Christmas Baking.


It is now getting round to the time I need to get my other Christmas Baking done.  The Christmas cookies, mince pies, sausage rolls and cheesy stars!  Now I don’t know about your household but in mine I have to make enough for the Christmas festivities, to be given away as gifts and some to keep DH and The Boys going between now and Christmas!!! 


Of course who can forget the infamous Chocolate Log, which the Boys love, and which Treacle ate whole a few years ago!  Fortunately she was not ill from doing so and when it is now made it is stored a lot higher than it was!!!  I will be making one of these as well.


Youngest has requested this for Christmas Day too.  It is Delia Smith’s famous Chocolate Truffle Torte (it can be found here :  All I can say is it will be chocolate overload in our home!!!  I don’t actually eat chocolate as it gives me a headache, as does coffee and red wine, although a lot of our friends say red wine gives them a headache too but usually after too much of it!

DH is also busy visiting all the companies we work with in our business over the next few weeks so I have to make cookies for him to take around as well.  Once I get going it is a veritable production line.

This Saturday DH and I are visiting Chatsworth House to see the Christmas decorations there (they won’t be as good as ours of course!!!!) and the Christmas Market and in the evening it is the final Gala in the series for the swimming club in Staffordshire.  Fortunately it is only about an hour away from home so not too far to travel and the weather is set to become a lot colder.  So we will steam whilst at the pool and freeze when we come out!  Who needs these fancy Finnish spas when we can do this here!!!!!

Sunday I will be doing some of the baking and DH is out in the evening helping at a friend’s fund raising event as compere again. I have finished one quilt which is needed for Christmas and have almost finished the other three items which are Christmas presents and just need to sew together Evalyn’s quilt and then sandwich it, quilt it and bind it which I am hoping to get done by the end of next week.

Youngest only has this Friday, Monday, Tuesday and Friday next week and then he finishes for Christmas for three weeks, which he is really looking forward to.  What he doesn’t know is I have a list of jobs ready and waiting for him, tee hee!!!!


Treacle this morning : “oh good grief she found the Santa hat!”


“if I run off and lose it hopefully Mom won’t find it again!”

Sorry Treacle I always know where to look!   I hope you are having a Thrilling Tuesday.

Hugs, Susie xx


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  1. farmquilter

    I am totally addicted to chocolate and would easily gain 10+ pounds if I was at your house this month!! I like my red wine too, but it used to give me an instant headache, however I guess I have outgrown that, thank goodness! No coffee, thank you, tea or hot chocolate work just fine. You may have an intolerance for the caffeine in the coffee and chocolate and the tannins in the wine. Poor girl, I can’t imagine not having chocolate!! Your chocolate overload looks so yummy – DH and the Boys will be quite pleased! Treacle looks adorable with her Santa hat but her look is the same as Tara’s when I put clothes on her…cracks me up!!!

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