The Sky is Falling!

Do you ever have those weeks where you get up in the morning and the day disappears in a cloud of work, home jobs, cooking etc and no sooner have you got up then it’s time to go to bed?  Well the last two weeks have been like that here!!!!!


It also feels that at any moment the Sky is going to fall!!!  I don’t usually watch the news but do read it in our only reputable newspaper in the UK (The Telegraph) but to be perfectly honest it sounds dreadful!!!  The Coronavirus is going to get us all, the flooding is getting worse in certain areas and I am heartily sick of Megxit!


Eldest is working really hard to get his shoulder stabilised so he can go back to work!  He has been off now for eleven weeks and it is driving him insane!!!  He loves his job and is not one for sitting and doing nothing.  However we are getting there with his work so hopefully in two weeks time he will be able to go back!!!! 

Youngest is away all week trainining and they have had to move to a different hotel as where they normally stay has been requisitioned as a Coronovirus quarantine place!!!!!  If they stay there the next time he goes down I am sending him there with lots of antibacterial wipes!!!!



DH was really busy over the last two weekends at the Derbyshire County Swimming Championships so I had two weekends of prevarication!!  I had lots of things I could have been doing but wasn’t sure where to start!!! So I didn’t do anything in the end except in the afternoons I sat reading!!!!  It is one of my Aims this year, of course!!!  The weather was not good both weekends with gales and lots of rain, hence the flooding again, so I didn’t feel too bad about sitting by the fire and reading!!!


Yesterday DH and I had an appointment with our Accountants regarding the business which lasted for a couple of hours and then we snuck a couple of hours for some lunch!!!!  It was great to spend a few hours especially for DH after such long weekends.

Youngest’s Girlfriend used to own horses and compete at National level but it was decided that as she was going to Uni and wouldn’t have as much time for the horses to move to new homes.  However after a year she really, really missed them so here is her new arrival:


Welcome Simon!!!!  Please note the nosy neighbour in the top of the picture!!!!!!  We haven’t been to see him yet but Girlfriend says he has a great personality and is very chilled!!!

Treacle loves horses but I am not sure we will take her when we got to see him!!!

Treacle Noise !

Treacle is still hibernating as she is not very keen on wind and rain.  I have a new App on my phone which makes squeeky toy noises and it gets them to look at you!!! The above is my first attempt!  I suspect she will get used to it and will then not bother to look at me!!! Airedales too inteligent to be fooled!!!

Treacle Windy Day

The above picture was on Tuesday morning when it was very windy, as you can see she is not very happy!!!

Treacle & Daddy

Tuesday evening, DH had just got home and this is the “Hi lovely to have you home Daddy, dinner time please!!!!”

Working today at home as always and DH left at 5.00am to go and see a customer, tomorrow and Friday I have home jobs to do and some errands to run.  Now don’t faint but this weekend DH has no commentating jobs to do!!! I know I mean what will be do with ourselves?  All the jobs which haven’t got done over the past several weekends!!!!!  Tee hee!!!  However we are doing some nice things too, Friday night we are going to go to the cinema and Saturday night we are out for dinner with some friends!!!! 


Of course Saturday is Leap Day, ie February 29th!  An “extra” day!  What are you intending to do with this extra day?  Is it going to be a lazy, rest day or do you intend on being up early and seizing the day?  Us?  We have some errands to run and out for dinner in the evening so I think ours will be a social, spend it with family day!!!  Sunday is supposed to be better weather here so that can be jobs day!!!  I am hoping we will be able to get into the garden!!!!  Who knows!!

I hope you are having a good week and I will be back to blogging every day now!!! I am also going to go forward with a positive, happy outlook and S*d the news!!!!!

Hugs & Love

Susie xx


2 thoughts on “The Sky is Falling!

  1. farmquilter

    2020 hasn’t been very kind to your family yet!! I hope that changes soon, starting with Eldest’s shoulder!! Poor Treacle, such nasty weather this year and definitely not enough snow for her!! Enjoy your weekend with DH!!!

  2. Molly the Airedale

    You sure have too much on your plate! We hope it all changes soon. I, Molly, have never met a horse, Treacle, but we sure do love the photo of the nosy neighbor looking on 🙂
    Enjoy your movie night and dinner with friends!

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