Getting There.

So the cold I had developed into a chest infection for which I had to beg the Doctor to give me some antibiotics because it seems at the moment that unless you have Covid they are too busy to deal with anything else!  Having got the antibiotics I felt so much better, still have the cold of course but hopefully it is going now after two blooming weeks!

Of course it meant that I missed out on three Christmas activities which I love to do because of being ill, one was Christmas shopping with Jayne, one was our visit to Chatsworth to see the Christmas things and the lighting of the village Christmas Tree on Sunday!  Hey ho.  One thing did happen over the weekend though :

It started on Sunday and continued through the day and settled.

It got thicker and there was quite a lot by Monday morning when everyone had to go out to work!  Treacle had fun though but by this morning it was all gone.  Perhaps we will get some more later in the year and it would be lovely over Christmas!

Being in has meant I have kept up with my work and home jobs and just have a few more things to sort out but not going out is really having an impact on sorting things out for Christmas!  There is also another Covid varient which may cause issues further down the line so they have now said we need to go back to wearing masks again.  To be honest I have always worn a mask when around a lot of people so it will be no different.  I just hope that this will not affect Christmas this year like last. 

I have missed a few things whilst not being well.  One was the passing of Author Wilbur Smith on November 13th.  He was a favourite author of mine for a very long time and I have read all his books except the last few who he co-authored.  Now my good friend Susan doesn’t like Clive Cussler’s Co-Authors but I have found them okay and still in his style but I really did not like the Wilbur Smith co-Authors and so have not bought the last few.  I still have all his books and read them again on a regular basis.  My favourite book was “Eye of the Tiger” and then “River God” which is part of his Egyptian series.  I also loved all the books based in South Africa. 

Being ill in bed thank goodness for Netflix, as I could not concentrate on the book I am reading.  I found this little gem from 2010 to watch “Pretty Little Liars” and it was really good. 

It is this little one’s Birthday this week, 22, now where did that time go?  He is six in this picture with his favourite set of PJ’s and a Thomas The Tank Engine train for his train set!  Of course the presents are now more expensive and to do with actual vehicles that run on the road; Could I have a new bumper for my car for my birthday please?  (!) (Ignore the devil eyes, obviously did not have the red eye reduction on that day but saying that it was probably 5.00am!!!!!).

Eldest took Treacle to her Spa Day for me as he was off and she came back looking so much better and smelt better too!  All her bedding, towel, collar, toys etc had a spa day too so for a few days everyone and everything is clean!!!!

I hope you lovely lot are having a good week. 

Hugs & Love, Susie & Treacle xx

2 thoughts on “Getting There.

  1. farmquilter

    Treacle looks so smart and I’m jealous of the snow!! I’m so sorry you are still so sick…sounds horrible. Get well soon!!

  2. Molly the Airedale

    Your garden looks gorgeous with the snow coming down! I can only imagine how beside herself Treacle was because Molly would be the very same. You are ready for Santa with your beautiful AireCut, Treacle and Happy Birthday to youngest! We continue to send you lots of healing vibes, Miss Susie. Get well soon!

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