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Throwback Thursday!

dsc04134Our clocks went back at the weekend and with it Winter arrived!  Even though it is still really Autumn there was a heavy frost the other morning and we were out scraping cars before going off to work and college!!

img_0289Saturday is Bonfire Night and at the moment it is looking dry and cold.  This picture was taken eleven years ago on Bonfire Night with the Boys being 11 and seven!!!  It is one of their favourite evenings of the year, along with Goose Fair!

Christmas is fast approaching and today I got my stash of cards, wrapping and all the other things out to see what I need to buy, if anything.  I try each year to get my cards when they are on sale and in the last few years have managed to get some really lovely cards for next to nothing!  Especially when the Boys were younger and sending a card to everyone in their classes!

I have got all the ingredients for the Christmas cakes and Puddings and will be getting them made at the weekend. 

Treacle loves this time of year, especially when I spend a lot of time in the kitchen.  She is always my helper keeping an eye out for anything which gets dropped on the floor. She is so worried that I might slip on it she cleans it up right away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I hasten to add I do try not to spill anything!

DSC05281I’ll help Mom, just let me know when!

I hope you are having a thrilling Thursday!  Tomorrow is Friday and another weekend comes round, really need to get on with those To Do Lists!

Hugs, Susie x

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The Wednesday Wag!

DSC05226Ode To The Biscuit Tin

Your colour is teal but there are no feathers on you, You’re big and round which sure is true,

Filled with delights of a biscuit or two!

Dad dips in often and so does Youngest, but Mom stays away except when she is hungriest!

I sometimes am allowed a broken one or two, but Mom says if I get fat I will be blue!

Christmas is coming and I need to write to Santa, for something I really, really need

This year its not tennis balls or beds or collars, which I would really, really like?

Opposable Thumbs!!!!!

However Mom says if I did get opposable thumbs she would be setting me to work and then I could have a biscuit or two as payment!!!!!!  I don’t know if I like the sound of that!!!!  I think I will stick to my special Bonio Biscuits, at least they are all mine and the Hoomans don’t want to eat them!!!!!

Have a Woofy Wednesday




Shattered Tuesday!

We celebrated DH’s Birthday on Saturday with a family meal and it was a lovely evening and great fun catching up with Eldest and Girlfriend.  Youngest also went to his friend’s 17th Birthday get together and they went to the local ice hockey match in Nottingham and then for something to eat.  They all stayed at the friend’s house as well and got home at 9.30am the next morning and he went straight back to bed!!!!!!

Image result for clocks fall backAt 2.00am on Sunday morning we got to “Fall Back” an hour which was really nice to have that extra hour in bed and as Youngest had been out the night before we didn’t have to get up to take him swimming either!!!!!!!  We managed to also get a few jobs done as well before swimming in the evening!


We had about fifty visitors last night for Trick or Treat and the costumes were great and the children very good but it finished quite early as it was a school night.  The weather stayed fine as well which always helps.  I did not get around to carving the pumpkin so it went outside as it was and I put the Boys old light pumpkins in the windows.  I did the first hour of opening the door then DH and Youngest got back and they did the next couple of hours.  Treacle was fed up after the fifth ring of the doorbell and went to bed.

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This coming Saturday is Bonfire Night and we will be having fireworks and a bonfire and hot dogs!  Hopefully the weather will be good again. I am also going to get the Christmas Baking done and Sunday DH is out as President again, so I am hoping to get some quilting done!!  Shush don’t say it too loud and it may come true!!!!!!

I hope you are having a Terrific Tuesday

Hugs, Susie x