January is Here!


Well January has opened and I can honestly say I do not have the same enthusiasm for the New Year that I have for Christmas.  In fact I always associate January with a Monday morning and we all know how we love Mondays!!!!!  In fact you can split the whole year into a week; Monday = January & February, Tuesday = March & April, Wednesday =May & June, Thursday =July & August, Friday = September & October, Saturday = November & December and Sunday is New Year!!!!

Anyway back to Christmas!  We had a lovely time.  The companies we work with and our customers finished on December 22nd and didn’t get back  to work until now so it was lovely to not have the phones going and emails coming in and to completely disconnect from the computers for ten days. 


Our Christmas Dining Table


Our Tree with the family gifts under.

Christmas Eve DH and Youngest were out at the Carols Round the Tree event so I took the opportunity to get things ready for the next day.  Eldest and Girlfriend called round for a couple of hours and it was great to see them.  Christmas Day Youngest was up at 8.00am which for him is early.  We opened our gifts to each other and Treacle opened two of her gifts but we saved the rest for after lunch. During the day between eating and drinking (!) we watched a film on DVD, The Queen’s Speach at 3.00pm and “Victoria” in the evening for two hours.  Youngest had filmed quite a big part but unfortunately it was cut from the final production, he was not pleased!!!!


8.00am December 25th, they both look like they should be back in bed!


New Toy, New Toy!!!!!!

Eldest and Girlfriend came round at lunch and brought more gifts with them, which was lovely as we had two lots of present opening.



More Toys, More Toys!


Daddy and Treacle watching the movie.


Our Christmas Tree in the evening.

Eldest and Girlfriend left about 9.00pm and we all went to bed, me reading my new book and DH and Youngest sorting out a new game on the X-Box!  It was a great day and I loved every minute of it. 

Boxing Day in our home is always a PJ day!!  No one gets up early and everyone gets what they would like to eat from the fridge when they want, a completely chilled day.  We watched another movie Youngest had got for Christmas and Treacle was enjoying all her new toys.


Treacle’s Christmas presents.

It has been a wonderful, quiet and very peaceful few days. 

It has also been very busy too and I will show you the pictures of those days tomorrow.  I will also let you know about my 2018 goals in a few days.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.  Thank you for reading my blog during 2017 and hope that you will stay with me for 2018.

New Year Hugs & Love, Susie xx


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  1. farmquilter

    Happy New Year, Susie!! Sounds like your Christmas was filled with family – exactly the way it should be! We celebrated Christmas this past Sunday with all my girls and grandchildren – it was wonderful! Of course, now I am sick with either a cold or the flu…hate to feel so awful with everyone still here!!

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