran some other errands today as well having got my house jobs done first thing.  It was very warm today and it looks like it may thunder later!!!  I have more errands to run tomorrow and get my ironing done so everything is ready for the weekend.  I am quite pleased that I have managed to stay on top of work and things this week.  Should I get a gold star?!!!!!!!!!

Treacle has spent the day outside when I was at home but has been investigating where DH has dug over the area for the new plants which I knew she would. I just hope she does not start digging!!!!  The rose we have ordered is hopefully going to be delivered tomorrow so we will be able to get that in on Sunday.

I hope you are having a Thrilling Thursday.

Hugs, Susie xx

The Wednesday Wag.

I have a new job title, Mom gave it to me after the weekend.  Meet the QuiltyDale!


It is a very important job.  I supervise all of Mom’s work on her quilting jobs and see if they pass muster.  Now they are very long days and after a while the gentle hum of her sewing machine just puts me to sleep.  However I do know when she moves just in case there is a chance of the odd biscuit.


Dad and Youngest come and visit us in the sewing room when they get back from wherever and would you believe it but they sit on my bed which is where I supervise from!  I mean really!

Anyway I love my new title and am doing my up most to live up to my new job but just sometimes it all gets a bit much!


I just have to have a snooze!

I hope you are having a wonderful Woofy Wednesday.

Woof from Treacle, The QuiltyDale!

Tuesday Travels.


Normally I am busy working on a Tuesday but I had some errands to run so got out and about first thing.  Dry Cleaners done I set off to the garden centre to see if I could get the plants we need to fill the gap we created.  What a disappointment they only had one that we had picked!  We have had to buy the rose direct from the growers so that will take five days to arrive and no one seems to have the Rhododendrons in at all!!!  I think we may have to re-think what we are going to put there.


DH got home early so he decided to clear the soil where we are going to put the new plants as there was still some roots etc left over from the forsythia.  That was a lot of hard work as they were very deep-rooted but he got it done and we put in the only plant the garden centre had:


This will sit in front of the rose when it arrives.

I am hoping that Treacle will leave it alone until it gets a good grounding!!!

DH is at the NEC in Birmingham all week at an exhibition with one of the company’s we work with until Thursday and then Saturday is the second of the swimming club’s Opens.  This is for the younger swimmers so although it is a long day it is great fun and less intense than our Open in January when it is the older swimmers who are all about their times!

I have work to do tomorrow as it is our Year End for the business so lots of paperwork to be done and then Thursday will be house jobs and then more errands to run on Friday.  Our friends’ daughter, who used to babysit the Boys and who is expecting, is getting married on Saturday so I also have their present to deliver on Friday.

I hope you are having a Thrilling Tuesday.

Hugs, Susie xx