More of London.

This is the thing with digital cameras now there is no restriction on taking pictures unlike when you had to get them printed!!!!!  In other words another picture heavy post!!!!


DH and I went out early on Saturday morning after breakfast in the dining room at the hotel (above) to walk to Treacle’s store!!! 


On the way we passed the Philip Treacy store who is one of the Queen’s Milliner and was a favourite of Diana Princess of Wales. 


You can see how bright and sunny it was and the buildings across the road were reflected perfectly in the windows!


Here is Treacle’s store; Mungo & Maud!  I found them in the November when DH and I came down for our Wedding Anniversary and they do some great Eye, Ear & Paw wipes which Treacle doesn’t mind us using on her for her eyes!


We then walked down New Bond Street and saw this in one of the windows and thought the dog looked like an Airedale!


Half way down New Bond Street there were three fire engines and a lot of firemen in the Jimmy Choo store!  Obviously an alarm had gone off but they could not find any fires.  DH sent a picture on our Family group chat to say that Jimmy Choo were having a “Fire Sale”!!!!!!!!! 


Tiffany & Co were using everyday things to advertise their latest collection and I saw this typewriter, very similar to the one I learnt to type on!!!!!  Mine did not have turquoise keys though!!!!


The Royal Arcade.  I just love the shop fronts here.


We went into the M&M store in London and got Eldest a present.



We had dinner on Saturday evening before the show at Byrons and the food was really good.


The show was at the Theatre Royal, Haymarket which was built in 1720, is the third oldest London Playhouse and seats 893 patrons.  The above is the view of the stage from our seats in the Royal Circle.  The boxes below.  The show was “Only Fools & Horses” which is based upon the long running TV show of the same name.



The show ran on the BBC for ten years and starred David Jason (left) as Dereck “Del Boy” Trotter, Nicholas Lyndhurst as Rodney Trotter and Lennard Pearce as Grandad Trotter, who sadly died after the first two seasons and was replaced by the Uncle Albert character of Buster Merryfield.  The show follwed the fortunes of Del Boy trying to make a living out of a suitcase at Peckham Market selling dodgy gear helped by his much younger brother, Rodney, who Del had brought up after their Mum had died, whilst looking after Grandad and later Uncle Albert as well. 

One of the phrases from the show said by Del Boy all the time was “Next year we will be millionaires” and at the end of the series they actually became millionaires after buying a very famous and lost pocket watch in an estate sale years before!!!  The show was very much a loved piece of British TV and the musical had been written by the creator, John Sullivan’s son Jim and Paul Whitehouse who plays Grandad in the show.  It retained all the jokes and humour from the show and the actors playing the parts had almost been cloned from the originals they were so good.  We all really enjoyed it and the show has been so popular that they have extended its run until May this year!


Sunday after breakfast again we went out for a walk and wandered around looking at some of the different stores and also got Eldest a present as a thank you for looking after Treacle and our home for us whilst we were away.

We popped into Harrods to see if we could get something and above is a picture of the stairs looking down from the fourth floor!

One thing that does seem popular with individual stores and we saw quite a lot, is to have artificial flowers around the main doors on the outside.  Here are a couple we saw:





On Sunday afternoon we went back to the hotel for some lunch and I took some pictures of the garden at the back of the hotel. 




The very fancy wine cooler!


We then made our way to the station for our train home.  Above picture the roof of St Pancras (not quite Platform 9 3/4!!!!!).

It was a lovely way to spend a January weekend, which can usually be a bit of a let down after all the fun and family of Christmas and New Year!  Youngest really enjoyed it as it was he who had seen the show advertised and so it was his and Girlfriend’s Christmas present from us but we got to go too!!!!!!

Work is still busy which is good and next weekend DH is busy with commentating duties as it is Chinese New Year on Saturday as well as Burn’s Night.  He is doing Chinese New Year and I am doing Burn’s Night at home as my Dad was from Scotland, although our lot are not too keen on Haggis!!!  I love it!!!!

I hope you Tuesday is going well.

Hugs, Susie xx

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  1. farmquilter

    What a brilliant weekend!! Your hotel was definitely posh, as were the shops you went to. I wonder why they would narrow the entry into a shop with all the fake flowers? Makes it difficult to get in to spend your money!! I’m glad you all had such a good time. Your pictures make me want to hop the next flight across the pond!! Only complaint…no pictures of you or the family!!

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