Books I Have Read in 2016


Andrew Reading at Hatchards Bookstore in London!  He has his love of books from DH & I



  New Year and a new book list.  This book I bought for DH for his Birthday but I also love Lee Child’s hero Jack Reacher.  This book was very good and the action kept moving, across several states and also in London. 

I bought this also for DH for his Birthday!  Half way through this and compared to the one above, it is slow!  I will read to the end as it really has to be bad for me not to, but not as good as his others.

I bought this with some of my book vouchers I had for my Birthday and it is a great little book very much of the era it was written, first published in 1957!  Very amusing to see how they lived and how to entertain twelve years after the War had finished and three years after rationing ended. 

Again I bought this with my gift vouchers as I wanted to read the original stories.  I love the programme “Grimm” so wanted to get the official stories, rather than the Disney versions we all grew up with.  Not that I don’t like the Disney versions, just wanted to read the originals.  They are great and so short you can read a few and then put it down and pick it up again. 

  If you like the Da Vinci Code then this is similar.  The group tracking the Bones are in a series of books by James Rollins and their characters develop over the different novels.  I loved it.

  Of course having read the one book it is nice to follow on with the others.  This is as good and they are still searching for things to save the World!!! 

  Clive Cussler is one of my most favourite authors and I can read his books again and again.  I have read this one before but when I started it again I could not remember it at all.  I am beginning to wonder about my memory.  Anyway if you like adventures in the style of James Bond you will love this and all the others.

  Have read this before as well (I need to visit the Book store!) but again very good, constantly moves and no boring bits and I do remember bits of this but I still enjoy reading it again.  Military based but not too much military speak in it if you get my meaning.

This says if you like Game of Thrones then you will love this book.  I do and I did!  It was a little hard at first to keep track of the names and where all the characters were but by the end I was okay and it was good.  It is a series so I will be buying the others to follow the story.

I think I have read all of her books now and really like her style of writing.  This is a good cop thriller which takes place over two days.

  Just started to read this in paperback.  I am always wary of actors who then write a novel, especially with someone which always makes me wonder who actually wrote it but am giving it a go.  Will let you know how it goes. Not Good!  Did not finish it, don’t buy it!

Now I have read these books before, but as you know I can re-read books and still enjoy them (says a lot for my memory!!!)  Anyway I have just finished the first five of this series, The Belgariad, and have now started on the second five, The Mallorean.  If you love Game of Thrones then you will love this series and David Eddings does not kill off your favourite characters, unlike Mr Martin!!!!  So if you like fantasy you will love these and there are also other series written by Mr Eddings which are equally as good.

  You know I can read books again and again, so I decided to read the first of the Game of Thrones books again and yep it was as good second time around.  I will get to re-read the others again but I have some new books to get through which I bought with my Birthday Book Tokens!!!

  I love Stephen King books and have them all.  This was a bit of a departure from his normal horror but still a great read.

  Normally I don’t bother reading a book after I have seen the film or TV series but I enjoyed the TV series of this book so thought I would give it a go.  It was okay and moved along at quite a quick pace until about page 300 and then it got bogged down.  I ended up skipping quite a few pages to get to the final conclusion of the book.  Whether this was because I had watched the show first, which is different to the book, but it was if Mr Grossman did not know how to get to the end!!!! 

  This is what I am starting to read now.  It is a modern version of Pride and Prejudice and that is one of my most favourite books, having read it for my English Literature exam.  I always try and re-read Pride & Prejudice once a year, like Kathleen in “You’ve Got Mail” my most favourite film of all time!!!  I will let you know how I get on!!!!

Update:  I finished the book.  Hmm well it took Curtis Sittenfeld a lot more pages than Miss Austen to tell the same story!  It was okay but as we all know the story well, there were no surprises in it just the way she had re-gigged some of the characters.   Of course it was only at the end I realised that Curtis is actually a lady!!!  I cannot say I have ever heard it used as a first name for a lady before!  I think this book will be going in my donation pile as I won’t be reading it again.