Indian Summer for a Few Days.


We are having a few days of Indian Summer again with the temperatures up around Summer levels, although it drops cool quite quickly once the sun has gone behind the trees.

Don’t tell anyone but I shirked work this afternoon to get my little grow house the wood stained and protected before any bad weather!!!  I cannot believe how many small bits of wood there are on it to stain and it took me all afternoon, fortunately the sun was warm and it dried quickly.


Of course Madam was outside with me and whilst my back was turned was being very naughty!  Over Winter I put away my outdoor drying line as there is no way washing will dry when it is very cold and damp (not that it stops our neighbour hanging out her washing every day and then bringing it in again as wet or wetter than it went out!!! I just don’t understand it!!!!).  Anyway we did this last year and then “lost” the hole where it fits into, as the grass had grown over it.  DH came up with the idea of a piece of wood and a plastic plant pot upside down so we know where it is.


As you can see, I now just have the stick as someone pulled the plant pot off and was running round the garden with it!!! This is because her football that she keeps outside was thrown away on Sunday as it was in a very bad way and starting to lose bits of it and I have not had chance to get her a new one yet, so that will be one of tomorrow’s jobs.


This is after I had brought her in and explained that it was not a good idea to destroy the plant pots and Daddy will not be happy!  I am also going to get a terracotta small pot to replace the plastic one as she won’t want to run around with that!!!

Our tree’s leaves are starting to turn a beautiful orange colour now and beginning to fall.  So although we have warm temperatures there are definite signs of Autumn progressing.

Happy Tuesday everyone.

Hugs, Susie xx

2 thoughts on “Indian Summer for a Few Days.

  1. farmquilter

    Treacle just thought it was a new toy!! Your grow house looks wonderful now and you still have the larger job of the wee house at the top of the garden. I love Indian summers…the weather is just perfect then. Your autumn colors are so beautiful…ours have barely started to change here and the mountains to the west have a new mantle of snow.

  2. Molly the AireGirl

    It sounds like you were having lots of fun for yourself, Treacle. OOPS! Your little grow house looks so nice and it will sure be fun to load in the spring, Miss Susie!

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