Blue Patchwork Baby Quilt baby boy by PollysPrettyPrints on Etsy, €70.00:

Well I didn’t get an hour of quilting in but I did spend an hour looking for inspiration for the two baby quilts I need to make.  I love the one above as it is simple but looks clean and of course this is for a boy but you could do brighter colours for a girl.  However you need to know what the baby is for a particular colour.

Sweet Baby Quilt Pattern Download from -- A baby quilt for that newest family member is a thoughtful gift for Mom and Baby alike.:

These colours to be scream baby and nursery and again a simple pattern but so cute.

Giraffe quilt...very cute binding treatment on this darling baby quilt!:

I love this but my applique is not good enough yet but I keep practicing.

Personalised Baby Boy Quilt with truck, plane, train, car, rocket, made to order, modern quilt, baby boy crib quilt, green, blue, red,:

My eye is always drawn to the Boy quilts and I think this is because I have two Boys.  I find it hard shopping for girls clothes for friends who have girls, I always end up drifting towards the Boy’s section!!!!!!

Marie's quilts: Pastorale # 3. This woman lives in Russia and is very inspiring in her bright, happy work.:

I love this

SO much inspiration not enough time!!!!!  All the above have come from Pinterest and thanks to all the talented ladies who have made them and shared them with us.

Yesterday was really busy and this week is going to be the same!!!  Is there a shop anywhere that we can buy more time?  I have even been getting up earlier and going to bed later but I am still not getting everything done!!!!  I hope your Tuesday is going well.  It is cold here at the moment and definitely now Autumn!

Hugs, Susie x

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  1. farmquilter

    Adorable inspiration quilts!! The last baby quilt I made was done in light and medium grays with a pop of teal. Matched the sophisticated colors my step-daughter chose for her son. I find that I like baby quilts in unexpected colors rather than the traditional pastels. Whatever colors you choose and whatever pattern you pick, your quilt will be lovely and well loved!!! Deep breath…only 2 more years until you can shuck some responsibilities – but knowing you, you’ll probably pick up some more to replace them!!!

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