Monthly Archives: May 2017

Tuesday Thoughts!

I have been working today and catching up on things from the weekend.  Still have some sorting out to do but I can do that over the next few days.  I would have rather been quilting but work comes first!!!

Treacle has been having a sleepy day today as she was so busy supervising yesterday!!! 

I, too, have been sleepy today and need some motivation for the rest of the week!  I love the above quote and think I will print it for my wall!!!!!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Hugs, Susie x


Oh my it is May 1st where are the months going?

Today is a holiday here in the UK and we call them Bank Holidays because of a law which was passed in 1871 regarding Banking!  Anyway you can guarantee if it is a Bank Holiday then the weather is usally wet and today it was!!!

However it meant that, with DH’s help, I finished the Spring Cleaning!!!  The whole house has been cleaned, washed, dusted and sorted to within an inch of its life!!! All I have left to do is wash some curtains and change winter bedding and clothes for summer things and we are done!  Now we have to tackle the garden!!!

Treacle has been helping, well by supervising! Here she is in supervising mode!!!

I managed to get some more quilting done and have almost finished piecing my second super secret quilt and then I will be on to Youngest’s.

I hope you had a lovely weekend.

Hugs, Susie x