Final Weekend Travels & Birthday!

We stayed at The Goring again in London which is a lovely small hotel and a favourite of her Majesty!  The staff are wonderful and make you feel very welcome and nothig is too much trouble. Our room was overlooking the garden at the back of the hotel.

The Mascot of the Hotel is the Goring Sheep, Ba Bar Ra, and these wonderful sheep are in the rooms.

They are special commissions for the Hotel!

As it was not busy we got to each breakfast in the conservatory every morning.

It was a lovely break even though it was only three days!!  We left mid morning and got home around 3.00pm.

We had a lovely meal last night with the Boys and Girlfriend for DH’s Birthday and lots of laughs.  Girlfriend had baked DH a wonderful cake.

It, too, was very yummy!

It is obviously Halloween on Saturday but everyone is being told not to go out trick or treating because of the situation but celebrate indoors, so for the first time in years we won’t have pumpkins outside or treats for the children.  We are going to have a fun supper though and have a night in watching a movie!!  It is due to be raining anyway!!!!  It is a very strange year!

Have a wonderful Friday and great weekend whatever you are up to and stay safe.

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

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  1. farmquilter

    Both the hotel and cake look amazing!! Girlfriend is quite creative with cakes!!! Those sheep…adorable! (Now I want one, but I definitely don’t need one…where would I put it??)

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