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Friday Quilty Things!

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We made it to Friday relatively unscathed!!! I have managed this week to get all my work done and some extra jobs too, done the washing, cleaned the house, done the grocery shopping and had a tea with Jayne!!!  Which means that I can do some quilting on National Quilting Day tomorrow, March 18th!!!!!  Yeah!

I have managed to finish the two baby quilts and one of my super secret quilts and just now need to spend time sewing the binding to the back which I will be doing over this weekend.  One baby is due next week and the other still has a few more weeks to go so they will both be in time.  My next plan after this is to get Youngest’s quilt quilted.  It is again a large quilt so I will be taking it slow and doing a little bit each day.

I am really Happy that I am doing some quilting each week and getting things finished. 

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To All Those who Celebrate – Happy St Patrick’s Day!

I hope you have a lovely Spring weekend and you get time to get some quilting done too.

Hugs, Susie x

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Spanner In The Works!

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I was going along quite fine last week and then one spanner and another got thrown in and the whole works went out of wack!!!!!!!!  Well that’s what it felt like!!!  It took me from Wednesday to today to catch up!!! 

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Anyway enough of that our weather has been great over the last few days, very spring like and it has even got me round to planning my Spring Cleaning.  I even managed to get a bit done over the weekend! 

Youngest dragooned his brother to help with his documentary he has to do for one of his college assignments which is about cars (!)  So on Saturday they were out and about filming and then on Sunday DH and Youngest were down at Mercedes World again filming.  This meant that I was able to get the second baby quilt finished on Sunday and just now need to sew the binding on and sew it to the back.  Yeah!

Monday I got caught up on my work and a basket of ironing in the evening to get up to date which is a relief!!!! Youngest and DH are out again this Sunday filming so I am hoping to get another full day in of quilting although I will miss National Quilting Day as I have jobs to do 😦  Never mind I will do mine on Sunday.

I hope your last few days have been okay and the weather kind.  Treacle is feeling spring like and is far more active and I will need to book her into her spa if the warmer weather stays as she is getting very curly again!

Happy Tuesday everyone.

Hugs, Susie x

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Another Excuse for Quilting All Day!


As if Quilters needed another excuse to quilt all day here is one for you! National Quilting Day on March 19th 2016.  Here is a little about how National Quilting Day started :

In 1989, the Kentucky Heritage Quilt Society organized a “Quilters’ Day Out” on the third Saturday of March to celebrate the rich tradition of quilt making in Kentucky. In 1991, National Quilting Association officers were so enthused with the concept and success of “Quilters’ Day Out” that they voted to take it to a national level.

The first National Quilting Day was observed in 1992 and since then it has grown into a global celebration for all quiltmakers and quilt lovers. Helen Storbeck, one of the founders of National Quilting Day, wrote in The Quilting Quarterly, “Groups of quilters were encouraged to hold special events, publishers and shop owners were invited to sponsor promotions especially for quilters and it quickly became a grassroots endeavor with quilters in every part of the country participating.  In the first year of National Quilting Day, quilters in other countries asked to participate. They were welcomed with open arms. As our feelings of a community network has evolved to include a world community, it is only appropriate that quilters and quilt lovers everywhere united to give recognition to the special art form.”

Usually I miss it, so am glad I am in time this year!  The lambs are starting to appear at the farms around our village and at our local farm shop.  They are just so cute.

It is just Treacle and I at home today so she is waiting for the Boys to come home.  She has looked at my new medicine ball but has so far stayed away from it, I think as it is so big she does not want to tackle it, in case it fights back!!!!!!

How is your Tuesday going?

Hugs, Susie x

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Monday Musings!

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It was a busy weekend for all but Youngest did well in the Club competition on Saturday night being in the winning relay team and the Club came first.  Sunday he was entered in two events and got a medal for third and a PB and fourth in his second event, so he was pleased.  Saturday Fliss, Lee and Evalyn came for the day and it was great to see them.

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I have now got to work on one of these for a while!!!  From the age of 4 to the age of 16 I did ballet and several times I dislocated both knees and at the time they went back no problem and I carried on.  However now I am older (!) I have to be careful what I do as they can hurt which is why I have been doing Pilates.  Any hoo the last three months of last year I ended up hurting my knees and since then I have had quite a bit of hip pain in my right side, so I have been seeing a Physio.  Today she recommended that I get a balance ball and has given me a few exercises to do to try and ease the pain!!!  My biggest problem?  Will be keeping Treacle away from it!!!!!!

The weather has been quite nice here today and quite Spring like so hopefully this will continue.

erewash-20130328-00021Treacle spent the weekend either in the sewing with me or on our bed snoozing, she loves lazy Sundays!!!!

Still getting through the quilts and have now finished the top for the second baby quilt and I have got the backing cut out, I just need to sandwich and pin it and then get on with the quilting.  This baby is due at the end of March so hopefully it will be all done and wrapped before then.  I have my other super secret quilt to cut out and piece but again this is not big so should go together quickly.  Once that it is done and quilted I will then quilt Youngest’s which is already sandwiched and pinned!  Getting through things which is good.

Hope you all had a great weekend.

Hugs, Susie x

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Oh Boy He Passed!

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Run for cover, Youngest has passed his driving test!!!!!!  All joking aside he has done really well and passed first time which he is so pleased about as his Dad, brother and I did!  Unlike his sister who took seven goes at it.

Just another person I have to worry about out on the roads with all the other lunatics!!!!! img_0468I love daffodils they are such a happy flower and the colour is just perfect for this time of year when it is still grey and raining outside.   Yesterday it rained all day and was very heavy with local flooding so these, which are in our sitting room, make me smile.  I would love to grow them in our garden but as our soil is so wet the bulbs rot.  

img_0469Today the weather is very cold but the sun is shining so Treacle is more awake!  This look says when is it dinner time?!!!!!

I finished the binding on the baby quilt and one of my super secret quilts I just now need to sew it to the back and I can then show you.  I also managed to get the other baby quilt cut out and the first of the blocks sewn so I am really pleased.  I am hoping to get a bit more done tonight.

I hope your Tuesday is going well.

Happy Hugs, Susie x


The Calm After The Storm!

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You cannot believe the difference between yesterday and today!  It has been very spring like today with even the sun making an appearance!  Treacle even spent sometime outside today!!!!

I have managed to get all my jobs done and just now have the basket of ironing leaving me free to finish the first baby quilt tomorrow and hopefully get the second on cut out.  I must say I love having these weekends when I can quilt all day!  Next weekend I will have to do some jobs but am aiming to get at least one day of quilting done.

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It’s Friday, lets do the Snoopy Dance!!!!!

I am also on chauffeur duty tonight for Youngest as he is teaching at the swimming club and then again in the morning and then he and his brother are getting together to start filming his documentary for college which is about cars (surprise, surprise!).  

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and hope that Spring is appearing in your part of the World.

Hugs, Susie x

DSC04386My snowdrops have made an appearance.

Warm Day!

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Today, thanks to the jet stream pushing further north, it has been 18°C recorded at Kew Gardens (above) in London.  Here it has been a little cooler but definitely mild, but it still did not persuade Treacle to be outside any longer than necessary.

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What I have noticed over the last few days with the bit warmer weather is several Ladybirds waking up and appearing in our home!!!!!  Obviously towards the end of Autumn they are hibernating in our home over winter and as it has been warm are now venturing out.  My only concern is it is due to get cooler again at the end of the week so hope that they are going to survive.

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DH and Youngest spent the whole weekend swimming and I spent the whole weekend quilting!  I got one of the baby quilts pieced and have now started on the actual quilting.  I am not doing a heavy quilt on it as it will detract from the fabric but will show you when it is done.  Next weekend will be the same as last so I am hoping to get the other baby quilt made as well.

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Friday I had coffee with Jayne and managed to catch up on months of not having seen each other,  It was a great couple of hours and we are determined to not let it me so long before we see each other again.

Today has been a work day and I managed to catch up, so feel really pleased with myself!!!!

I hope you are having a great Monday

Hugs, Susie x

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