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It’s Friday!


Yes we have made it to Friday, despite me thinking it was Wednesday when it was in fact Tuesday!!!!  It’s been one of those weeks.

I have finished the first Baby Quilt for our very good friends Daughter, who used to be the Boys’ Babysitter.  She is due at the end of September so I have managed to get it finished in time.  It will be entrusted to the new Grandparents to give to her as they live in The Netherlands, so it will be a well-travelled quilt.


I have no quilt holding persons around, so have taken the pictures outside on our table there.



A closer look at the panels.  They don’t know what they are having so I went for something for a Boy or Girl.


This is the back and a closer look.  I love the colours.



Folded and waiting to be wrapped. 

I just have the other one to finish now and that is also for the end of September! 

Today started off warm and sunny but clouded over and it has been quite cool, definitely getting very Autumnal.  I was out running errands this morning and got back just after lunch and Treacle having been out and had her lunchtime biscuit retired to her basket for a sleep, as the weather gets worse she will be going into hibernation mode!!!! 


If the temperature continues to go down I will have to think about getting out our winter clothes and putting away our summer things.  I am leaving it as long as possible to put the heating on and hoping that we will still get a few nice warm days and perhaps an Indian Summer, but October will be here very quickly as the weeks fly by and the cool weather will be definitely with us by then.

I do hope you lovely lot have a great weekend whatever you are up to. 

Hugs, Susie xx

The Festival of Quilts Take Two!


Here are my second set of favourite quilts from the Show this year :

Pictorial Quilts.


Scrap Books by Catherine Alexander of Wotton-under-Edge.  I love a book quilt and one is definitely on my “To Do” list.  I like the fact that Catherine put other things on the shelves not just books, which are like my bookshelves at home.


Spirit of Canaoa by Lynne Pretty of Bury St Edmunds.  I always admire Pictorial Quilts and the quilters gifts of creating pictures with fabric.


I See You by Elita Sharpe of Geneva.  I love this such a great concept.



It’s Amore by Karen Milne of Correze.  What can I say I just love the colours and the detail is amazing.

Novice Quilts.


Monty Dog by Dorothy Watmough of Warrington.  Dogs, quilts who can ask for more but the colours are amazing.


Flight into Quilting Heaven by Beverly Hurst of Bingley. 

Contemporary Quilts.


Charlie’s Seaside Quilt by Sheila Corrigan of Bagworth. 


60 Years of Memories by Karen Swiech of Ashland.  This features 5000 one inch pictures to then form the main picture of her parents on their wedding day.  The time and detail in this quilt was amazing.


Starburst by Elizabeth Wife of Gloucester.  So inventive I love it.

Traditional Quilts.


My Country House by Anne Underhill of Cheltenham.  A BOM quilt done for the quilt show 2015.


Dear Jane by Frances Meredith of Chepstow.  I have been following Kathleen Tracy on her quest to make her Dear Jane quilt and the hours which go in to making each block.  This will be on my “To Do” list but way down there!!!!!


Carrie Nation Variation by Allison Reid of Basingstoke. 


Butterflies by Bruce Duncan of Edinburgh.

Art Quilts.


Adelie Penguins by Janie Harvey-Douglas of St Leonards on Sea. 


The Blooming of Wisdom by Maria Makarevych of Kyiv.  This was DH’s favourite, computer/engineering based!!!!


This was the Winner of the Miniature Quilts.  Circuit Training by Phillippa Naylor of Beverley.  It was amazing.  I did not take pictures of the other winners as I did not agree with the Judges, but that was my opinion!!!!


This was in the Secondary School 12 – 16 Group and is The Stitch-o-Sarus by The Sewing Studio of Swadlincote.  I think he is really cute.

SAQA Concrete & Grassland

This was one of the display galleries and explored the juxtaposition of the natural landscape and the human constructed cityscape.  These were our favourites from it :


I hope you like the quilts I choose but there were a lot entered.  My favourite of the ones I took pictures of ? It’s hard to pick but I think the book shelf quilt.  It was very interesting seeing the quilts with DH as he had a very different idea of what he liked and didn’t.  It was also great to take his as he carried my bags!!!!

We also saw DH’s cousin which was amazing as the show is over four days and the amount of people who go to see her was great. 

I also took my money-box savings with me to spend and here is what I bought.


Treacle needs a new mat and I bought these fabrics.  Nice and bright for her.


Just a few to add to my stash.  The prices are so good at the show.


I am busy making Christmas gifts at the moment as well so I needed some more fabric.  Red and Green say Christmas to me.


More plain white which you can never have too much of.


The dark blue is to finish one of the baby quilts and I just loved the other two fabrics.


This is what the most amount of my savings went on.  These are the fabrics which I am going to turn into a wedding quilt for Eldest and Girlfriend.  Their room at the moment is grey and white so I wanted to do the quilt in those colours but lighter grey so it was not too dark and depressing.  The pattern I have chosen is a Missouri Star Quilt Company one and I think it will look great when it is done.  I will show you progress when I start it but I have a few other things to finish before that.

I had a great time at the show and DH is wonderful for arranging it for me. 


Wednesday should, of course, be The Wednesday Wag but as you can see from the above picture Treacle is having a lazy day!!!  In fact because we were at home the whole weekend and spent most of it out-of-doors she was very tired!!!  In fact she has not caught up on her sleep since the Kennels when they are busy all day!!!!  Whilst writing this she is actually in her basket by my desk asleep, snoring!!!!  She will be back next week with a full post.

Hugs, Susie xx

A Surprise Visit.

Warning: Picture Heavy Post!


DH as a surprise for me got me tickets to go to the Quilt show above which was actually on whilst we were away!!!  The show is always on in August but the date moves each year so sometimes I am able to go before we go away and sometimes it is on while we are away but this year I got to go and DH came with me too.

As with previous years I only took pictures of the Quilts I loved the most.  There were a lot more quilts entered this year which was great to see bu here are my favourites :

Two Person Quilts.


Cotton Reels & Thread by Natalie Taylor and Frances Meredith of Bristol.  I love these cotton reel quilts and it is definitely on my “To Do” list


Walking The Great Glen Way by Catherine Tyndall & Rachel Tyndall of Nottingham.  I love this and had to include this a we are staying at Inverness, my most favourite part of the country.


Heart of the Midlands by Greta Fitchett & Mike Fitchett of Derby.  Our home town but I love the quilt too.


Higher Ground by Mary Mattimoe & Regina Carter of Newmarket.  I just love the colours in this quilt.


Journey of a Quilter by Nicola Foreman & Janette Chilver of Woodbridge.  This was  BOM and I again I love the colours.


Freedom Bound by Janet Edwards & Cath Brough of Freckleton.  I love the colours again in this quilt along with the pattern.

Modern Quilts.


Christmas by Pauline Tiney of Bournemouth.  Christmas fabrics are always a favourite for me, love this.


Travel Colours Your World by Susan Tabor of Saffron Walden.  Susan’s favourite cities which we worked out as Paris, Seattle, New York and London, do you agree?


Falling Leaves by Olena Pugachova of Dublin.  Very appropriate for this time of year as we are going into Autumn, I just love the blue background.


In the Time of the Butterflies by Freya Askham of Buckingham.  The butterflies which then make the big butterfly in the middle, so clever.

Miniature Quilts.


View from my Window by Wendy Nganasurian of Dingwall.  Again not far from where we stay in The Highlands and I just love the kitty and all in miniature.


Sunset or Fire? by Roberta Le Poidevin of St Pierre du Bois.  An amazing quilt and I choose to see it as sunset!


Tranquility by Fehmeeda Majid of London.  I just love the colours in this quilt and all small-sized too.


Memories of the Farne Islands by Judith Beevor of Romsey.  Puffins one of my favourite birds.


Stourhead by Maureen Hanson of Melksham.  Creating a quilt picture is amazing but then recreating the picture as in water, even more amazing.

I have lots more quilts to show you, but have decided to split it in two so I will put the rest up tomorrow.  There were lots to see and do at the show and of course I also bought some fabric which I will also show you tomorrow.

Hugs, Susie xx

Christmas in July.


Lots and lots of Quilters are getting ready for Christmas already with their projects and there has been the “Christmas in July” Blog Hop which I, of course, am busy trying to visit all the ladies.  Below is the list of participants and today is the last day.

July 23
July 24
July 25
July 26
July 27
I have my own Christmas projects that I will be getting on with soon as well as another baby quilt to make as DH’s Cousin’s daughter is expecting again, which we are delighted about.  My scrap quilt is going further and further down the list!!!!
The above snowy picture is very comforting in this heat.  The rest of the World are laughing at us English, especially those in very, very hot countries, as we are saying how bad the heat is.  What they forget is that they are geared up for heat, with air conditioners in the home, offices and vehicles; whereas we are lucky to have air conditioning in the car and possibly the offices etc if they are modern!!!  Our homes certainly don’t and after all the heat, they are like ovens!!!
We have had some thunderstorms but they have not taken really so the air is still very hot but they have forecast rain for the whole weekend.
DH is out tonight and tomorrow evening compering for two different events and then Sunday we will be getting things ready for the vacation, yeah!!!!
So I will be doing some quilting and getting things ready to take away with me too!  Trying to make sure I don’t forget anything for the projects I want to do whilst I am away.
I hope whatever you are up to this weekend you have a lovely one, if you are under this heat blanket at the moment, stay cool, but I know you lovely lot will.
Happy Hot Hugs,
Susie xx

It’s Monday Again.


Monday came round quick this week!!!  Our weather held over the weekend so we were able to eat outside with our friends on Saturday evening!!!  It was a very hot day and was very warm into the evening. 


Here is out outside dining table set for the evening.  I put my summer quilt on the bench in case it got cool in the evening. 


The friends who came to dinner are the ones celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary in September and this is the quilt I made for them.  They loved it. 


Another picture of the front and one of the back courtesy of DH.


We had a lovely evening and we had not seen them in a while so it was great to catch up. 

Sunday was another very warm day so DH and I took the opportunity to get the garden tidy again and also continue with the changes we made to the top of the garden.  At least now it is in great shape before we go away on vacation. 

The top picture below is where we have put decorative bark down to help protect the plants with moisture, especially in this heat.  We have also put down weed suppressant membrane down as well.

The six pictures above are just the tidying we have been doing and getting it ready before our vacation.


The Buddleia has come into flower and the bees and butterflies are just loving it.  Above is a Peacock Butterfly.


The garden from the patio and you can see just a few wispy clouds.


The above, sorry it is blurred, is a Comma Butterfly.


Treacle spent all day outside on Saturday and yesterday too and was so tired last night she was fast asleep by 7.00pm.


This was a couple of hours ago where I caught her asleep sitting up (!)  I don’t think she has recovered from the weekend!!! 

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and ready for a great week ahead.

Hugs, Susie xx

Piggy Bank Savings Opening!


You know how we all say “where has a year gone?” well it is a year since we started saving in our Piggy Banks for Quilting Challenge run by Val at Val’s Quilting Studio and today is the day we open them and see how we have done.  Now some are just saving their small change, which our family do in an old sweet jar, for a family outing so I had to save money separately for this and I just put in the odd £1 coin every week and if I had five of them I saved those too.  So I opened my Piggy Bank today.


It is actually a piggy bank as well which belonged to my Grandmother who used to save 20 pence pieces in it.  Mr Piggy has done well.


As you can see I have counted it out (I changed the coins into notes as it was getting too full with the coins) and it makes £150 which at today’s rate is $198.50.  I am really pleased with the amount and I intend to get some material from the Quilt Shop with it.  Eldest and Girlfriend have been together for seven years this year and I think will eventually get married so I have decided to spend this money on the material for their wedding quilt!  I have a very good friend who has said she will quilt it for me so almost all the ducks are in a row!!!!  I will show you the material when I have bought it.  It will be a double or king size quilt, not too sure yet.

Talking about our notes they have been changing them over the last year from paper to this plastic type of note which is supposed to last longer.  In the picture the £20 are still paper but the £10 and £5 are the new plastic and they feel dreadful.  They also don’t sit very well in your wallets/purses and they do fold over but then don’t straighten out again.  They are also smaller than the old notes.  They always used to say if the currency gets smaller it is being de-valued, I don’t know how true this is but they are definitely smaller.

If Val decides to carry on with the challenge for another year then I am in as I think it has been a great way to save some money for those all important trips to the Quilt Shop!!!!


Every time I pick my camera up to take a picture Treacle appears and stands there waiting for her picture to be taken!!!  I think she now thinks that this is what she has to do every day as I have taken so many pictures of her for the blog!!!!!  She is a silly goose at times but I don’t mind.  So here is today’s picture!!!  I think you can tell how sunny it is again today with the sun behind her. Today the top temperature is 80°F and the weekend is the same. 

I hope whatever you are up to you have a wonderful weekend.  I am going to be in my sewing room quilting. 

Hugs, Susie xx


Tuesday Quilt Story.


There is a story about this quilt which I have named “My Summer Quilt”.  It started off as two Moda Charm packs as I needed something bright on my table for my stall which I had a couple of year’s ago at the Carnival. 


So when it was on the stall it was not quilted or finished and I was just going to add a border and leave it at that but DH said I should add some more squares to it and make it into a full size quilt.


Here it is.  I love the colours and normally I wouldn’t go for colours like this but I think it looks great for summer.  Here it is on our bench.



Here is the back which is done in pale and a bit darker pink. 



As the weather is wonderful again I was able to take the pictures outside for a change rather than indoors.

This is the quilt I am going to use with Treacle on it for the “Pets On Quilts” Show in August, but am not taking the picture until after she has been to her spa on Thursday.  At the moment as she is spending all day and all evening outside, her coat looks very untidy with bits of leaves and grass in it!!!!  I keep getting them out of her coat but by the time she comes in again she looks as bad!!!!  Roll on Thursday and she will be cool and de-fluffed!!!

I hope you are having a Thrilling Tuesday.

Hugs, Susie xx