Well with all the news about the virus and the fact that here in the UK the peak is between ten and fourteen weeks away, which takes it to the week of my Birthday in June!!!  It really does feel like the sky is falling!!  They are saying that 95% of people in the UK will get it which makes me wonder why we are bothering to read the news, you just may as well wait and see what happens!!!  Of course we as a family are doing everything we can not to get it but how far do you go? 

We already have had business meetings and exhibition’s cancelled or postponed and one big swimming event has been cancelled.  DH is out this weekend at another swimming event but we wonder if people will just not turn up.  I am due to go out with the Tangent Ladies on a river cruise on Saturday afternoon and I am due to go over to Nottingham in the morning, but you now start to second guess yourself as to whether you should be doing any of it!!!  I think you just have to take each day as it comes. 

The following weekend is Mother’s Day here in the UK and I have said to the Boys we will do something at home.  They have in the last few years taken me out for breakfast but this year we will stay in!


Anyway I have far more important things to worry about; like our toaster which has now decided to launch the toast into the air!  Sometimes Treacle is very lucky and it lands on the floor, however this morning it landed on the counter top!  Now can anyone tell me why this perfectly good toaster which has never done this before, is trying to be the first toaster to launch toast into outer space?  I mean really?


(Picture credit: NOTTS TV)

This week saw the Duke and Duchess of Sussex complete their final events as senior Royals and then the Duchess flew back to Canada.  There has been a lot written since their announcment over why they have left and we, as a country, are still being accused of being racist against the Duchess which I take great exception to.  Only they know the real reasons why but my personal view is that the Duchess has a view of what it was going to be like to be Royal and I don’t think it lived up to her expectations.  However I do wonder in a few years time whether they will come to regret their hasty decision like the Duke & Duchess of Windsor did!


March has definitely roared in this year, it was blowing a gale last night and lashing the windows with rain and we had some hail today!!!  Hopefully it will go out like a lamb at the end of the month!!! 


As you can tell from the picture above Treacle is really worried!!!!!!!!

Boys at Firepower London April 09

As it is Thursday here is a #TBT from 2009!!!  Eldest is 13 and Youngest 9!!!  We were in London for the Easter school holiday and this was the Fire Power museum where they could dress up as well as tour the exhibits!!!  We had a great two weeks!!!

I hope wherever you are in the World you stay safe and healthy.

Hugs & Love Susie xx


2 thoughts on “Thursday!

  1. farmquilter

    I would go to your things, as long as you are not feeling sick – what I’ve heard over here is that it starts with a sore throat. Wash you hands ALL THE TIME or use hand sanitizers when you can’t wash. Keep your hands away from your face – really hard to do, but try!! I have enough food in the house that I could get away with no grocery shopping for about a month, maybe more, but we would definitely be missing some of our usual items. I worry about my dad getting sick because I brought something home, because he would die. I have asthma, so that is a concern. Also, I’m in the age group that is vulnerable. I think I have enough hand soap for at least a year!! But there is no hand sanitizer to be found!! There is also a mad rush for TP! If push comes to shove, I’ll make washable wipes out of my quilting fabric, keep it in an enclosed container and wash it. Dad will have one color and I’ll have another!

  2. Molly the Airedale

    The news is nutty on our side of the pond too with sporting events and museums and concerts and anything with large crowds – CANCELLED! Schools are closing. So we stay happy at home and when we do have to leave for the grocery store or an appointment that can’t be helped, we wash our hands 3 times when we get back home. Stay safe, Miss Susie and your family as well!

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