70 Years ago today my parents said “I Do” and if they were still here would be celebrating their Platinum Wedding Anniversary!  They married on March 19th to take advantage of the then tax laws as my father would gain his married man’s allowance on April 5th!  Not very romantic but in 1949 with the country still under rationing laws from WWII every penny counted! My Dad would be 95 and my Mom would be 89 now.

My Mom’s wedding dress was made by her Mom and they saved their sugar and butter rations for my Grandmother to also make their wedding cake which was two tiers!  As everything was still expensive they only had a few wedding pictures, the above one being the best of the two of them at the Church door after they were married.  I still have the strand of pearls my mother is wearing and the good luck charms given to them on the day. 

My wedding ring with DH is the one my Dad gave to my Mom on that day 70 years ago.  DH’s ring is made from three other gold wedding rings we had from my family members who were no longer with us, thus keeping our family with us now. 

It is sad to note that thirty years after this picture my Dad passed away and five year’s later my Mom passed away, they did manage to celebrate their 30th Wedding Anniversary before my Dad passed.

DH and I will be celebrating on their behalf this Saturday evening with a meal.

I hope you are all having a Terrific Tuesday.

Hugs, Susie xx


2 thoughts on “Platinum.

  1. farmquilter

    What a beautiful picture of your parents!! So wonderful that you have her pearls and good luck charms from that special day. My parents made it to their 65th anniversary before my mom died. Weddings from our parents’ generation were certainly different from the weddings of today. My mom didn’t even have a wedding dress (they were married in 1945), just a nice dress that she could wear again. Enjoy your celebratory dinner this weekend!!

  2. Molly the AireGirl

    Happy 70th to your mum and dad, Miss Susie. What wonderful memories and mementos you have for your lifetime and to hand down to the boys. I LOVE this story♥

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