25 Years Ago.


On September 10th 1993 the pilot episode aired for The X Files and for the next nine years we were glued to our seats of whether Mulder & Scully would find the Truth and would they ever Trust Anyone?!!!!


It actually aired on BBC 2 in the UK which is always seen as a Thinking Man’s channel and because of the BBC there were no adverts to interrupt the episode.  I loved it from day one and could not wait for each episode and I even persuaded DH to go with me to see the films at the cinema, although he was not keen on the monsters!!


Who didn’t want to be Scully and as she was born in 1964 I certainly identified with her, even though Ms Anderson was born in 1968, and yes I rooted for Mulder and Scully to be together and it took me a long time to watch Series 9 after their kiss over the baby at the end of Series 8!!!!


This poster still sits behind my monitor in our den where I work!!! 

My favourite Episodes :

“Squeeze”, “Firewalker”, “Dod Kalm”, “Humbug”, “Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose”, “Small Potatoes”, “The Post-Modern Prometheus”, “How The Ghosts Stole Christmas”, “First Person Shooter”, “Hollywood AD”, The final four episodes of Series 9.  However if I am honest I loved them all but the above are my favourites. 

I am lucky enough to have all the series and the films on DVD so can watch them whenever I want to and step back into the programme whenever.

Happy Birthday X-Files!

Hugs, Susie xx


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  1. farmquilter

    I watched it some, but was never the devoted fan you are!! I liked the show and find it quite difficult to believe it came out 25 years ago! Wasn’t it Captain Kangaroo who came out 25 years ago??? Ugh…making me feel OLD!!!

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