The Sky Is Falling?


This has been the colour of the sky most of today!  All because of Hurricane Ophelia which has been battering parts of the UK today and it has been dragging sand with it from the sahara which is why the sky is this colour.  Ireland has been hit the most with winds of up to 90mph with damage to property, treess etc and loss of power.  Here the winds are about 40mph and all it is doing is knocking the leaves off the trees.


As you can see Treacle is not happy about the weather!  It is also very warm and muggy today which for the third week of October is really, really weird!!!  Of course tomorrow there is a 10° drop in temperature and we will all be freezing again!

Speaking of weird these are my two pots on the garden steps still with the summer fuschias flowering!  Normally by now they have died and I have replaced them with winter flowering pansies but as they are still going strong I have left them, of course the first frost and they will be dead.


The Cotoneaster full of berries (above)IMG_0776

This is the Dogwood which is next to our varigated holly bush.

I took these pictures in our garden yesterday, when again it was mild, whilst we were out there gardening.  Normally at this time of year we are tidying things up and sort of putting the garden to bed for winter but certaining not this year, its still all growing!



The weekend was really busy.  Saturday Youngest rushed off to a car meet and DH rushed off to a swimming event as Chairman!  Sunday we got garden jobs done and then he rushed off to another swimming meet where he was announcing!  I managed to get some more jobs done in the house and decorated for Autumn and Halloween and measured out all the fruit for my Christmas Cake and for a birthday cake and set them aside to soak in brandy.  The kitchen smelt lovely!  I will be baking them tomorrow.

Finally last night was the last episode of “Victoria” for the season, there is a Christmas Special, and Youngest was in it.  In fact this was the first time you can see his face properly.



As you can see I was taking the pictures off of the TV.  They were directed to look solemn and he sure does!!!  Tonight is the last episode of Rellik and we are hoping that his main bit that he did for this is in that, so far he has only been seen in the background.  I will let you know tomorrow!

It is almost 5.00pm and it is getting very windy now and the house is starting to creak!!  Treacle is in her basket by my desk and jumping at every little sound, so I will be putting the TV on to make some other noise, DH and Youngest won’t be home until later so it will be just Treacle and I snuggling!!!!

I hope your Monday is going well!

Hugs, Susie x


2 thoughts on “The Sky Is Falling?

  1. farmquilter

    Oh, the sky looks awful!!! Poor Ireland, getting the brunt of the storm!! Youngest does look so solemn!! Sure wish we got those shows over here! My friend, Karen, said “yes” about the pictures! She lives in Brookings, Oregon, on the coast and takes the most marvelous pictures!! I did send you contact info for her. If you need more, just let me know!

  2. Molly the AireGirl

    You sure don’t look happy, Treacle, but your garden is just beautiful! I hope the storm didn’t remove too many leaves and berries. Youngest is a star! How cool is that!

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