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Spring Cleaning.

I know Spring is fast coming to an end and Summer will be knocking on our door very soon but we still have six weeks of Spring before the Summer months and I have finally completed by Spring Cleaning Planner and made a start on getting the jobs done in our home. 


Spring Cleaning Planner 190418Spring Cleaning Planner 2Spring Cleaning Planner 3Spring Cleaning Planner 4Spring Cleaning Planner 5Spring Cleaning Planner 6Spring Cleaning Planner 7Spring Cleaning Planner 8Spring Cleaning Planner 9

This list may seem a little daunting but if you break it down into manageable jobs then you should be able to whiz through it. 

Today we have lovely warm sunshine and it will be the hottest day so far with temperatures into the 70’s but it won’t last and next week we are back to normal April temps of 50’s and because of the nice warm weather we are due thunderstorms on Saturday.  However I am making the most by getting more things washed and dried outside whilst I can.

I will put the planner on my side bar as a PDF which you can download and print and then tick the jobs off one by one.

Have a Thrilling Thursday whatever you are up to.

Hugs, Susie xx

Snowing Sunday.


We never need an excuse to quilt but if we do wish to have an excuse then I think snowing is a good one!  This is what we woke up to this morning and it just got thicker as the morning went on.


Our vehicles getting nicely covered and our hill.


As you can see the sky is full of snow.


Treacle out in it.


And the look on her face when I made her come in.  Do you like the floating head picture?

I did quite a bit of quilting yesterday and I will show you the pictures tomorrow and I got the binding finished on Evalyn’s quilt.  It is currently being washed so I will show you the pictures again tomorrow. 

DH has come down with the heavy cold that seems to be going round but at least it is not the Australian flu which is worse.  He is back in bed and being dosed with painkillers and plenty of fluid.  We have to try and get him better by Tuesday as he is in London for the rest of the week at a business exhibition and he has to go.  Hopefully with a day of rest today and staying home tomorrow we will break the back of it.  Of course that only leaves me who has not been ill so far (I am crossing my fingers whilst typing this) and hopefully I won’t catch it.

It is due to rain later in the afternoon and overnight so the snow will be all gone again by tomorrow but Treacle has made the most of it whilst it was here.

Happy Sunday everyone.

Hugs, Susie xx

We Escaped!


Well we escaped relatively unscathed after the high winds, the leaves were the worst!!!  We spent the evening listening to the house creak with the gusts and Treacle had a pretty bad night and we all went to bed with battery hurricane lamps as the power had been flicking on and off.  Fortunately it didn’t go altogether but we had powered down all the computers and switched off as many of the electrics as possible.


This is Treacle this morning, very tired from her disturbed night!


I was reading an article in the paper yesterday regarding de-cluttering called “Swedish Death Cleaning”!  No it is not as gruesome as it sounds but it is based upon looking at your items and thinking whether your loved ones would actually like the article and if not and you don’t want or need it then get rid of it, especially stuff that has accumulated over many years. 

I have had experience of this when my mother was alive and she said that she dreaded clearing my Grandmother’s house out because of all her stuff (my Grandmother had looked after my Great Grandmother in her latter years and there was all her stuff in the house as well).  Well my mother passed away before my Grandmother and my mother had a lot of stuff too which I had to deal with!  Eventually my Grandmother passed and DH and I had to deal with it and it was a very, very big job. 

We also had to have the house valued for probate and the lady who came to do it was a great help and gave us a great piece of advice; don’t keep anything just because of sentimental feelings, only keep it if you love it and it fits in your home at present.  My Grandparents had some wonderful pieces of furniture but they were huge and fit their house perfectly (it was a big old Victorian house) but they would not fit into our little modern house. 

Having had these experiences I think we have been very conscious of clearing things out every so often, especially when we have moved house.  In fact when we moved into this home we fitted our furniture in and then things that didn’t go we sold. 

So I am still going through draws, cupboards, wardrobes and all the other places that things lurk and sorting things and I do find it very therapeutic!  There are two big areas which need doing, one is the attic and one is the room off of our garage, but they both need a good weather day to do them so I think they will now have to be done in the Spring.  I can get on with other things though!!!


On quilting news, I am trying to finish Evalyn’s quilt, didn’t quite make it for her Birthday, and also the other things I am making for Christmas and also another thing I am trying to finish.  The days seem to fly by and nothing gets done!!!  Really do need more time or one of those Time Turners from Harry Potter!!!!

I hope your Tuesday is going well.

Hugs, Susie x

Christmas Monday?


Yesterday was October 1st and I cannot believe that we are in the tenth month of the year!!!  The leaves are really starting to fall now, although the weather is not too bad it has gotten a little colder and been quite rainy.


So this morning was quite grey and cool, having had a lot of rain over the weekend we are being invaded by these hairy eight legged monsters getting out of the cold and rain!!  I picked up a cushion off the floor for our bed and one of these things was running over it!!  I shrieked, Treacle ran and Youngest came to the rescue!!!  After a lot of batting of cushions, pillows we managed to get it on the floor and mostly we try and throw them back outside but this one was not co-operating so he met his end!!!!!  So after a fraught few minutes I started work.



I turned the TV on at lunchtime to discover that True Movies have changed, today October 2nd, to True Christmas!!!!!  Really?  Even if you want to ignore Christmas as it is too early even at the beginning of October you seem to be getting it rammed down your throat every way you turn.

However the weather is putting me in mind of cooking more wintry dinners, so tonight we are having beef casserole with mashed potatoes and peas, the recipe for which is on My Favourite Recipes page if you want to have a go. 6a00d8341c6a0853ef01b8d1556789970c

Over the weekend, as the weather was not good and we couldn’t get into the garden, I have been busy sorting things out and decluttering all those nooks that are often overlooked, including my sewing box.  This was a box that my Grandmother bought for me and held all my sewing things in, until I started quilting and all my things exploded out of it so I had to use other storage.  When I actually looked at what was in my box I did not need half of the things in there, so I have cleared it out and put things in there for ordinary sewing and not my quilting things. 

As I have started this I am going to carry on and sort out other areas which have not been used or sorted for a while.  There are two major jobs, one is the attic and one is our room off the garage but these cannot be done without a full weekend and in the case of the garage a nice weekend so we can get everything out!!!  However there are still quite a few things I can get done on my own, it will just mean a few trips by DH to the tip/recycling place and the charity shops.  I am also slowly getting the Boys to sort their things too.  Youngest is doing a great job having had his new room but Eldest still needs a little push!!!!  I do love getting these jobs done as I feel a great sense of accomplishment doing it. 

I hope you had a great weekend and Happy Monday.

Hugs, Susie xx


Flower Friday!

We are joining with Molly The AireGirl ( for Flower Friday. 

We actually have some flowers in our garden to share with you.


This is our Buddleia, which is usually covered in bees and butterflies until I came to take the picture!


The whole plant


One of our lavender bushes with a bee in mid flight


The Potentilla is just coming out.


The hardy Fuschia in full flower


Our neighbour from across the road brought me these lovely sweet peas at the weekend which she grows on her allotment, I just love the colour.  So I put them in a round vase and placed them on our dining table.  DH was busy in the garden and walked through the house to go out the front door and started sneezing, and he didn’t stop.  I was busy doing some extra cleaning and I thought it may have been the polish, which is the one I always use but who knows.  Anyway he kept sneezing and sneezing and in the end I put the sweet peas outside on our patio table.  He stopped sneezing!!!!  I have really enjoyed the flowers outside this week and fortunately the weather has been good so they have been okay outside and the bees liked them too!!!

Busy weekend as always.  DH is out tonight and tomorrow night doing his MC (Master of Ceremonies) job and I have done house jobs all day.  I did call round to see the Boys Godfather, whose Birthday is tomorrow, but he was out (!).  It has been very hot and sticky again today so I will be doing the basket of ironing tomorrow now when it is supposed to be a little cooler. Sunday will be catch up day and I am hoping to get the binding sewn on Youngest’s quilt.

The Boys are also having their hair cut tomorrow and DH is helping a friend with some sound equipment as well and Youngest is teaching at the swimming club tonight and tomorrow morning and Sunday morning.  We also need to get some work done in the garden.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Hugs, Susie x


Treacle has been inside today whilst I have been working as well, chilling in her basket.

Hugs, Susie x

Flower Friday & Treacle!

We are joining with Molly and her Mom, ( for Flower Friday.  This is the work we managed to get done at the weekend on the garden, it was a lovely sunny Spring day.  The large flower to the left is my peony, on the right are the bluebells and I have planted new pansies in the pots. 

We trimmed the bush on the left and did the same to the Weigela on the right and although it won’t flower this year it needed doing. 

Treacle supervising!

A closer picture of the peony.  I don’t know what the little flowers are underneath it but they are a pretty pale lilac colour.

Our Wisteria flowering.  I love this plant.

Daddy managed to finid Treacle a suitable football (soccer ball for those in the US) for her Birthday.  It is called a street ball and as you can see she was pretty pleased with it.

Come on Dad lets go outside and play.

This picture is blurred as she was moving very fast with it.

Youngest getting in on the act!

We have a busy weekend coming up with Youngest teaching and coaching at the swimming club today, tomorrow and Sunday.  I got my house jobs done yesterday and I have done the grocery shopping and then been cooking all day today as Fliss, Lee, Evalyn & Owen are coming tomorrow and it will be us four as well.  Unfortunately Girlfriend can’t come as she is in the middle of her exams.  Hopefully Sunday is going to be nice and we can get some more jobs done in the garden again.

I hope you have a lovely sunny Spring weekend.

Hugs, Susie x


Oh my it is May 1st where are the months going?

Today is a holiday here in the UK and we call them Bank Holidays because of a law which was passed in 1871 regarding Banking!  Anyway you can guarantee if it is a Bank Holiday then the weather is usally wet and today it was!!!

However it meant that, with DH’s help, I finished the Spring Cleaning!!!  The whole house has been cleaned, washed, dusted and sorted to within an inch of its life!!! All I have left to do is wash some curtains and change winter bedding and clothes for summer things and we are done!  Now we have to tackle the garden!!!

Treacle has been helping, well by supervising! Here she is in supervising mode!!!

I managed to get some more quilting done and have almost finished piecing my second super secret quilt and then I will be on to Youngest’s.

I hope you had a lovely weekend.

Hugs, Susie x