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Eldest’s Silver Medal for 100m Backstroke
We are so proud of our Boys; Eldest came second in 100m Backstroke with a PB (personal best) and a silver medal and in 50m Back he came fourth with a new PB.
Sunday Morning saw Youngest swimming in the 50m Free and although he came 33rd he knocked two seconds off his time from November so he got a PB too. 
Eldest on Sunday swam in the 100m Free and came 5th with a new PB and finally in the 50m Free where not only did he get a new PB when he came in 5th but he also got a Midland time.  So he was really pleased with the result.
Next weekend sees Eldest competing in the 50m Fly and 200m IM, where he is hoping to get Pb’s if nothing else. 
Susie x

Swim Meets

Eldest doing Fly
This weekend and next weekend and the weekend after are the ones I dread each year as both Boys swim in the Derbyshire County Championships.  It means that Saturday and Sunday of all the weekends they are swimming on both days morning, afternoon and evening sessions.  Of course they don’t swim every race so it means that there is a lot of waiting around and the most difficult thing is knowing when to feed them!  Not too soon before a race and making sure they are not hungry too!!!
They both have a great time its just DH and I who seem to be run ragged!  
I have got some more of my quilt finished – I am just now hand sewing the binding to the back of the quilt.  
The weather here is heavy rain today.  It started this morning at 4.30am and has not stopped since, I know we need the rain but last week was so great to have some sunshine and milder temperatures, oh well.
Have loads of jobs to do in the house too today as Friday got hijacked.  I had to take Treacle to the vet as she had hurt her leg running in the garden, so she has some tablets.  Then we had a visitor who arrived just after a call to my cell phone for lunch which was a lovely surprise but my planned day went out the window.  Never mind.  By the end of today I should have got back on track.
Don’t get me started on the spring cleaning I need to do but that will have to wait until the end of the month, but hopefully the weather will be a better then.
Happy rainy Sunday
Susie x

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow!

Started Snowing at 3.00pm

Treacle and Youngest out in the snow at 6.00pm

All of Treacle and Youngest’s  footprints now covered with yet more snow at 9.00pm
Well for once the weather forecasters were correct and the snow started at 3.00pm and has not finished yet.  Our Youngest is delighted and so is Treacle, our dog.  They both love the snow so much.
I have managed to get all my jobs done in the house today, yeah!!! Tomorrow will be to finish off the jobs I hate doing, so I can get to the jobs I love doing – quilting, baking, soaking in the tub with a hot chocolate drink and my book!  I know not jobs really but can’t wait.
Swim meet off tomorrow morning due to the snow as it is supposed to stop around Midnight but then freeze, and as we live on a hill I don’t think we will be going anywhere, any time soon.
Happy Snow Day
Susie x

Swimming Championships

November saw us going to several swimming meets and our own swimming club annual Championships.  This involves us all.  DH is Chairman of the Club at the moment, I do all the paperwork etc for the Swim 21 Accreditation (a standard for swimming clubs) and The Boys swim.  Fair exchange!
The two events are held on Saturday evenings when the pools are shut to the General Public.  And I can honestly say it is three hours of non stop racing and results.  I help on the evening with the logging of the results on the computers and printing them out, DH is the commentator and both Boys swam.  They did really well beating quite a few of their previous times and getting a few cups and medals as well!  The evenings are hard work but great fun.
The Boys also all went off to the Derbyshire Sprints which was a whole day of racing on November 20th.  Again the Boys did really well and we got some great pictures for the wall.

We also held our small pool Championships for the little ones and again as a family we all helped out.  Eldest was a steward, Youngest was timekeeping, me again results and DH was talking, as usual!  The little ones had a great time and their medals and trophies are presented on the evening, with goodies bags, which I sorted out – all sixty of them!!

Susie x
Eldest doing Fly

Swim Meet

This past weekend saw us on Friday with our Youngest and his friend camping in the back yard for their Dragon Award at Scouts.  This is where they camp out once each month for a year and of course the summer months are great, I am dreading the winter months though.
Saturday saw us up bright and early (well early) as we were fund raising for our swimming club at the local supermarket by packing peoples bags at the ends of the tills.  We actually raised over £700 but I think most of it was given to us not to pack the bags!!!
Sunday saw us up bright and early (well very early for me as I got up at 5.00am to make dinner for that evening) as it was our Swimming Open Meet.  This was called a “B” Grade for the younger swimmers.  We held this event for the first time last year and the clubs who joined us had such a good time that word got around and we had lots more this year!  It was great fun until the electronic timing board went down half way through the day, which then meant we had to go back to manual timing and input of the data and manual starting!  It was a challenge but we only finished half an hour late which was not too bad.
Our Eldest is far too fast to compete in this competition but Youngest did and won two medals for 100m Free and 100m Breast, but got disqualified in the 100m Back for one extra arm pull!  He was delighted with his medals, especially as last year he did not win anything.  
Unfortunately no pictures of these events due to our privacy laws over here and the photography of children!
Susie x