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Mainly what my Blog is about, well its supposed to be! My Quilts

Quilty Friday.


I can show you this now, as Sue has received it.  Molly ( and her Mom moved house last week and so I sent this as a welcome to you new Home and some Bonios for Molly.  It arrived safe and sound and she loved it.

One of our best friends their daughter is expecting her first child in October, their first Grandchild, so a baby quilt is needed,  It is quite surreal really as their daughter used to babysit the Boys when they were little and now she is having her own baby!!!!

Anyway they don’t know what they are having so here is the fabric I have chosen?


I think it will look great whether it is a Boy or Girl.  I couldn’t take the pictures outside today as it has been raining, although still warm.  Tomorrow it is due to be back to sunny and warm which I am looking forward to.

DH and Youngest are out for most of tomorrow filming for his final assignment for college so I will be working on my super secret quilt.  So it will definitely be a quilty weekend.

Whatever you are all up to I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Hugs, Susie xx

Tuesday Really?


We have another lovely warm day today and tomorrow but Thursday will be back down to 14°C a 7° drop from today, so jumpers will be out again!!!  I do wish our weather would settle down and if it is going to be nice and warm stay that way!!!  We are not due any rain until next Sunday so hopefully Saturday we can get some garden jobs done.


Here is Treacle today outside (in this weather it is very hard to get her in) she blends in very well with the plants and I think she was trying to hide from me!!!


Pictures of the garden in the sunshine.  You can see how green it is as everything has now woken up from its winter slumber. 


A very blue sky that is almost opaque!


My Daffodils which I thought were not going to do anything are still going strong.


I bought two new terracotta pots for some new plants and my little grow house is doing really well.



This is the queue for her lunchtime biscuit earlier.


This is the queue for her lunchtime biscuit, hoping I had forgotten that I had already given it to her!!!!!!

I managed to get the two blocks for April done on the “It’s a Wild Life” BOM and just have May’s to do.  I have picked out the pattern I am going to do on my super secret quilt and started to cut out the pieces for it.

Happy Tuesday everyone.

Hugs, Susie xx



Yes I know it has holly on it but I love this Welcome sign and It is to say Hi to some new followers who have joined me in the last couple of weeks, on this weird and wonderful journey called life we are all on!!!!

Yes my blog is supposed to be about my quilting journey, which began in 2010, but family, friends and life in general also make an appearance!!  

Speaking of quilting I have been on a roll this week so wanted to show you the other things I got finished.


These were the baby blocks above which I finally finished sewing and got them stuffed so they will be given to Owen when we see them next.


The candle mats above and below were from my Red, White & Blue blog hop I did ages ago with Madam Samm and decided to finish them off.  I think they will look great at Christmas with things on them.



Here is the fabric for my super secret quilt which I need to start soon.  The picture does not do the fabric any favours as the blues are much more vibrant in real life. 

I don’t know about you but whenever I finish a project I have to tidy up everything from that and tidy my sewing area before I start anything new!  In the basket on the right is my summer quilt which I need to sort the backing out for and then get it sandwiched so it can be quilted.


I also tidied the shelves and got things put away before I start the next thing.


Here is where I sew.  My machine has been cleaned too and a new needle inserted for the next things.  The material is the all the blue ones for the next quilt but before that I have two blocks from “It’s a Wild Life” BOM to do before I do anything else.  I am not sure whether I am going to like it when it is completed but it is fun doing this a month at a time, although I missed doing April’s straight away.  I am determined I won’t get behind.  You can also see Eldest’s portable DVD player which I use when I am sewing.  I am working my way through all the Bones series again.

With DH’s help last night I managed to get our room and dressing room spring cleaned and the bathrooms.  Today is going to be warm and sunny so we are going to tackle the dining room and sitting room, leaving the den and kitchen for tomorrow.  Wish me luck!!!!

Have a great weekend.

Hugs, Susie xx

May! Where did you appear from!


Happy May Day everyone, but oh boy this month has snuck up on me!!  Probably as I was out of action for six weeks earlier in the year has meant that this month has seemed to have come round really fast!!!

I thought we would stay on the quilting roll this week and show you a few things I have finished and a few things I was gifted that I forgot to show you.  A very good friend that I met through my blog sent me this at Christmas and I feel awful I forgot to show you, but I started using it immediately  and it is great as a key ring and I use it on my bag.


When our German visitors came they also gave me these below :


I am so lucky and I now have three key rings of different sizes for all my bags.  Thank you so much Ladies, I love them.

Here are some pictures of my completed UFO’s which I finally got all the bindings sewn down.


This was my Autumn wall hanging which the cotton I had been using decided to be all mangled!!  I finally got it all unpicked and then finished quilting it and got the binding sewn on.  I can’t wait to put this up in September.


I had this lovely Christmas panel for ages and decided to add a Christmas material border to it and then I can put this up as a Christmas wall hanging.  I think I will need to make one for Spring and one for Summer and I can change them as the Seasons turn!


Finally the Mystery Quilt which I made from the pattern from my Quilt Group.  This is where the flying geese are all different sizes (!) and although I loved the colours when I chose them, DH said when it was finished it was too old-fashioned (!)  I got it quilted and the binding done and will keep hold of it and donate it to a good cause when something comes up. 


I still have two Christmas candle mats to finish sewing the binding on and the two baby blocks to stuff and sew up.  I then have to sandwich my summer quilt, pin it and quilt it but before that I have my super secret quilt to get cut and done.  However I think before I do my summer quilt I will get my machine serviced. 

I have two baby quilts to do, another quilt to make where the material is very like the French General colours and some Christmas things to get done.  It is going to be very busy in the sewing room but I love it. 

Although it is cold today the sun came out!  We knew it was up there somewhere, we just hadn’t seen it in a while!!!  Anyway someone found the sunshine!!!


Oh to be my dog, lounging around in the sunshine all day!!!!

Happy Tuesday everyone.

Hugs, Susie xx

A Quilty Weekend.

Now don’t faint when you see a Quilting post on my blog!!  I actually managed to get our friend’s 40th Wedding Anniversary present finished!!!  It helped that it rained for the whole of the weekend and was quite cold again.


I have had to take the pictures inside today as it is raining again (!) so the above is without flash, the one below with flash!


As you can see it is red and white as 40th wedding anniversary is ruby.  I am pleased how it has turned out and even more sure now that I want to make a red and white quilt. 


The blocks I chose have a meaning to their life together.  The Maple Leaf as they lived in Canada when they were first married for business.  The Window Panes block as their company is now a high-end window manufacturer.  The Chinese Coins as his job originally was an accountant and the summer block as they both love to garden. 


The backing is white too and I left the blocks un-quilted but did a little bit on them so that they stood out and then quilted around them.  I do like how it looks on the back.


It was supposed to be a table runner but the blocks were big and I did not have the energy to work out how to make them smaller so I think it will look great on the back of a chair or sofa.  I am going to deliver it tomorrow.

I have two blocks on the “It’s a Wild Life” BOM to do and then get on with my super secret quilt but this weekend the weather is due to be warm so Friday to Sunday will be getting the rest of the Spring Cleaning finished.  Monday next is a Bank Holiday here and DH is commentating at yet another swimming competition, so I will be spending the day in my sewing room then.  I am loving all these extra days that I get to spend sewing.

I hope you all had a great weekend and looking forward to a good week.  I am trying to be positive for this week as last week was not good and I don’t want another week like that!!!!! 

Hugs, Susie xx

What Day of the Week is it?


Having Monday off this week as a holiday and busy with work and then our German visitors on Wednesday evening and yesterday I have completely lost the plot as to what day it is!!!! 


Our German visitors arrived on Wednesday evening and we joined them for dinner at a local Derbyshire restaurant which was a lovely evening.  Yesterday whilst the men went off to business meetings I took the ladies, Mom who is a quilter and Daughter who is a textile artist, to some quilt shops and to see Cromford Mill.

This is where Sir Richard Arkwright was the first man to run a mill with water power and produce cotton yarn in a modern way, thus creating the first modern factory system.  He ran the mill twenty four hours a day with two twelve hour shifts the majority of the staff being woman and children.  The children were aged around ten and also received six hours a week of schooling when not working.  There were approximately two hundred people employed at the mill and as this was more than who lived in the surrounding area, Sir Richard built housing near the mill for his workers to live in.  Since the Mill closed it was bought by the Arkwright Society and returned to its former glory and now houses the museum, businesses, conference centres and of course one of our local quilt shops, Quiltessential.  It is also part of the World Heritage site which includes all sixteen mills along the River Derwent. 


Our dinner on Wednesday was at Darleys which is housed in the last of the Mills in the World Heritage Site.

Whilst we toured the Mill they have hand held devices which tell you all about the history in every language which the ladies were so pleased about.

After this I drove them through Matlock Bath and Matlock to Darley Dale where our second local quilting shop is, Heir & Graces.  They have two shops very near to each other and a few months ago they had all the quilting in one and embroidery/knitting/weaving and everything else in the other.  However they decided to mix everything up which I actually did not like but at least the ladies got to visit the two shops and they did buy some fabric and so did I!!!!!!

By then the men had finished their business meetings so we decided to take them to visit Chatsworth House.  We are very lucky where we live to have great views, walks and these places to visit.  Our visitors loved the tour of the house, again with handsets in German telling them all about the history. This is our first visit since we went at Christmas and they have changed the route around the house and you now get to see some rooms you have not seen before and they have also changed the pieces around in the house.  This is why we love visiting because things change all the time.

As you can see from the pictures we had an amazing Spring day which was a relief as the previous few days it had been heavy rain and cold. 


As you know this is my most favourite room in the whole house, The Library.


After Christmas they moved the Grand Piano into the Anti-Library next to the fire place. 


I would be quite happy to just live in this section of Chatsworth!


The State Dining Room had been set with the ceremonial silver wear and was stunning


The dining room is so large that there are two fireplaces in the room but not lit as it was, dare I say, warm outside.


A view of the dining room towards the library.


This is the new chandalier which was put in place after the Christmas trees were taken down and is made of brass and I can imagine very heavy.

I managed to drive all day with no problems and walk around but with one crutch just for some support although I did not walk around the grounds.  I stopped and had a cup of tea whilst they walked which was very nice in the sunshire.  However I am quite sore today as this is the first time I have done a lot of walking since the Op.  I have my final appointment next Wednesday with my Consultant so will see what he says.  In the evening we again went out for dinner to another lovely restaurant in Derby, near the Cathedral before our visitors left early this morning to go home. 

They bought me a lovely blanket from the company where Daughter works and I will show you a picture of that when I have changed our bedding over from winter to summer.  I also got some lovely homemade keyrings.

Today is house jobs day and again the weather is very Spring like which is great because tomorrow and Sunday it is going to be raining again all day!  However that is good as I won’t feel guilty quiling all weekend when I should be gardening!  I have two things I need to get a move on with and so I will be trying to get them done as I need one of them in two weeks time!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend whatever you are up to.

Hugs, Susie xx


A Quilty Weekend!


I actually managed to do some quilting on Worldwide Quilting Day, now don’t faint!!  I actually started a little later than planned due to trying to sort something out for the swimming club (!) but in the end decided I could do nothing about it and sent a couple of emails in annoyance and then abandoned my desk for my sewing machine!

I have a few quick projects which I need to do so choose one of those instead of trying to sort out something big, including the applique when I realised I needed to get some supplies for it.  So here is what I have made


Usually we are away over the Easter Holidays in Scotland with The Boys and Girlfriend but as they are all busy with college and university work as they are all in their final years, DH and I decided not to go. Normally I would do an Easter Egg Hunt (usually indoors as the weather is a bit unpredictable) and despite their ages now they still love it.  So as we will be at home and not everyone around first thing on Easter Sunday I have made them these Quilted Easter Bags which I will fill with their eggs!  When The Boys were little they had some chocolate but their main gift was always a book which they loved and we have continued to do this. 


A closeup of one of the bags.




I decided to add ribbons sewn to the back and then tied to keep the eggs in.


I am not sure The Boys will use them for anything else afterwards but I think Girlfriend will as they are always handy for storing things in.


As you can see we had more of this at the weekend!  I closed the curtains on Saturday evening where it was just a few flakes and it wasn’t really settling to everywhere being covered by the time we went to bed!  Treacle was quite happy!  I love snow but even I am getting fed up with it now and long for some warmer weather and Spring!  The Groundhog did a real number on us this year by predicting six more weeks of winter as it must have been eight by now!!!!


Needless to say this was Treacle’s favourite spot over the weekend whilst I was sewing.  I know the pictures all look the same but she is always with me when I am sewing!!  She loves Eldest’s bed and because the room is slightly smaller than the others it is always warm!!!

It is another busy week with work things and swimming things and Boys things but what else is new?  I have a list of things which need doing so my next project will be our Friends wedding anniverary gift as I have four weeks to get that done and then there is this applique block to do (!) and then my super secret quilt to sort and get started.  I still have to sort the back of our summer quilt as that needs amending and then get that quilted.  I also still need to get my machine serviced and was hoping to get that done after the summer quilt but obviously other things have taken over, but I will arrange to get it done soon.

I hope if you are a Quilter you managed to get something done this weekend and everyone else had a wonderful Weekend.  I am busy also sorting my Spring Cleaning Planner out for you, so stay tuned.

Hugs, Susie xx