The Wednesday Wag!


Dad left really, really early this morning to get to something called a conference so I had been out and had my breakfast at the crack of sparrows and Mom was still asleep in bed, so I went back to bed too!


I still haven’t caught up on my sleep from the other night when it was very, very windy. 


A little later when everyone was up I was allowed out in the garden un-supervised.  Last week I was out on my own in the garden and when I came in I had been digging, a lot!  Dad still has to find out where I have been digging and I did get into a little trouble for it!!!


As it’s almost Thursday, so #TBT, Mom found this on the computer the other day of Youngest and I when we were little!  Mom has to refrain from looking at lots of these in one day otherwise she gets very melancholy!

I was chasing leaves in the garden today as it was still a little windy but I was too fast for Mom to get a picture, tee hee!

Happy Woofy Wednesday


2 thoughts on “The Wednesday Wag!

  1. farmquilter

    You were adorable when you were little and you are quite smart (especially after a spa visit) now that you are a big girl! I don’t chase leaves, but I love to chase the squirrels and birds (along with the occasional cat) that dare to venture into my backyard. Enjoy the sunshine now because you know it will disappear sooner then you want!

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