The Wednesday Wag!

Mom has been busy so I had a sneak peak at her Airedales Board on Pinterest and found some pictures which capture Airedales at their best. 

"Can't find my work pants!":

“Mom you left a sock in here!”

Who says an Airedale can't go to ground?

If I lie down really low they may not see me!

Airedale Terrier cuccioli:

Oh goodness me, Terrier Terrors!!!!

This pet couch offers unsurpassed support that ordinary dog beds can't match.:

I am going to put in a request for this bed for Christmas!

I want this one!!:

It will soon be time for us to go and get the Pumpkins.

But Mom says that I am the best Airedale in the World


Have a very Woofy Wednesday


2 thoughts on “The Wednesday Wag!

  1. farmquilter

    Great pictures of your “relatives”, Treacle!! My favorite has to be the one lying in the hole…quite reminds me of my labs who were always looking for the cool dirt under the grass in the summer! Mom’s right, you are the best!! Love, Tara

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