Things to Smile About.

Each time we switch on the radio or TV or look at a newspaper there is more and more bad news so I thought these pictures would make you smile and at least ignore for a little while the big, bad World out there! 

A cloud that looks exactly like Winni The Pooh has been spotted above a charity event in Sandbanks, Dorset

This picture was taken in the blue skies over Dorset, UK and it is Winnie The Pooh.  I love it.


This picture reminds me of when our Boys were little.  I am going to hold you tightly to keep you still while I have forty winks!!!!

Little Donkey baby moment love

Just adorable.

Northern Pygmy Owl:

An alternative to the Christmas Fairy?

Super cute home library with a seating area! | pins for your home:

A great Book Nook!


And finally Snoopy.

I hope you have a lovely, calm Thursday.

Hugs, Susie x

PS  A lot of the pictures can be found, and more, on my Pinterest Boards:

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