Oh What A Week!

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It has been a bit like this over the last week! None of us have known whether we are coming or going including Treacle!!!

It started last Saturday and I had just finished doing the cleaning (at 6.00am in the morning!) and I opened the curtains in our kitchen when something caught my eye in the garden.  It was a bird of some sort but a lot bigger than we normally get.  Needless to say it ran into the bushes so I had to wait for it to appear. 

img_0226Now do you remember me telling you how wet our garden is in Winter?  This is because we have sandstone under the soil and it does not drain.  Well this bird is a Jack Snipe who usually inhabits wetlands (!)  I really didn’t think our garden was THAT wet!!!!!!!  They are winter visitors to our country and we think he had gotten tired from flying in and stopped off with us for a rest before going on to where he usually stays.  He had gone by the next morning.  Needless to say Treacle was not allowed out during the day whilst he was visiting us.

img_0240 img_0241Saturday night we held our Bonfire get together and the weather was cold and frosty.  The fireworks were really good and afterwards we had hot dogs for dinner.  Treacle was in her basket and not bothered by the whole event.

Sunday DH was out all day at a swimming event in Nottingham as President so after taking Youngest up to the swimming club where he was teaching from 8.00am until 9.00am we then went grocery shopping.  I then tried to make another dent in the keepsake boxes of Eldest’s and I think I managed to get some more order, but I am having to do this in stages.  I did not get any quilting done as all the boxes are in the way so I am determined that this week I am going to finish it.

I began the Christmas baking but did not get the cakes done as they take four hours each to bake and I just ran out of time.

This week has been really busy with the business, my car had to go in for a recall which DH took in for me, Youngest has been busy with college and has now taken over an hour’s show at the radio station and he is doing really well. 

This weekend tomorrow evening we have the Young swimmers championships and then on Saturday evening the second part of the main pool championships, DH and Youngest are having their hair cut on Saturday morning and Sunday is Remembrance Sunday and DH and Youngest are helping out at the service in Alfreton!  Of course in between I have the house to clean again, grocery shopping to do, washing and ironing to be done and another thousand jobs!!!!!  Well that’s what it seems like!  Next week DH and I are going Christmas shopping  as it is the only Saturday we have free before December and we have had to re-arrange three things to get to do that!!!!!

Anyway the John Lewis (the best department store in the UK) Christmas advert is out and it is great.  Here is a link, which I hope works, for you to watch it.  Watch the advert  › 

I have also been so busy I have not been reading or commenting on any of my favourite blogs which I am hoping to catch up on over the weekend too!

Treacle is on strike as we have run out of Bonios!!!!   I am not popular.


This is her disgusted sleeping position!!!!!

I hope everyone is well and tomorrow is Friday!!!!! Yeah!!!!

Hugs, Susie x

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  1. farmquilter

    Adorable commercial!!! You definitely do stay too busy…slow down!! No one I know has their house cleaned by 6 AM on a Saturday morning!!!!

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