Friday Yeah!


Happy Friday everyone!!!  Yes we have survived another week and it has been hectic as always.  I have managed to get the Birthday cake made which is needed at the end of November (its a rich fruit cake) and I, wait for it, have made our Christmas Cake!!!!!  Over the weekend I am going to make the Christmas puddings too, so I am definitely ahead of the game this year. 


I have gone through our Christmas card list for friends and family and the business and sorted them out so I know how many cards I will need.  I will be sending DH up into the attic over the weekend to find the Christmas wrapping and see what I have left from last year in case we need any more of that. 


It’s been like this all day today here and Treacle has not been very keen to be outside.  We have another storm coming but I think the south are going to get it again more than us.  However they are forecasting that we might have a bad winter this year with lots of snow but I always take these predictions with a pinch of salt, like the BBQ summer we are supposed to have, which never happens!!  However it is definitely getting colder.


Next week Youngest is on holiday from college for a week as it is Half Term, which has come round fast!  Then it will be seven weeks before he is off for the Christmas break!!!  Oh boy when you say it like that it is not long!!!!

The weekend we have the second of the Championship evenings on Saturday and DH and Youngest are having their hair cut and hopefully Sunday we will be able to get the final jobs done in the garden.  We are hoping to trim the trees but can’t do that yet so that will be the final, final job!  After this the weekends start to become very busy with something happening every weekend, some I am looking forward to and some I am not but hey ho and then the headlong rush to Christmas.  I just have to remember to stop and smell the Autumn when it is this busy.

I hope you all have a wonderful Autumn Weekend.

Hugs, Susie x


Treacle having a siesta!

2 thoughts on “Friday Yeah!

  1. Molly the AireGirl

    That picture of you with your feet in the Aire just kills us, Treacle ☺
    You are baking up a Christmas storm already, Miss Susie! The weather peeps tell us that we’re going to have a very snowy cold winter too. We shall see!

  2. farmquilter

    Winter seems to be blowing in here a bit early as well…the mountains around us got 3″ of snow Thursday night and the ski areas are planning on opening for business next weekend!! Temps have been below freezing, both here and at the farm (in the low 20s there). Tara is in accord with Treacle…good basket/bed/blanket weather!! You certainly are ahead of the game with your baking!! So Organized Susie is your name!

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