Where Did Monday Go?

Monday flew by with work, work and work!  In fact it was 6.00pm before I knew it and they were all here for dinner!!  I don’t know why some days are like that and others just go along in their merry fashion.  Today has been busy but not like yesterday.  We have noticed that things have gone a little quiet and I think it is due to people, who don’t have children in school, going away on holiday now just in case any more lockdowns happen later on in the summer.  We are all hoping that July 19th when we are supposed to be released from a lot more restrictions, including wearing face masks, is going to actually happen. 

DH and I are in London next week for a couple of business meetings and also to hopefully visit the RHS Hampton Court Flower show which was a birthday present from last year!  We have still not received the tickets but they say they are on the way!!!  At the moment the forecast does not look good. 

Here is an early #TBT of when we were all in London in July 2011 when Eldest had finished Seniro School and was moving into the Sixth Form, aged 15, and Youngest had finished Primary School, aged 11,  and was moving to the Senior School where his brother was. 

DH, Youngest & Eldest by the gates to Buckingham Palace.

We had a great few days there and did lots of fun things just as an extra special trip because of where they both were.  We went up to Scotland two weeks later for the summer. 

At the end of next week we are also going up to see Girlfriend and Penny compete at the International competiton in Cheshire and staying up there, which will be exciting as it is a big show.  Again hoping that the weather is going to be kind but it is England in summer after all. 

Treacle has her Spa day tomorrow so I am sure she will show off her new Airecut when she gets back. 

I hope you lovely lot are having a great week. 

Hugs & Love,

Susie & Treacle xx

2 thoughts on “Where Did Monday Go?

  1. farmquilter

    We have been baking here…about 46C at the farm with no air conditioning and only 38C here with air conditioning! Are you going to be able to go to Scotland this year for holiday? I know how much you look forward to that, so I hope you are able to make that trip!! I got home from my month-long trip to visit my girls…as lovely as it was to see all of them, it is nice to be back at MY house!!

  2. Molly the Airedale

    I hope your flower show tickets have arrived by now. Please take LOTS of pictures!
    You are going to feel so much better with shorter furs, Treacle. Mom hasn’t been able to groom me yet. It’s 100 degrees F today and it’s just too hot.

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