Books I have Read in 2019.

Chatsworth Library Christmas 2018

New Book List for 2019!

This will be appearing on Friday January 11th in my Book Club, it is really good!  Susie x

I have got a bit behind with Mr Reilly’s books so carried on and am now reading this one.  It is his usual standard of excitement and scares.  Susie x

More of a picture book this one but the drawings are so cute and I just love the quick description of all the animals.  You can also get Kitchen wares with Hannah Dale’s drawings on.

Clive Cussler never disappoints with his books and so far I have all the ones he has written including the ones he has a co-writer with. He is the only Author so far of all my favourties where the books are as good as when he was just writing them.  This book is reviewed in my Book Club and is a really good page turner.