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I have been busy with help!

DSC05173Do you remember this?  This is Eldest’s bed in his room I am using as my sewing room.  Well after we got back from vacation it was getting on my nerves that it was so messy.  So I started to do some tidying but what you can’t see is four long click boxes full of my stash as well, which were on the floor so I needed DH to help move things.  This weekend was D-Day!!!

DSC05238 DSC05237So my stash is now all tidy and sorted and the boxes are tidy now with one box having just my scraps in it.  The two roles of wadding are for the Boys quilts.

DSC05239My sewing area is now much tidier as well

DSC05241Now I feel so much better having got it sorted and feel I can sit down and get lots done. 

DSC05240This is a quick sneak of my Quilt Commission for DH’s cousin.  As you can see it is all pinned and waiting to be quilted, which I am hoping to do one evening this week.  Tonight I have a basket of ironing to do, jobs before pleasure.

DSC05232 DH Managed to get the lawn cut at the weekend but was delayed by Treacle who wanted to play ball.

DSC05231You can’t see me hiding can you?

DSC05230DH retrieving the ball where he had kicked it!!!!!

We are definitely in April as we are getting lots of sunshine and showers and it was even snowing earlier!  However all the hedges, trees and bushes are looking wonderfully green and new.


The tulips are blooming nicely


The Primula has bloomed although something has had a go at it!


My Christmas Rose is still blooming nicely

DSC05234The Vinca Major has just come out.

Treacle will be a little late with her Wednesday Wag tomorrow as she is off to the Spa for a lovely bath and clip after her adventures last week!  She is doing fine and eating well, no worse for having had her procedure.

I hope your Tuesday is going well.

Hugs, Susie x

Dinner Is Served!

DSC04953Had a great afternoon yesterday getting dinner ready for our friends in the evening.  I chose to make French Onion Soup to start, Beef in Beer Casserole for main with mashed potatoes, broccoli, peas and carrots and to finish a pudding I created!!!!!!  A biscuit base with blackberries on the top covered with apples and then topped with puff pastry, made in ramekin dishes.

As you can see from the pictures above and below this is my table set for dinner.

DSC04955The cutlery I inherited from my Mother which was given to her as a wedding present.  The water glasses are my Grandmother’s and the wine glasses were a wedding present to us.

DSC04958The French Onion Soup ready to be served

DSC04956Here are my Blackberry and Apple creations waiting to be baked.  I didn’t have time to take a picture when they came out of the oven but they loved them!  They were served with custard.

It was lovely to catch up and hopefully we will get to see them again before Christmas.

DSC04951 DSC04949 DSC04948Youngest decided on Friday evening that he was too tired to walk around Goose Fair so he decided we could drive past and see all the lights and then go and have something to eat, which is what we did.  I also think he missed his brother, who always comes with us, but he was on his way to visit Girlfriend in France!  We were also late leaving home so we would have been quite late getting to the Fair so it was a good compromise.  As you can see the pictures were taken as DH was driving past, so not very clear but you get the feel of it.

This morning I did the swimming run as DH is out at a swimming conference (!) so it was like getting up in the week for school!  Although that has given me more time to get cleared up and to sort out my quilting things, which have got in a bit of a mess!

I hope you are having a lovely Sunday.

Hugs, Susie x

Carnival Dog Show, Oh What A Night!


We had an amazing night and the weather could not have been better.  Nice and warm but not too hot for the doggies and owners.  Warning this post is picture heavy!  Above is the attendees and the stage, with DH on the microphone and our Judge, Sandra, ready for the all the dogs.

DSC04645Sandra talking to the dog and the owners.

DSC04648All lined up waiting for instructions

DSC04677The Dogs all loved Sandra and wanted to see her

DSC04689Waiting patiently for their turn

DSC04690The Carnival Queen giving out the Rosettes

DSC04738There is a lot of sitting about

DSC04786 DSC04794 DSC04797 DSC04787The Biscuit Catch Category, very popular with the Doggies, if not the owners!

DSC04804 DSC04807

Best in Show Winner Bobby and his owner Caroline.

Sandra, our Judge, is an ex Crufts Judge so brought a little bit of Crufts to our Fun Dog Show.  I had a lot of help on the evening making it a success but especially from my lot; DH and Girlfriend helped on the night (Girlfriend took all the pictures above), whilst Eldest was on duty to collect his brother from his first day of work experience from Matlock, as we were all still busy with the show.  As you can imagine we were all shattered when we got home but everyone had a great time.  Treacle was at home in the cool and of course she is number one in our book.

Hope you are having a Thrilling Tuesday, it is very, very warm here today!

Hugs & Woof, Susie x

Unexpected Monday!

Monday comes round far too fast!  Youngest had a swim competition on Saturday and he did really well with a second and two third places and bettering his times, which is more important for him!  He came home with three more trophies for me to dust!

DH and I managed to get some jobs done in the house and garden although Treacle has been very busy with one part of the garden as something has moved in!  Trouble is we don’t know what!!!!  DH got up at 5.00am this morning and it was still dark outside but we could hear something scuttling around under the bushes at the front of the patio!!!!!  Also the owl was still hunting and calling very near to the garden.  I don’t mind so long as it isn’t a rat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DSC04020Here is Treacle on the Hunt!

 DSC04021DSC04019These two pictures show Treacle looking for whatever has moved in.  We think it is nesting underneath the steps!

DSC04022I did manage to get nine of these blocks done for the new baby quilt I am making.  I now need to get them joined together and then the rows done and then decide what to back it with.  I think I have a lovely soft green material for the back, but will have to dig it out from my stash.

DSC04023Still have this small quilt to put together and finish and a little something that I am making for Baby Evalyn for her first Birthday, now where has that year gone!!!!

Must dash as I have dinner to make and another basket of ironing to do (those baskets of ironing seem to come round too fast!)

Hope you are all having a merry Monday!

Hugs, Susie x


DSC03959I got quite a bit of quilting done over the weekend.  I finished my picnic quilt and just now need to finish the binding and I started on the pink quilt which is for Girlfriend’s sister for her Birthday in December.  I can’t show you too much as these are projects I am finishing are for the “See You In September Blog Hop”.  I am hoping to get all the projects finished so it will be a good show!


This is the state of my desk/sewing area!!!!! I need to do some tidying up.  The purple pieces are for the mystery quilt I still need to finish!!!!!!!


 Treacle wanted to get in on the act but was caught by Eldest!  She is not bothered she is having a cuddle!!!!!

I won’t be able to do any quilting tonight as I have a basket of ironing which needs attending to 😦

Have a Marvelous Monday

Susie x

A Flat Rainbow!


Youngest has just been outside playing with Treacle and looked up and directly above our home and garden was this!  A Flat Rainbow!  However it is not that at all but actually called a Circumhorizontal Arc.  Here is a detailed description of it :

“A circumhorizontal arc is an optical phenomenon – an ice-halo formed by plate-shaped ice crystals in high level cirrus clouds.

Other currently accepted names for the phenomenon are circumhorizon arc or lower symmetric 46° plate arc.  The misleading term “fire rainbow” is sometimes used to describe these phenomena, although they are neither rainbows, nor related in any way to fire. The name comes from its appearance as a rainbow taking the shape of flames in the sky.

The complete halo is a huge, multi-coloured band running parallel to the horizon with its centre beneath the sun. The distance below the sun is twice as far as the common 22-degree halo. Red is the uppermost colour. Often, when the halo-forming cloud is small or patchy, only fragments of the arc are seen.

How often a circumhorizontal arc is seen, depends on the location and the latitude of the observer. In the United States it is a relatively common halo seen several times each summer in any one place. In contrast, it is rare phenomenon in northern Europe for several reasons.

Formation of the halo requires that the sun be very high in the sky, at an elevation of 58° or greater, and that a cirrus cloud or haze be present and contain plate-shaped ice crystals. The sun’s altitude determines the visibility of the halo; it is impossible to see at locations north of 55°N or south of 55°S (although a lunar circumhorizon arc might be visible at other latitudes). At other latitudes the phenomenon is visible, for a greater or lesser time, around the summer solstice. Slots of visibility for different latitudes and locations may be looked up here. For example, in London, England the sun is only high enough for 140 hours between mid-May and late July. Contrast that with Los Angeles, with the sun higher than 58 degrees for 670 hours between late March and late September.” (Copy from Wikipedia)

DSC03845 DSC03847

Closer pictures of the arc.

It only lasted for a few minutes and then was covered by more cloud, but as it says in the above information very rare over here in the UK.  I feel very honoured to have seen it.  It also makes me think of God smiling down on us.

Susie x


Thursday Musings!

Do you ever get one of those weeks when everything thing you need to do seems twice as large a job as normal?  Well I have had one of those weeks where I was planning on getting lots done and then found that I really couldn’t be bothered to do any of it!!!!!  I should be doing the above, but I seemed to have started lots of jobs and got none finished and just made a bigger mess!  

This is how I feel at the moment and it doesn’t help that it is raining and cold!  Treacle has decided that the only thing she wants to do is sleep today! Alright for some!

So I decided to look for some inspiring pictures to get me in the mood to get all the jobs done :

IMG_0967DSC03523ATP 2Xander at Inverness Locks

This lot always make me smile!!!!

One of the jobs I got half done was my quilting out which I did on holiday, to get the wadding measured so I can start quilting them but I didn’t get too far.  I also need to sort out my stash, which is another huge job. 

I did finish the spring cleaning so that big job is done, with the help of DH, but we were both shattered after we had finished.  Just now need to tackle the garden when the weather picks up.

Oh well I had better get on. I hope your Thursday is better. Do you know which store sells motivation? I think I need to buy a bucket of it!!!!!!!!

Hugs, Susie x

Susie x