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Oh Boy He Passed!

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Run for cover, Youngest has passed his driving test!!!!!!  All joking aside he has done really well and passed first time which he is so pleased about as his Dad, brother and I did!  Unlike his sister who took seven goes at it.

Just another person I have to worry about out on the roads with all the other lunatics!!!!! img_0468I love daffodils they are such a happy flower and the colour is just perfect for this time of year when it is still grey and raining outside.   Yesterday it rained all day and was very heavy with local flooding so these, which are in our sitting room, make me smile.  I would love to grow them in our garden but as our soil is so wet the bulbs rot.  

img_0469Today the weather is very cold but the sun is shining so Treacle is more awake!  This look says when is it dinner time?!!!!!

I finished the binding on the baby quilt and one of my super secret quilts I just now need to sew it to the back and I can then show you.  I also managed to get the other baby quilt cut out and the first of the blocks sewn so I am really pleased.  I am hoping to get a bit more done tonight.

I hope your Tuesday is going well.

Happy Hugs, Susie x


The Wednesday Wag!

img_0339It’s almost Christmas!!!!  Yippee!  Can’t wait for Santa to appear and leave me my gifts!!!!  

However I am disgusted with Eldest!  He is a traitor!!!!  DO YOU KNOW WHY?  Girlfriend’s family have a new puppy!!!!! 


Meet Tiny!  She is ten weeks old and is a Bernese Mountain Dog and will not be tiny for long!!!  She arrived last weekend and is just settling in to the family home and Mom says she is cute but not as cute as me is she Mom? 

No Treacle you are still the cutest!

When she is a little older and settled down we are hoping to go for a walk together and get to know you, but she will be about my size and I like dogs my size.  Little dogs make me a bit nervous so if they are my size I am okay!

I will just have to remind Eldest that he belongs to me and not go over to the dark side!!!!!

Woof, Treacle

It’s Monday Again!

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How does Monday come round so fast?  Yes it was a busy weekend again filled mainly with swimming

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Here is a picture of Goose Fair but as you can see from the colour of the sky the weather was not kind.  We drove over and the rain got heavier by each mile until it was pouring and none of us wanted to walk around in that!  So we drove round the site and saw the lights and heard all the sounds and saw lots and lots of wet people and then drove home to our fish and chip supper!

Saturday was the first Club Championships and Youngest did well with two firsts, one second and a third place so he was happy.  We had a few technical issues with the timing equipment (I swear electronic things are stalking me at the moment!) but we eventually got it sorted although I almost had an argument with one of the other helpers but the less said about that the better!!!! 


This morning Youngest was up again early to do a 1500m swim and he did okay although he is now very tired.  DH this afternoon, in his capacity as President of DASA, was at a Civic Reception where Adam Peaty was given the Freedom of the City for his gold medal winning performance in Rio at the Olympics.  Here is DH ready to go with his Chain of office.

This week is busy with work as well as trying to get house jobs done and I am still trying to get quilts finished, so I am going to try and plan to sit down for an hour a day and do something so I am able to get them done.  Well that’s the plan, I will let you know how I get on!!!!!!

I hope you had a lovely weekend.  It’s been cold here again so I think now the boiler is fixed the heating will be going on!

Hugs, Susie x

Now What!

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So you know how I said the Universe has it in for me?  Well it does Big Time!  This morning DH got up early and as he does every morning went for a shower first.  He set it going and there was a clunk which sounded like one of my sewing boxes had fallen over.  He pokes his head out of the bathroom “what was that?”  I was dozing and sort of heard something.  He went to investigate and there were no lights on, on the boiler which meant no hot water!  How much more is going to go wrong?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We have a service contract so they are coming tomorrow to hopefully fix it!

I have broken a pencil now and hopefully that will be the third thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The service engineer was also coming today to service the alarm (they come twice a year) and I had a letter to say he would be with me between 12.00noon and 4.00pm.  DH went off to work, Youngest went off to college and Treacle and I were just having a quiet five minutes with a mug of tea when the doorbell went (it was 8.15am) – the service engineer was outside!  I was not dressed!  I told him (!) that he was not supposed to be there until 12.00noon and he started to argue with me!  I sent him down to his van whilst I got dressed and phoned the head office.  I was not happy!  I did let him in eventually but I WAS NOT HAPPY!!!!!!!!

I hope everyone on the east coast of America stays safe with the approach of Hurricane Matthew and your Thursday is going better than mine!

Hugs, Susie x

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I Won!

I never win anything but always like to support quilter’s Giveaways as they have taken the time to sort things out.  Anyway I entered Farmquilter’s Giveaway ( in May and I won one of the prizes!  She is so nice.  I got the Gift Certificates for Appliques, Quilts & More (  Farmquilter knows how bad I am at applique and so I was able to get some applique shapes, so I can practice some more!!!!!!

IMG_0071 IMG_0072This is what arrived in the mail today!!!!!  I chose the snowflakes and Halloween appliques which gives me chance to sort projects out before Halloween and Christmas.  I had to have the Trucks because of DH and I have always loved the Dutch barns.  I think the Barn and the Trucks will go together. 

Thank you so much Farmquilter for your Giveaway.  I will show the projects when I have done them.

As it is Friday I will join with Molly, Mackie and their Mom for Flower Friday.  These have opened in my garden this week:

IMG_0074My lavender and it smells wonderful.

IMG_0076The Buddleia has just started to open but unfortunately no butterflies or bees were on it when I took the picture!

IMG_0075I cannot remember what this is called but I just love the flower.


Treacle is spending so much time outside as it is lovely and warm (not hot and oppressive today) that we can’t actually get her in at night!!!!!!


Checking out the garden to make sure there are no intruders!

We are hoping to get more things done in the garden this weekend before we go away on vacation and Youngest is busy with swimming and he is going bowling with his Girlfriend and a group of their friends on Sunday.  All next week and three days of the following week he is on his Level 2 Teaching Aquatics Course, so it will be like being back at school taking and collecting him from the course everyday!!!!  DH and he also have to get their hair cut before we go away.

I am hoping to get some quilting done over the weekend as I still have two projects to finish which again I want to try and get done before we go away.  I am ticking things off my list slowly but surely though!!!!!!

I hope you all have a lovely summer weekend.

Hugs, Susie x