Books I have Read in 2019.

Chatsworth Library Christmas 2018

New Book List for 2019!

This will be appearing on Friday January 11th in my Book Club, it is really good!  Susie x

I have got a bit behind with Mr Reilly’s books so carried on and am now reading this one.  It is his usual standard of excitement and scares.  Susie x

More of a picture book this one but the drawings are so cute and I just love the quick description of all the animals.  You can also get Kitchen wares with Hannah Dale’s drawings on.

Clive Cussler never disappoints with his books and so far I have all the ones he has written including the ones he has a co-writer with. He is the only Author so far of all my favourties where the books are as good as when he was just writing them.  This book is reviewed in my Book Club and is a really good page turner.

I was really looking forward to this book but it was quite a disappointment it was not as described and really only lots of notes about the Biographer visiting lots of country houses to get information about Queen Mary after her death which was not put into the official biography when she died.  However it did not reveal anything other than what was already written and in fact I did not finish the book, unusual for me, as it was quite boring!!!!!!

This is one of my most favourite books, as you can imagine, what is known as a “Coffee Table Book”!  But it has the history of libraries and the most wonderful pictures!!!!  It is actually on our coffee table in our sitting room and I go through it when I sit down with my tea (don’t drink coffee as it gives me headaches, even decaffinated!!!!).  DH bought it for me last Christmas and it is hard back and a bit expensive but worth it!!!!

I have read this book quite a few times, I love Stephen King books.  It really keeps you turning the pages and I just love how his novels are completely off the wall.  I saw the first film with the children in and DH bought me the DVD and the second film which deals with the adults facing the clown is out soon and can’t wait to see that.  It is really creepy without being all blood, cuts and gore!!!!!!  I love how he creates these books!!!!!

Another favourite book of mine and the first one I read of Matthew Reilly.  This book keeps moving right until the end.  Shane Schofield, code name Scarecrow, and his team of US Marines are sent to Antartica to protect a super find in the ice that the scientists have found which should not be there.  However several other countries are also sending their elite forces to take the find for themselves and they don’t care who they kill in the process.  It really is a great read even Eldest loved it!

I have started to read this but it is the size of a brick so it will take me a while to get through!!!!  So far it is a bit slow to start but I will be taking it away with me on vacation and will hopefully get into it then!!!!