It’s Monday!


This week has come in with a vengeance!  I won’t bore you with the details but I think it is going to be one of those weeks!



However, tomorrow I am with Jayne, Christmas shopping so that will hopefully make the week better!



This Globetrotting person is home tomorrow, however he will be back at work on Wednesday!!!  So no doubt he will be tired, slightly jet lagged and in a bad mood, oh good!!!!!

I did get quite a bit of quilting done at the weekend, not quite finished though so I can’t show it you and some of it I am keeping for the Stitch It and Gift It Blog Hop which starts next week.  Don’t miss it!

Have a great week, all.

Hugs, Susie xx

2 thoughts on “It’s Monday!

  1. farmquilter

    Sorry you are having a manic Monday and hope that the rest of the week smooths out for you! Yay for youngest getting home tomorrow…perhaps his youth will enable him to handle the jet lag better than we do!! Although, I don’t remember having jet lag when I went to England…on either end of the trip!!

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