The Wednesday Wag!


Dad left really early again this morning for work so I was up, out and breakfasted before I knew it, so I went back to bed.  Mom says I love my bed so much and how comfy I get. 


It is a little cooler today than yesterday so Mom won’t let me have the door open all the time so I can run in and out!!  But when I was out I managed to scare off the dreaded squirrel who is busy burying the berries from our tree in the lawn and Dad says he is making a huge mess!


This is my stalking face!  I think I would be very good at stalking deer!

Our kitchen smells great at the moment and I am busy helping Mom as she is baking and making lots of things for Christmas, I love this time of year.


Mom is going to find my Santa hat and make sure it is all clean and ready for the festive season.

I hope you are having a Wonderful Woofy Wednesday.


3 thoughts on “The Wednesday Wag!

  1. farmquilter

    I really cannot stand the squirrels, birds and cats that like to invade my garden either! We should join forces and remove them permanently!! And then there are the two dogs that live behind me…they like to growl and bark at me when we are outside at the same time…you are bigger than they are, could you scare them too?? Tara the Tiny


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